How To Get Laid – Full Expert Guide 2024

I’m going to teach you how to get laid since I have more than 15 years of real world, personal experience in the field of Dating, Seduction and Pickup.

During more than a decade of learning and mastering attraction and seduction, I’ve approached thousands upon thousands of women. And have been on more dates than I can count where me and the girl ended up in bed. That’s why I know exactly what it takes to teach most men about getting laid with the women they want.

I’ll also get right to the point. If you want girls to have sex with you themselves because they like you and find you attractive, then you need to do the following things:

  1. Create an Emotional Connection
  2. Build Comfort and Rapport
  3. Establish Physical intimacy
  4. Spark Sexual Tension
  5. Make Your Move

You’ll also need to go through three stages to sleep with a girl: The Attraction Stage, The Comfort Stage, and The Seduction Stage. I’ll explain them in detail below.

Once you learn how to engage with women emotionally to create attraction, then make them feel comfortable around you and get some rapport going, then spark sexual tension and finally make your move, YOU WILL GET LAID very often. With girls you actually like, not someone you settle for.

Personally, my success rate is about 75-80%. I have sex with around 8 out of 10 women who I go on a date with. We hook up either on the first date, which happens most of the time. Or second and third, if there’s some logistical issues or other things standing in the way. Because by then, they can’t get enough of me and want to become intimate with me themselves.

Now I’ll teach you all the steps to do that as well.

Here’s How To Get Laid With The Women You Want

Now I’ll give you expert knowledge and information for each of the five key points to getting laid with women. Because learning how to get laid means mastering these five crucial areas. So women find you attractive and want you sexually because you know how to have a great first date with them.

Each point is a lesson in and of itself and requires practice to do well.

You can’t just read theoretical knowledge here or anywhere else and suddenly become able to seduce women left and right, without any issues.

That’s because seduction is a SKILL – a social skill. And just like any other skill in the world, like learning how to talk to girls, or playing the guitar, it requires a lot of practice to master.

Alright, here are the three stages to getting laid in detail:

  • The Attraction Stage consists of Creating an Emotional Connection
  • The Comfort Stage consists of Building Comfort, Rapport and Establishing Physical Intimacy
  • The Seduction Stage consists of Sparking Sexual Tension and Making Your Move

The Attraction Stage starts first, but keeps going throughout the interaction.

The Comfort Stage starts second, but parts of it, like being physical, you’ll start doing lightly right from the start. Then ramp up the intensity gradually until the end.

The Seduction Stage comes last. And you’ll only start creating sexual tension once the girl feels attraction towards you and is comfortable with you. Otherwise women will think you are CREEPY!

half naked guy lifting up woman and carrying her to bed to have sex and get laid

These stages are the natural flow of seduction. I’ve seen too many guys walk up to a woman and go “Hey baby, nice ass, wanna go have some fun?” They jump straight to the Seduction phase and skip the first two. Doing this ensures they’ll fail most of the time and will NOT be getting laid.

1) To Get Laid, Create an Emotional Connection

The first key to getting laid with girls you want is to learn how to create an emotional connection with them.

Doing this is the main part of the Attraction Stage. But you don’t just do this in the beginning and then stop. You need to maintain attraction throughout the entire interaction to keep her interest up.

You create an emotional connection by engaging women emotionally.

That’s because seduction is all about how you affect people on an emotional level.

A lousy seducer will sit on a date with a girl, barely able to elicit any emotions in her at all. He’ll be boring, timid, quiet, and simply not fun to be around. This man will mostly evoke emotions of sadness, pity, or even disgust. Which are not great for seducing women, if your goal is to get laid.

I often see men on a date who talk in a monotone voice. Men who’s body language is stiff, rigid and not open. Men who ask women various dull questions they don’t even care to know the answer to. “Nice Guys” who’d do anything to please women.

Women will NOT want to have a second date with such a guy. And they definitely won’t want to have sex with him, so he won’t be getting laid anytime soon.

That’s because these men don’t know how to engage women emotionally. They jump straight to the comfort stage asking questions like “What do you do for work?” And don’t know how to create an emotional connection with someone. So women see them as boring and uninteresting.

Women are INDIFFERENT to such men. And indifference is even worse than hate, by the way.

That’s why I urge everyone to learn how not to be boring on dates. To create a fun vibe and atmosphere.

Here’s how to engage with women emotionally

Once again, to get laid, you MUST start from the Attraction Stage. Don’t just jump directly to the Comfort Stage or Seduction Stage, or you’ll fail very often.

