How To Create Sexual Tension & Chemistry So Women Want You

It’s time you learn how to create sexual tension with women. To increase and improve the intimate sparks and the chemistry you have with women.

This is a key topic to understand. Because if you want to get laid a lot, you’ll need to know what creates sexual tension between two people. Also why it’s important and then what to do with it once you create it.

Straight away, here’s how it works:

Building sexual tension is essentially about being able to hold strong and steady eye contact, being in close proximity to each other, physical touching, leading conversations onto sexual topics, using sexual innuendo (talking with double meaning and so on), misinterpretation, teasing and playful banter.

Creating Sexual Tension Is A Must

First things first, I’ve already talked about what is sexual tension. So if you’re unfamiliar with that, then go read the article right away. Or you won’t understand this one very well.

Next, creating sexual tension is both very easy and extremely difficult.

It’s easy once you understand how everything works, but extremely difficult to do at first. Because people who don’t have much experience with women will mostly fail at creating it due to their nervousness and anxiety. I’ll explain this further at the end.

That’s also why you should only attempt to ramp up the intimate tension ONLY WHEN THE GIRL ALREADY LIKES YOU. And not right from the start when you’re total strangers. Or it will usually end really badly.

But safe to say, when you’ve mastered how to create sexual tension, you’ll know how to ask a woman to sleep with you without asking.

Now let’s get straight into the important stuff:

KEY INSIGHT: The most important thing you need to demonstrate to women to build
sexual tension and incredible attraction is that you are a masculine man.

I’ll write a comprehensive article on genuine and authentic masculinity later. But now, let’s get straight to the practical part.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what creates sexual tension and how to do it:

1) Create Sexual Tension through non-verbal cues.

One of the best ways to create sexual tension is through the use of nonverbal cues. Such as prolonged eye contact, physical proximity, and body language.

Strong and intimate eye contact is one of the most powerful tools of seduction. Strong eye contact between two people (especially those who like each other) is PROVEN BY STUDIES to increase the feelings of closeness, intimacy and desire between people.

In fact, mutual gazing into each other’s eyes is one of the best ways to really connect with another
person. Because it shows true vulnerability. And people who can look deeply into another’s eyes
and hold eye contact without saying a word feel more understood.

Have you ever heard the saying that eyes are the window to the soul? Well, it’s there for a reason.

So next time you’re on a first date with a girl and things are going well, take a moment to really look into her eyes and hold her gaze. It does wonders if you can hold it and smile knowingly at the same time (as if you’re privy to something she’s not). So learn how to maintain prolonged eye contact.

Other than that, physical proximity is also crucial for sexual chemistry and arousal. For example, you can move closer to her face and whisper something in her ear. Then while you’re doing it, smell her perfume and comment how great she smells.

Your body language also plays a massive role in creating sexual tension with women. The way you carry yourself says everything women need to know about you. That’s why your body language has to be firm, confident and thinking about building sexual tension on the first date with a woman

2) Spark intimate chemistry through teasing & playful banter

If you’re talking to a woman and you make playful comments or tease her in a lighthearted way, it will create a sense of carnal tension and make her feel more attracted to you.

In fact, teasing women is my personal favorite way to increase romantic chemistry and later seduce them. It’s that powerful.

I already have a huge article on how to tease women and why it’s one of the most important skills in seduction, so make sure to read it in full!

Other than that, playful banter is also a huge part of flirting. If you’re great at playful banter, you’ll have an easy time vibing with most people. And if women like your vibe and there’s also a bit of chemistry between you two, they’ll want to sleep with you themselves!

3) Using innuendo, subtle or suggestive comments

Now let’s talk about how to create sexual tension with a woman using innuendos and subtle or suggestive comments. Also by misinterpreting stuff women say to you in a sexual way.

A great way to start is to catch a woman saying something that might be interpreted as sexual or as her hitting on you. And then making a playful yet intimate comment on it and going from there.

For example, when you’re talking to some girl, she might say something like “I’m tired, it’s time for bed.” You reply with something like “Whoah whoah! Isn’t it a bit early to drag me to bed? We’ve only just met! At least kiss me first!” and laugh or smile about it.

Other than that, sexual innuendos are seemingly innocent phrases that are actually pretty dirty and raunchy. Something like “Oh yes, my favorite animal is definitely the beaver.” when said at an appropriate opportunity. Or “I’m sure she’s tired, she spent all day on her knees.”

