The Definitive Guide to a Successful First Date With Women

Welcome to my Ultimate Guide on how to have a successful first date with a woman virtually every single time.

If you don’t have a girlfriend or go on many dates and always end up alone, then this is for you!

Why am I the perfect person to show you what to do on a first date with a girl to make it incredibly memorable and have her fall hard for you? Because I’ve been on a little over 2000 dates during my decade of actively learning the art of attraction, seduction, and pickup. So I know EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t.

That said, I’m not your typical “pickup guru.” In fact, I’m no guru at all and all of my seduction carries a little twist — I’m all about being as genuine and authentic with women as you can be.

You see, during my decade of dating actively, I’ve been approaching literally hundreds of women nearly every week and getting their numbers. And then going on dates with quite a few of them.

After a while, I started noticing very distinct patterns. Patterns which allowed me to seduce most of the girls I went out with on the initial date, very quickly. And after sleeping with hundreds of women from around the world, I’ve only had two nasty breakups and still remain good friends with most of the women I’ve been with.

That’s why I’m in a very unique position to teach you how to have a successful date so the girl truly enjoys your company. And even how to get laid on the first date, if that’s your goal.

Besides that, I’ll also show you how to impress a girl on the first date so she eagerly wants to meet you for the second one. (Hint: by not trying to impress her at all!)

In fact, after you use the powerful knowledge I’m about to reveal below, she’ll start thinking you’re her SOULMATE. And then she’ll want to be your girlfriend.

So make sure to read every single word below because I’m about to drop a ton of secrets most men have no idea about!

And don’t even think about abusing this knowledge to sleep with lots of women and then never see them again. Unless, of course, you’re very upfront about it and they’re looking to just hook up with you as well. Because if you’re in it just to sleep with as many women as possible and then dump them like trash, then MY MATERIAL IS NOT FOR YOU!

This article will be very long and cover everything from beginning to end. So let’s get right into it! And if you have no idea how to get a date in the first place, then read how to ask a girl out and get a yes!

Preparing For Your Epic First Date

Before you go on your date you should do several really important things to prepare and ensure your success.

The following things may sound trivial but they’re actually super important. And guys who don’t do them usually screw the date up before they even begin. So take these first date tips for guys very seriously.

Clean your place up

First of all, clean your home and make sure your bathroom looks spotless.

Why do you have to do this? Because once the date goes incredibly well for you (and with my help, it will), you’ll usually end up with her at your place. And if your place is dirty, smells bad and isn’t tidy, she simply won’t feel comfortable there or around you. Which means you probably won’t be getting laid anytime soon and she won’t want to meet with you again.

Women judge men really harshly by how clean and tidy their bathrooms are.

prepare before a date and clean your bathroom

I’m serious about this, if your bathroom looks like shit, you’re going to gross her out and she’ll want very little to do with you.

Clean yourself up!

After you clean your place, go take a shower or a nice and relaxing bath. This is another key to how to have a great first date before you even begin.

Then make sure to groom yourself to perfection. Brush your teeth, shave or groom your facial hair, trim your nails.

This is a crucial step because no woman wants to go on a date with a guy who smells bad or has bad breath. It’s an really big red flag and women will simply find you gross and unattractive if you or your breath stinks.

Oh, and no matter how great your initial date may go, if you have bad breath you’ll never get a kiss from her.

Success favors the well groomed.

Dress well but don’t overdo it

We all know that first impressions are important. And women like men who dress well.

However, don’t overdo it and come in a suit and a bowtie or you’ll look ridiculous.

You don’t want to look like a bum because it’s unattractive. And you don’t want to look overdressed because it’ll look like you’re trying too hard to impress her. Unless, of course, that’s your actual style and what you’re usually wearing.

For best effect, simply wear something comfortable and stylish. So you feel at ease with yourself and don’t look like you’re overcompensating.

Even a nice tee with some jeans works great most of the time. It does for me, at least.

Dress casual is one of the first date flirting tips for guys

Remember that clothes don’t make the man. It’s the man who makes the clothes. So dressing like a clown definitely falls into the “what not to do on a first date” category.

And if you happen to be a guy who has no clue about style, then get some help. Ask your stylish female friends to go shopping with you or go befriend a gay guy and ask him to help you find a good look.

Essential First Date Tips for Men – Get Your Mind In Order

This step is crucial because your nerves can instantly ruin an otherwise amazing date if you let them get out of control. Which is why you must calm down and relax before you go out.