You can create a fun and flirty vibe with women by many different means. As long as what you do sparks various emotions in women. And creates an emotional IMPACT.

Incidentally, this is exactly why bad boys are so attractive to most women. Because women go through a ton of various emotions when they’re around these type of men.

Here are some examples of how you can do that:

  • Tease women playfully
  • Showcase your sense of humor, by telling various jokes and funny stories
  • Tell entertaining, exciting, interesting, ridiculous, scary, fun stories
  • Be brash, challenging, c0cky yet funny
  • Be charming, charismatic, witty
  • Demonstrate masculine or dominant traits
  • Use the push/pull seduction technique
  • Start an emotional Role-play scenario
  • Take women on an emotional roller-coaster
  • Show Passion and Purpose
  • Be honest about what you want, unapologetic, confident
man and woman walking down the street, talking, having fun, creating an emotional connection

These are just some of the ways you can be emoti0nally engaging with women. There are many different styles of seduction that are suitable for different kind of guys. So don’t think you have to be some “macho alpha dude” to get laid with many women. Because different approaches work well for different people.

The point is emotional connection. That’s why I urge everyone to focus on connecting with people emotionally. Because it’ll be much easier to deal with them, persuade them, attract them, seduce them, and more.

Remember, emotions are the currency of attraction.

People LOVE being around others who evoke various emotions in them. That’s why we watch so many soap operas, series, movies, and listen to music so much. Because emotions drive us as human beings.

2) Build Comfort and Rapport So Women Trust You

Now we’re entering the Comfort Stage, which consists of building comfort and rapport. And establishing physical intimacy, which I’ll talk about later.

Jumping straight to this stage and not beginning in the Attraction Stage is one of the biggest mistake newbies make in pickup and seduction.

Start going into Comfort Stage when a girl displays signs she likes you. Such as hanging around to talk to you, complying with your requests, laughing and smiling a lot, open body language.

Tons of guys open up with boring “getting to know her” questions. Before doing anything to evoke attraction in women. Before she knows ANYTHING about you and your personality.

Learning how to get laid involves understanding how to encourage women to trust you and feel safe around you. If there’s no trust or feelings of safety, women won’t want to and won’t feel safe opening up to you. So they won’t open up to you sexually as well.

This is exactly why Comfort and Rapport are crucial when it comes to seducing someone successfully. It’s how you transition from a complete stranger or mere acquaintance who girls are wary of. To someone they feel like they know well enough to be really open and vulnerable with.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes Rapport as a friendly, harmonious relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy.

Basically, to be in rapport with someone is to understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Do you see how this can make a girl trust you? That’s exactly why you should focus on building some rapport between you when you’re on a date, if you want to get laid.

Other than that, comfort is important for getting laid because it lets women know you’re not a danger to them.

Here’s how to build comfort with girls to get sex

Building comfort isn’t that difficult when you know what you’re doing.

For women to become comfortable with you, they have to be comfortable with your touch and with your PRESENCE. Which means when you get close to them, they shouldn’t move away.

For example, when you’re sitting beside each other, if you lean on her shoulder or if you move your face close to hers, her reaction will tell you a lot about how comfortable she is with you. If she moves away, then she’s uncomfortable with your presence and closeness.

I’ll talk about building comfort with touch below, when I talk about physical intimacy. But the other part of comfort is being comfortable with someone’s presence. And to do that, the girl needs to KNOW you.

Man is cuddling a woman on a park bench on a sunny day, touching her hair, feeling comfortable with each other

You have to connect with women on a deeper level.

You see, unless you’re both specifically looking to hook up, no strings attached, you’ll need to connect with women on a deeper level if you want to get laid a lot.

That’s because most women won’t sleep with a man they feel no connection to. And most women will tell you this.

To build this connection, you talk about your passions, wants, needs, desires, dreams, goals, likes, dislikes, and similar things.

Basically, you REVEAL YOUR PERSONALITY to women.

However, it’s not about gushing your guts out and dumping on women emotionally. And it’s not about offloading a bunch of information about yourself to women. Because that’s BORING and women will find this unbearable.

It’s about interacting in ways that reveal various deeper things about you as a person. Through your actions, through storytelling, engaging questions, and even through your behavior.

When women know what kind of person you are, they feel more comfortable with you. And this will help you get laid.

