How To Know When To Kiss A Girl? 3 Guaranteed Ways

Today I’ll tell you 3 great ways that always work when you’re wondering how to know when to kiss a girl. Either on a first date, in a bar, club, or wherever you meet her, it doesn’t matter!

These 3 quick and easy to pull off techniques all have to do with body language and touch. Anyone can do them because they’re not difficult. And they’re also great for finding out how to know when a girl wants to kiss you herself.

So if you’re constantly having trouble with initiating makeouts on dates or when meeting girls. And if you’re always wondering when should you kiss a girl so there’s not much chance of rejection. Then read on because these techniques are insanely effective!

How to know when to kiss a girl by using the touch tests

So how do you know when to kiss a girl for the first time?

Well, I already mention one of these techniques in my “Signs a girl likes you and wants you to make a move” article.

It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to gauge a girl’s interst in you. I do it on my dates constantly and with massive success, even though this technique is a little bit brazen.

If she reacts well enough to it, it’s a sure way to know that you should take the initiative and kiss her. And a great way how to know when a girl actually WANTS you to kiss her.

Technique number one: the hair touch

When you’re standing close to each other and chatting, you see that she’s already at least somewhat into you. You say “Hold on a sec” and you brush her hair lightly and nonchalantly with your hand. And say “I like your hair…” or “Oh, your hair feels so soft…” or something like that. And then when you’re going to put your hand down after you touch her hair. You take her hand into yours and hold it, without even asking. And just look at her with that charming smile of yours 🙂

man touching woman's hair slightly to see if it's the right time to kiss her and if she's warmed up to him

Or you can continue talking about whatever you were talking if you think a long pause in conversation would be too awkward for you, Even though it would be a perfect way to build some sexual tension so shutting up is much better.

Now, watch her reaction closely.

If she shows a positive reaction, doesn’t pull away from you or make you let go of your hand. Or doesn’t show you any signs of discomfort. Then you’ve got the green light and you’re GOOD TO GO!

She’s ready for a kiss and she’s eager to get it!

On the other hand, if you notice discomfort or if she pulls away from you or your hand and looks cold or annoyed. Then it’s very clear she’s not ready to be kissed yet or not into you.

But don’t fret. All this means is there’s not enough comfort and attraction on her part. Which you can definitely change if you spend more quality time with her.

If that’s the case, just continue your conversation as if nothing’s happened and focus on having fun and on connecting with her.

Warning though: touch black women’s hair at your own risk 😀 Many don’t like it!

Technique number two: The shoulder lean

The shoulder lean is another amazing way how to know when to kiss a girl.

However, you must be seated next to the girl to pull this off. As it would be really awkward to do while standing.

So it’s perfect for finding out when to kiss a girl on the first date, for the first time, for example. Or if you’re in a nightclub or bar lounge.

The point is, you have to be sitting together, side by side. Which, by the way, is a MUST if you want to have an amazing first date, every time.

Here’s what you do:

You lean into the girl slightly, letting your shoulders touch lightly. And then you stay like that, not putting any attention to it. Talking about whatever you were talking about, or doing whatever you were doing.

When should you kiss a girl on your date? Man and woman sitting next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, shoulders touching

If the girl likes you, she won’t move away and will continue sitting like that, touching your shoulder.

After a while, you lean into her even more, as if you’re resting on her. Completely nonchalantly.

If she doesn’t show any signs of discomfort or doesn’t move away – TOTAL GREEN LIGHT!

It’s another really great way how to know when a girl wants you to kiss her.

This works because it shows she’s really comfortable with you and your touch. As well as your proximity to her. It also ramps up further comfort right away. And the girl’s reaction tells you everything you need to know about how warm she is to you.

In fact, some women will even lean their heads on your shoulders themselves. Which pretty much guarantees they want to kiss you themselves.

And the best part is — kissing is SO EASY from that point on. You just face her and she’s already there, really close.

Another variation of this technique – The knee touch

Had to edit this article as I just recently ran across a post on Reddit seduction by u/Happiness-College about this exact subject. That guy knows what he’s talking about and sometimes posts some really good advice.