This is one of those first date tips for guys that not many know about but it will have a massive impact on your results.

There are many great ways to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves before your date number one. Such as hitting the gym (this releases endorphins and other happy chemicals), watching something you enjoy, going on a walk with your good friend. Some guys will find that a quick nap or meditation session will calm them down really well. Other than that, do something you really enjoy or find fun and relaxing.

As long as what you’re doing makes you feel great and isn’t stressful, it’ll help with your first-date anxiety.

Oh, and here’s one more important bit to help with your anxiety: She has already said YES to meeting you!

If a woman chooses to go on a date with you, it already implies she likes you at least somewhat. Or finds you interesting and compelling enough to give you a chance. She wouldn’t go on a date with you if she didn’t like you.

So she already expects you to make a move on her at some point. Which is a really good thing. So stay positive and take more risks.

Get into the right mindset

Mindset ties heavily into what to expect on a first date. The final and probably the most important step of all is to prepare for your first meeting mentally.

By that, I mean you should get into the right mindset. Which is one of the biggest secrets of how to have a successful first date with a woman. Going on a date for the first time with a girl can be a pretty daunting experience.

The first mindset you have to adopt is that of “Whatever happens, happens.”

Look, you’re simply going out to meet someone and get to know them. It’s perfectly fine if you end up not having any chemistry at all. It’s also okay if you end up sleeping with her, either on the first meeting or on other later dates.

You have to open your mind to all the possibilities and be fine with every single one of them. Because one of the worst things you can do is go on the date with some kind of goal you have no control over. Like getting laid at any cost.

This will just make you stiff and rigid. Which will affect your subconscious behavior and she’ll quickly pick up on it. It’ll make her feel uncomfortable around you and she’ll think there’s something off about you.

The last thing you want to do is seem needy or like you’re desperate to sleep with her. That’s incredibly unattractive and if she even gets a whiff of desperation from you, she’ll instantly lose all respect and attraction for you.

Another crucial mindset

The next mindset you must have is: “I’m going on this date to have FUN and to find out who she is as a person.”

This mindset is vital.

It will help you relax, be more in the moment and encourage you to get to know her better. It’ll also help you show her the real you and let your personality shine. Because your sense of humor is a really good reflection of what your personality is like.

Seriously, being present and in the moment is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in dating and seduction. So do yourself a massive favor and read my linked article on this topic.

Finally, having this mindset will remove a ton of pressure from the date. It’ll also make sure you don’t put her on a pedestal. Because your goal will be to figure out who she is as a person, rather than worship her for her looks alone.

This shows that you have high standards for the people you hang out with — and that’s massively attractive!

have the right mindset

Trust me when I say this: Women will respond really positively to you and your charm if you just let go of trying to impress them and simply be your normal, relaxed, funny and fun self.

Self-amusement is a wonderful thing. It’s something you do with your friends all the time, and that’s one of the reasons they like you. So use this around women because it’s one of the biggest secrets of how to impress a girl on the first date without actually trying to impress her.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do when preparing for a first rendezvous with a girl you like. Now let’s get into the other details of how to have the best first date.

Where to take a girl on a first date and what places to avoid

One of the most frequent questions I get is “Where to go on a first date with a girl?”

Well, first let me mention what not to do on a first date when it comes to picking a venue or location. So you know the most common mistake you need to avoid. Because knowing this is key to having a successful first date.

Do not go to see a movie or a play, or anywhere else where you’re just going to stare at the screen for a long time.

Going to movies, stand-up shows, theatres and similar places is a really, really bad idea. In fact, it’s probably one of the worst and biggest things you can do to screw a first meet up.

The whole point of the first date is to talk to each other so you can connect emotionally and get to know one another.

And you won’t be able to do that if you’re stuck watching something for the majority of the date. Because you won’t have the time to have a proper conversation.

There’s nothing worse for mutual chemistry than spending several hours together only to realize you have absolutely no idea what the other person is like. Because you haven’t actually had the chance to talk to each other!

So do yourself a huge favor when thinking where to go on a first date with a girl and skip those kind of dates at first, saving them for later.

Don’t go to fancy restaurants on the first meet

Another horrible idea men usually have when thinking where to take a girl on a first date is to go to a fancy restaurant.

This idea is terrible for many different reasons.

