How To Maximize Facial Attractiveness, Based On Real Science

The science of how to maximize facial attractiveness for men is in. And it shows that women find Masculine men much more attractive if they smile. And Feminine men significantly more attractive when they scowl, or show an angry face.

A research article titled “When he smiles: Attractiveness preferences for male faces expressing emotions by women” and posted at the Cambridge University Press on human attractiveness states the following: According to evolutionary psychology theories, humans find certain characteristics attractive in faces because they signal mate quality.

They’ve ran a study that came back with pretty interesting results. So let’s discuss them below:

Maximizing Attractive Traits for Masculine and Feminine Men

One thing is certain and there’s no big surprise here: If you want to maximize your attractiveness to women, you need to SMILE MORE.

However, the interesting news is that this works better for Masculine men. For those who have hard facial features. As opposed to more Feminine men who have softer facial features.

Science seems to support that Feminine men also appear attractive when smiling. But nowhere close to when Masculine men do this.

How to maximize facial attractiveness for men with Masculine and Feminine facial features

In short, women perceive masculine male faces as angrier and feminine male faces as happier.

The fascinating part of this scientific study is that women, when presented with a smiling expression, prefer the face to have more masculine features than feminine ones.

On the other hand, when you present women with an angry expressi0n, like a scowl, then they prefer the face to have feminine features.

That’s because people tend to perceive anger as a masculine trait. And when women see an angry face, they tend to want to feminize its features to balance things out. To make the facial expression coming from this emotion more palatable. And more sexy.

Conversely, people tend to see happiness as more feminine. And when women see a happy feminine face, they want the facial expression to be more masculine, to balance it out as well.

This all mean that in order to maximize attractiveness when you have masculine facial features, you should smile more.

However, if you’re a guy who lacks masculine facial features and your face appears more feminine, then you should smile less. Or at least try to appear a little more angry and serious.

My thoughts on the study

Reading this study made me realize that plenty of men already naturally compensate for all this, in a way.

Men who have a dangerous look about them seem to realize that they need to smile more. To appear less threatening, so they won’t scare off certain women. But most importantly, so they don’t intimidate and scare small children who look at them.

Conversely, I’ve seen a lot of feminine men go around trying to act all macho “alpha” and cool. Or do the whole “smolder” look. So they seem more masculine and dangerous than they really are.

I believe this is some kind of self-preservation mechanism at work. To maintain social relationships with people who otherwise wouldn’t want to have much to do with you.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to pretend to be someone they’re not, just to please or appease other people.

That’s because being attractive and seducing women works much better when you’re being your authentic and genuine self. Which is why you should try to just be yourself whenever you can, for maximum success.

Although I must say that it’s pretty cool to have a study confirming what I was already thinking about.


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