He basically does the same thing as I describe above, but with his knee.

Here’s an excerpt from one of this posts:

I learned this here a decade ago, has sense never failed me.

You can apply this to colleagues, classmates, or dates.

The knee test is a test to gauge your partners level of interest in you simply by sitting side to side with the person….

Then gradually letting your knees touch.

If the person likes you… they don’t move their knee.

This plays on a body language tool called proximics. People will push puppies to their face because they love them, they will hold poop at arms length because it’s disgusting.

The knee test is a subtle version of this.

When YOU like a person, your knee doesn’t move, you want MORE of it.

If a person isn’t your type, say you bump into your bros knee, you’ll probably move.

He mentions proximics, which is in fact spelled proxemics. And makes a really good point. People want to be very close to the things and people they like. And stay away from what they dislike.

How to know when a girl wants you to kiss her? Couple sitting next to each other, knees touching, eager to kiss

Proxemics is a branch of knowledge that deals with the amount of space that people feel it necessary to set between themselves and others. Along with Kinesics, the systematic study of the relationship between nonverbal body motions (such as blushes, shrugs, or eye movement) and communication… They’re pretty great subjects to read about if you’re interested in body language and how it works in seduction and basically all social communication.

Technique number three: How to know when a girl wants to kiss you while walking?

Now then, how to know when you should kiss a girl when you’re walking somewhere? Like in town, at the beach, in a park, wherever.

If there’s nowhere to sit down and nothing to lean on and you want to kiss her. Then this technique will easily let you find out if she’s ready and wants to make out with you.

It’s actually pretty simple and very easy to pull off. And quite obvious if you think about how to know when to kiss a girl while walking.

You simply find a good opportunity to hold her hand. That’s it. And then, once again, watch what she does.

A good opportunity would be when you’re crossing the street. Or if you want to help her get over or climb something, if you’re hiking or in a park., etc.

If you can’t find any good opportunities, you can ask stuff like “Hey are your hands cold? Come here for a sec.” and take her hand. Or “Hey, gimme your hand for a sec.” And she will. If she asks why? Just compliment her on her soft or delicate hands or something. Anything will work, as long as you don’t make it sound dumb or weird.

Now keep holding her hand and see what she does.

If she pulls away from you or lets go at the first opportunity, it means she’s not ready. She might even say stuff like “I don’t like holding hands.” Which would obviously be a lie. She just doesn’t like holding hands with you, specifically, in that moment. (But that’s alright, keep reading my blog and you’ll soon change that!)

When is the best time to kiss a girl on first date? man and woman holding hands on their date while walking in the park

However, if she keeps her hand in yours for a long while, longer than 15-20 or so minutes, Then it means she’s comfortable with you and is ready to be kissed.

Depending on where you are, you can try and kiss her. But to maximize your chances, take her somewhere private.

Final thoughts on how to know when a girl wants you to kiss her

There are, of course, many other ways to find out if the girl wants you to kiss her and if and when you should kiss her if she’s giving you zero indications herself.

If you’re brave enough, you can even put your hand on her lower back or her thigh. Especially if you’re in a club or bar environment.

However, only do so when you’re sure she likes you atleast somewhat. Don’t do these things right off the bat. Because that’s harassment and most women will be pissed at you if you do so right away.

The point here is to touch her somewhere where two strangers shouldn’t be touching each other. And NOTICE HER REACTION to your touch. If she’s super comfortable with it and is receptive, it means she likes you and wants you. And you can probably pull her home and get laid.

But this stuff is not for beginners. And only for when you already know how to build attraction and sexual tension and escalate with your touch.

Read my other articles for more information on that.

For beginners, shoulder, knee and hand touch is the go-to techniques. They’re super easy to pull off and are extremely non-invasive. So there’s little chance to get hard rejected.

The hair touch, like I said, is a bit brazen. It’s a bit more advanced. Since you can REALLY make it awkward and weird if you don’t do it right.

Oh, and if you want to learn how to have a great first date and get laid the same day, virtually every time. As well as when is the best time to kiss a girl on the first date. Then go here and read everything on that page.


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