Building rapport is key to learning how to get laid

The time it takes to build comfort with someone varies a lot. It can take anywhere from minutes to HOURS. For me, it usually takes between 20 minutes and three to four hours. And the whole seduction process, from meeting to getting laid, usually takes me from 30 minutes to seven or eight hours. This all depends on many different circumstances, like how far we are from my place or hers, how shy the girl is, etc. That’s why the time varies so much.

When it comes to building rapport, there are tons of different ways to do it well.

One great way to build rapport is active listening.

If you want to become a great conversationalist and never run out of things to say with women, then being an active listener is key.

Another way to build rapport quickly is to find commonalities between the two of you. Maybe you have a similar hobby or passion. Maybe you like the same sport, or type of music, or series, or movies, etc.

However, my favorite way to build rapport is to ask the girl various engaging and fun questions. Such as “What would you do with your life if you had One Billion Dollars?”

That’s because I find it fascinating what people would do in these situations. As this tells me a lot about them as a person. As well as their personality, wants, desires, needs, goals, likes, dislikes, and more. And since each woman is a different individual, asking such questions is the perfect way to get to know her and build some rapport.

Remember, as long as you lead with empathy and respect when you’re trying to build rapport, it will go well. And that’s very important when learning how to get laid on the first date.

3) How to Get Laid on The First Date? Establish Physical Intimacy

Now let me teach you about the third key concept of getting laid with girls on your first date. Or any other date, for that matter.

We’re entering into the second part of the Comfort Stage – establishing physical intimacy.

However, this stage is kind of special, because you need to establish SOME physical touch right from he start.

So, to establish physical intimacy with women – surprise, surprise! – you need to be physical with them. You need to touch them, preferably right from the start. And then, you need to GRADUALLY escalate that physically, throughout your whole interaction.

You also need to be close to women with your body, if there’s a good opportunity to do so. This is called physical proximity.

I always say that physical touch is one of the most important things in attraction and seduction. That’s why it’s so important for building comfort, attraction, and even creating some sexual tension.

But physical intimacy is something more than just being comfortable with someone.

For women to accept your intimate and sexual advances in the Seduction Stage, they need to be comfortable with your presence and your touch first. For example when you go in for a kiss, when you put your hand on her thigh. Or when you grab her neck or hair and pull slightly, etc.

When you attempt to do these things and more and there’s not enough physical intimacy and comfort between you two, women will FREAK OUT! Or even slap you, if you’re acting creepy or being weird enough.

That’s exactly why newbie guys who go straight to the Seduction Stage fail so often. They try to grab women sexually or make sexual remarks without building attraction and comfort. And women freak out and call them perverts and creeps because of this.

Here’s how I touch and become physical with women

For example, I always HUG women whenever I meet them. Especially for the first time on the first date. This shows women I’m not afraid to be physical with them. It shows them I’m not timid, that I expect to touch women and women to touch me.

Then, to build further comfort, I keep touching the woman I’m on a date with occasionally, when it’s appropriate.

For example, I nudge women when telling jokes or teasing them. I touch them on the arm or shoulder when I’m making some point. Or high-five them when they say something cool. And I take them by the hand or put my hand on their lower back to lead them somewhere.

Eventually, when we’re sitting down, deep in conversation, I take their hand into mine. I hold it, massage it gently, play with her fingers, and do similar things. I make sure we play stupid little games like finger-wrestling, slap-game, etc. when we’re having fun.

A couple sitting and enjoying sunset near a city lake, being physically intimate and comfortable with each other

When the girl is already used to me being physical with her, I go for more daring physicality. Like lifting the girl up, weighing her in my arms while giving her some teasing remark. And then I spin her around or throw her up in the air and catch her, like a baby.

The last two examples are pretty advanced and not for the faint of heart. But when you know how to pull them off without being creepy, it shows a TON of great things about you to the woman. So it’s pretty risky to do if you’re just learning how to get laid.

All of this ensures that girls gradually become comfortable with me and my touch. This is crucial if your goal is to attract women and get laid tonight, fast.

4) Time to Spark Sexual Tension and then Make Your Move

When you notice the woman you’re with likes you, is attracted to you and feels comfortable with you, it’s time to enter the final Seduction Stage.

During this stage, your goal is to get laid. And to do that, you need to create sexual tension between you and the girl. The spark of sexual chemistry that drives girls crazy with lust and go head over heels for you. The secret sauce that makes women fantasize about you and want you sexually.

Only very advanced seducers and guys who have ridiculously good looks can skip the first Attraction Stage and Comfort Stage, and go straight to Seduction Stage. Because men who look like Greek Gods and master seducers can spark attraction in seconds. And build comfort WHILE building sexual tension. Especially with women who are just looking to get laid with no strings attached and don’t want anything serious.