Basically, it’s when you say something which is polite and innocent on the surface, but indirectly hints at an insult, rude comment, or a dirty joke,

That said, the danger of using innuendos or suggestive comments is that you can easily land in the territory of sexual harassment. So only do it when you KNOW FOR A FACT that the girl already finds you attractive and is very into you.

4) Leading conversations towards sexual topics

Next comes the best way to create intense intimate chemistry if you’re a good storyteller.

Leading your conversations towards sexual topics is one of the easiest ways to
effectively build sexual tension. Because if a girl feels comfortable enough to talk to you about
sex — you automatically become viable to her as a sexual candidate.

Probably the easiest way to get onto more sexual topics with a girl is to simply say something like “Let me ask you something personal. What do you find most attractive about a man?” She’ll tell you generic stuff about guys having character, personality and so on, after which you follow up with “Ok, what I actually meant was — what turns you on about a guy?” And she’ll tell you, just like that. If she already likes you.

When moving onto sexual topics, your goal is to start slow and eventually build
up.two women kissing a man because there's sexual tension between them

Examples of sexual conversations

You start from questions like: “When was your first kiss?” and “What do you find attractive
in guys?” and so on. And eventually go on to more heavy topics like “What is your favorite
position?” and “When was the first time you had sex and how was the experience?” and “What’s
the best thing a guy can do during sex?”

Eventually going onto more intense topics like what secretly turns her on, what she would like to try out with a guy during sex that she hasn’t already tried. And finally, if that’s your cup of tea, topics like what she thinks of other girls and threesomes, has she ever kissed a girl and so on. Basically turning the conversation about sexual fetishes.

KEY NOTE: You should refrain from implicitly talking about sex or anything sexual which specifically involves the two of you. Because it will be counterproductive and will instead dissipate the sexual tension you’ve built up. Only do this after you’ve already had sex.

But other than that, you can and should talk about sex freely. Just ask her what she thinks about those topics in general or her experiences with someone else. Or make funny and cocky jokes and comments about it.

5) Use your touch and physicality to create strong sexual chemistry

Touch is a powerful way to create venereal tension with a woman. You can use touch and your physicality in general to create a sense of intimacy and physical connection.

For example, you can touch her arm or shoulder as you talk to her, or hold her hand to create a sense of physical connection.

In fact, physical touch is one of the best ways to create arousal in women. Every seduction expert or dating guru will tell you that you need to learn how to touch women and turn them on physically.

You also need to learn how to be extremely comfortable with being a physical person. When you touch women, it has to be the most natural thing in the world. Without any hesitation, doubt, anxiety, etc.

This is a really huge topic and one that I discuss on this blog and in my book very extensively. It’s one of the main staples of being successful with women, in fact. That’s why I urge you to learn everything you can about this topic.

How to create sexual tension with a woman without doing anything? Think about sex

Now I’ll show you a very unique and pretty counterintuitive way to create sexy tension.

It all stems from the fact that people mirror one another’s states and emotions.

For example, if you’re really scared and talk to some person about something, they will start feeling uneasy as well. And if you’re happy and giddy about something and talk to someone in a really upbeat way. They will also start feeling energetic, enthusiastic and upbeat as well, to some degree.

It all has to do with so-called “mirror neurons” and how we as people reflect other’s behavior and emotional states.

So how do you use this to your advantage to spark intense attraction and chemistry? You simply think about having sex with the girl you’re talking to, WHILE you’re talking to her.

Imagine it as vividly as you can in your head, right then and there, during your conversation.

You won’t be able to help yourself but smile and feel great. And she’ll pick up on this subconsciously and will start feeling all hot and bothered as well.

Example of transferring sexual energy by thinking about sex

So let’s say you’re on a first date and you already know she’s very into you.

At this point, you should already be imagining her naked and all the things you’re
going to do to her when you get the chance. This will increase the sexual vibe even more and the
sexual energy will ooze out of you and will affect her as well.

She will start getting more and more aroused, and will wonder why! Just smile knowingly to yourself when you do this.