First, this puts a massive amount of pressure on the girl. Many women feel uncomfortable in such a situation because plenty of guys think the girl now “owes them something” because of it.

Second, some women will think you’re trying to impress them. Which is never a good thing.

And let’s face it, that’s exactly what many guys are doing when going to a fancy place for dinner on the first romantic appointment. They’re trying to impress women with their choice of venue. Which is a huge nice guy mistake.

I mean, a great restaurant costs a lot of money. Why would you ever want to spend lots of cash on someone you don’t even know yet?

Remember the first mindset that you have to accept all outcomes? That comes into play here.

What if you find out she’s a horrible person or has a bland personality? What if you have nothing in common and there’s no spark or mutual attraction at all?

That is a real possibility. And if that happens, you’ll simply waste a ton of money and time because you’ll be stuck there sitting at that fancy and expensive table with someone you don’t like.

The third and most important reason why restaurants suck as a first-date location is lack of touch.

Physical touch is one of the most important things for building attraction with the opposite sex.

When you’re sitting across from one another, you won’t have many opportunities to touch each other. And that’s really bad because there won’t be any intimacy.

Where to take a woman on a first date? A casual venue

So where to take her on a first date?

Well, if you want to have the best chance at a successful first meeting, then go to a casual venue. Nothing too fancy.

A simple coffee house, ice cream or cocktail lounge, or a chill place to eat will be a much better option.

There are lots of places where to take a girl on a first date

These places are great to sit down and get to know each other because there are no distractions. They also remove most of the pressure from everyone because you can simply leave at any time if things don’t go well for either you or her.

That said, you don’t even have to go to a venue. I’ve been on many dates where we just went for a walk in a park or a beach and it worked out really well. Remember, we’re learning how to impress a girl on the first date by not trying to impress her at all here.

Again, the whole point is to have a nice environment to talk to each other and to get along. Nothing fancy works perfectly fine in most cases. Because you’re still “sniffing each other out,” so to speak.

However, such a date may be too boring for some people. So in case you want to have a lively first meeting where it’s easier to have fun, go to a theme park or carnival or something similar. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for sillyness there as well as lots of physical contact.

Logistics are important when thinking of a place to go

Honestly, there’s no reason to create difficult moments for yourself if you have a wonderful date and then want to take her home afterwards.

Too many guys don’t realize this and go somewhere really far from home to meet the girl. Instead, plan accordingly, especially if you want to get laid that very same night as the first date.

That’s because once she likes you a lot and there’s enough sexual tension between you two to hook up, your time is limited.

Sexual tension is emotional and not logical, so it dissipates with time. And if you have to take a 45 minute drive or walk back to your place after your date, things may become awkward. Because she’ll start finding a ton of excuses why things shouldn’t happen now, once she’s out of the moment.

The point of how to have sex on the first date is to make it “just happen.” You sweep her off her feet, as lame as that sounds, in an emotional roller coaster filled with mutual sexual tension and desire.

But once that desire dissipates overtime because the road home is just too long and boring, her logical mind takes over. And she’ll find a ton of excuses why things shouldn’t happen tonight.

This is why I make sure we’re going somewhere within half an hour of my place.

Now that I’ve shown you where to take a girl on a first date, let’s move on to more important things.

What To Talk About On A First Date With A Woman

A lot of guys struggle with this part and want to learn what to talk about on the first date with a girl.

So here’s the short answer and the key to what to say on a first date to a woman:

Talk about whatever is on your mind in the moment.

Look, I get that this may sound a bit contrived and like another non-answer. But take it from someone who’s been on thousands of dates — THIS REALLY WORKS.

Also, your conversation on first date should be lighthearted and not too serious.

But what should you talk about specifically? When learning how to have a successful first date, understanding how to have great conversations is crucial.

Well, for starters, talking about your passions and all the things that are important to you is always a great idea. And then ask her to tell you about hers. You’re there to learn about each other after all, and taking a genuine interest in her is what it’s all about.

That said, the vast majority of guys who write to me asking what to talk about on a first date say they’re afraid of running out of things to say. They say one of their biggest fears is making the date boring and the whole situation awkward.

To help you with that, I’ll tell you exactly how to never run out of things to say when talking to a woman ever again.

How to keep the conversation going for as long as you want

I’m now going to teach you a really good technique you can use to essentially never run out of things to say to women when you’re on a date. In fact, this works not just on women, but in life in general with everyone you talk to.