For everyone else, I urge you to read my article on how to create sexual tension, so you understand what you need to do very well. Because it would take way too long to explain in detail here.

In short, you can create sexual tension in many different ways:

  • Through intimate touching
  • By turning your conversations towards sexual and intimate topics
  • By using strong eye contact
  • Through sexy and flirty body language
  • Through sexual innuendos and story telling
  • By being brazenly unapologetic about your sexuality
  • Through sexual teasing and playful banter
  • Through transferring of sexual energy by thinking about sex with the girl (very advanced)

As you can see, there are many different tools in a good seducer’s arsenal. And if you really want to know how to get laid as much as you want, then you better start learning. Because the results are most definitely worth it.

Making your move requires courage and boldness

The final step you need to make to get laid is to capitalize on the sexual tension between you and the girl. And you do this by MAKING YOUR MOVE on her.

By making your move, I mean going in for a kiss, in most cases.

Other than that, you can simply invite the girl to come to your place. Or tell her you want to go to hers.

Personally, I don’t kiss the girl on the date itself most of the time. And here’s the secret why I don’t do this: Kissing women DISSIPATES sexual tension. (Although depending on your seduction style, kissing CAN be a COMFORT-BUILDING technique.)

So here’s the secret: I TEASE women with near-kisses. To ramp up the already existing sexual tension to levels so unbearable that some girls literally want to tear my clothes off themselves and jump on me to fuck me right then and there.

I’m not kidding when I say this. I often ramp up the sexual tension so high, I can pull the girl into the venue’s bathroom and have sex with here right there. And I’ve done this many times, in night clubs, cafes, and even at an aqua park once. That was a fun memory 😉

In any case, if you don’t know when it’s the right time to make your move, then you should look for the specific signs.

Also, there are several fool-proof ways to figure out when to kiss the girl you should know about.

Couple in love kissing with passion outdoors.

Just know that making your move is CRUCIAL to getting laid. You need to take action and do it, or the girl won’t respect you. And you’ll end up just sitting there, with nothing happening. Because most girls don’t have the guts to make the first move towards sex themselves.

Finally, how to ask a girl to get laid?

Honestly, I prefer not to ask but to do everything above and encourage women to want to sleep with me themselves, then make my move.

But if you want to ask a girl to get laid, you can certainly do so. Just make sure she LIKES YOU first. Then make sure she’s comfortable with you and your touch. And then make sure there’s some sexual tension between you.

Then you simply say something like this: “Hey, I think you’re amazing, I want to have sex with you right now.” Then you take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. Or pick her up and take her straight to bed.

Hopefully by this time you’re at your place or hers. But if you’re at a bar or a club, or even a restaurant, you can say something like this: “You’re so hot right now, I can’t contain myself. I want to tear off that dress. Let’s get out of here because I want to fuck you right now!”

This is of course pretty direct and straight to the point. And if there’s enough attraction, comfort and sexual tension, women WILL ACCEPT such an invitation. Because believe it or not, most women want sex as much, if not more, than men do. It’s just that they want to have it WITH THE RIGHT GUY! That’s why it often pays to be direct, rather than indirect with women.

So, whether you want to ask a girl to get laid or if you want to entice her to do so without asking and then making your move, is up to you.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything you need to get laid with the women you want, in an ethical way. So women actually WANT it.

Remember not to skip the comfort stage, like I see many people do. The idea of it is to show the girl that you’re a normal human being, just like her. And not some sleazy creep who just wants to use her for sex and nothing else. Or is going to force her into sex.

It’s time to re-read everything to internalize it better, then read the attached articles for more details on certain topics. And then practice, practice and practice this as much as possible.

Eventually, in several weeks or months – depending on how quick of a learner you are, and on how much time and effort you devote to learning the art of attraction and seduction – you’ll get enough skill and experience to have as much sex with as many women as you can handle.

As long as you get rid of your fear of women and overcome rejection, learn how to approach women, and do it as much as you can. To get tons of phone numbers and then dates, so you can practice all the above.

I guarantee that if you put your mind to this and put in the effort to do this work, you won’t regret it. Because I’ve taught literally thousands of guys how to achieve their goals with women and get as many serious or casual sexual relationships as they want.

Good luck! And let me know if you need any help. Or get The Saulis Dating Guide – How to Get Laid On The First Date, to learn about each and every little step it takes to do this well, with all my secrets revealed, step by step.

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