She’ll eventually ask you something like “What?” or “What’re you thinking right now?” or “Why are
you smiling like that?” Just reply with “Oh, nothing much, just random fun stuff . . . ,” and smile
even more to yourself. Or “Ahh, can’t tell you yet . . . not here at least . . . maybe I’ll tell you later
when there’s more privacy 😉 It’s stuff about you, but I don’t think you’re ready to hear it yet . . .”

This will drive her completely insane from anticipation and lust. She’ll start feeling even
more aroused and won’t even know why!

What to do with sex tension once you create it?

Now that you know how to create sexual tension with a girl, what do you do?

Well, once you’ve built up this tension, you need to use it. Because if you do nothing with it, the girl will often end up feeling frustrated or let down by you.

Thing is, once you make out with her, it will release all the tension you’ve built straight away.

So before you even start building it, you need to decide if you want to make your move and sleep with the girl that very same day. Because if you want to sleep with her at some other point, you should only build the tension a little bit, and not until it becomes unbearable. Otherwise it may backifire since the girl will be expecting you to make your move.

Basically, what it boils down to, is that you have to plan to take the girl somewhere private after you build the tension. Preferrably your place or hers. You can even suggest to get to do just that, and she’ll accept.

Once you’re somewhere private and she’s very horny, it’s all pretty straightforward. You can go in for a huge makeup and just take her straight to bed. She’ll be very much into it by then and may even take the lead herself. Depending on how much she wants it.

And that’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.

Learning how to create intimate chemistry is difficult at first

Sexual tension is a pretty difficult topic and everyone does it differently since it’s more of an art than science. Below is another good example from another person who knows exactly how to build it.

Here’s a really good comment from the Reddit user u/Blxck_soccrates where he explains the art of creating sexual tension pretty well.

Always side sit if you’re going to be at a table with someone, or start across and move closer if the conversation is going well. There’s a many ways to build sexual tension, and they’re very rarely overt.

Make strong eye contact, meaning you look deep into her eyes as you guys are talking. Don’t stare into their soul, obviously, but break away every few seconds before returning to the eye contact. It’s very intimate, and not only displays confidence, which all women find hot, but it also creates a deeper sense of connection.

Banter. Make funny jokes, and tease her. This is kind of where you do the light touches. As the date goes on, you can hold hands, kiss her hand, wrap your arm around her shoulders or waist, whisper in her ear, etc. Keep things playful, but find opportunities to create physical comfort and intimacy (read: closeness)

Do the thing. You know the thing. The eyes>lips>eyes>lips>eyes thing. Bite your lip when you do. ONLY DO THIS AFTER THE DATE HAS BEEN GOING GOOD FOR AWHILE AND YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN PHYSICALLY COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER, (read above) OTHERWISE YOU’LL LOOK LIKE A DORK.

If she breaks eye contact to look at your lips, especially if she bites hers, lean in for the kiss.

Etc, etc.

You know all this. Sometimes dates are meh. Don’t talk about sex on the first date unless she brings it up. Even then, be suave and make suggestive jokes around it, make it a back and forth flirting game, never be overt until you’ve already been deep making out.

Overall, be comfortable in your own skin, and don’t go out with the idea that you’re going to escalate or get laid. You’re there to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. Having that as the focus will take the pressure off having to “put the moves on her” and allow you to be the cool, smooth, comforting and attractive dude you really are.

Final Thoughts

Building carnal tension and maintaining or increasing it is going to be very difficult at first.

Again, if you’re a man who exudes nervousness and anxiety from the way you walk, talk and behave yourself, it’ll be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to build sexual tension at first.

But don’t despair and don’t give up. It’s a skill you can learn how to do, just like any other. All it takes is some patience, practice, and experience. Which you’ll get by interacting with many women over time.

I’m saying all this because once I show you how to create this intimate spark, you may go out and try what I teach right away on some girl. And usually, the first few times you’ll try it out, you’ll be awkward, weird, nervous, etc. Which will often lead to failure and a ton of frustration, along with thoughts of giving up.

But giving would be stupid. You have to barrel through the initial awkwardness and go at it again and again. With many different women. Or with the same woman, if you get multiple chances.

This is the only way you’ll be able to master your emotions and anxiety and eventually become a master of creating sexual tension. And then a whole new world of opportunities will open up to you!

Finally, building sexual tension should never come at the expense of the other person’s comfort.

If you want to know significantly more about sexual tension with many real examples of how to do it, be sure to check out my book.


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