The key is to ask her open-ended questions and then listen for “points of interest” in her replies.

Here’s a great example: Let’s say you’re talking to each other and you ask her about her day and if she’s done anything interesting lately.

She replies that she went to the gym today, then went to the store to buy some cat food and also stopped by the local market to buy some fresh vegetables.

If you look at what she says, you’ll notice three distinct points of interest: The gym, cat food, and fresh vegetables.

Why are these things called “points of interests?” Because all of these things open the door to some massive topics of conversation which you can follow up on.

You can ask her about her exercise and talk about fitness in general. That’s at least several hours of conversation if you’re both into such a topic.

Many guys want to know what to talk about on the first date with a girl

You can also ask her what type of cat she’s got. This topic can also keep a conversation going for hours because pet owners really enjoy talking about their pets.

And you can aslo ask her all about what type of food she enjoys. Is she a vegetarian, a healthy eater, does she like to make salads with those vegetables or soups and stews. Maybe she’s got some awesome recipes to share, maybe she likes cabbages but hates onions and celery, or maybe she’s just picking up those veggies for her brother who’s a vegan. Who knows, the sky’s the limit with such topics.

And here’s the best part: Once she tells you about all of these things, you can listen for further points of interest and expand on those as well. Effectively carrying the conversation for as long as you want.

And don’t forget to chime in with your own experiences, insights and opinions on these subjects as well.

When you genuinely listen to what she’s saying and take note of the interesting tidbits of information she mentions during your conversation so you can expand on them, you willl NEVER run out of things to say.

If you want to learn more about keeping conversations going, then make sure to read how to never run out of things to say to women.

Now that you understand what to say on a first date to a woman, it’s time to reveal the power of stories.

Stories make any conversation interesting

Another perfect example of what to talk about on a date is stories.

Storytelling is an artform and if you’re good at it, you can really move people emotionally. However, even someone completely new to telling stories can make a conversation anything but boring. As long as you tell it in a lively and passionate way.

You see, every single person in the world has several unique stories from their lives.

No matter how boring you think you are, no one on this earth has lived a life quite like yours. Which means you have completely unique stories to share with other people.

Storytelling is also one of the best ways to give other people a glimpse into your personality. They reveal your character, your values, ideals, and also your life. And nearly everyone likes to listen to stories if what you’re saying is interesting, fun, funny, or thrilling.

The key to telling a compelling story that other people will enjoy is passion and expressiveness. Also, make sure to focus on the feelings and emotions involved rather than simply reporting on what was going on. This will make your stories compelling and more impactful.

In other words, tell your date how the things you experienced, saw and did made you FEEL when you were there in that moment. Because emotions and feelings are contagious and people respond to them much more powerfully than simply listening to information.

Don’t worry, at first your stories may not be as impactful, but with some practice you’ll be a decent storyteller in no time at all. Then you’ll never have to worry about being boring on your date ever again.

Now you know what to say on a first date with a girl and what to talk about on the first date in general.

Don’t ask her the same boring questions everyone else does

When it comes to asking your date some questions, remember the following very clearly:

DO NOT TURN YOUR DATE INTO AN INTERVIEW! Women don’t go out with you to exchange information. They go out with you to exchange emotions!

Turning dates into interviews is another typical nice guy mistake. There’s nothing more boring for the girl when a guy fires off question after question about the most mundane stuff.

Where do you come from? What do you study? Where do you live? What do you think about the weather? What’s your sign? And so on and so forth…

These questions are incredibly mundane and so boring, most girls would choose to shoot themselves and end it all then and there, rather than listen to more of them.

don't turn your encounter into an interview

They’ve heard these questions a million times from a ton of other guys. So if you ask such things, you’ll never stand out from the crowd and will just bore her half to death.

The solution is to put a little bit more thought into it. And also become genuinely interested in her answers to the questions you ask. Rather than asking something simply to move the conversation forwards (which is really shallow and women notice this).

Besides, I’ll soon show you some great first date flirting tips so you can avoid turning the whole thing into an interview.

Interesting first date questions to ask a girl

To have a more meaningful conversation, ask questions that run deeper. Questions she can’t answer with a simple “Yes” or “No,” or with one-word answers.

To get a more in-depth response, ask questions starting with “Why?” or encourage her to explain her answers.

Why did you choose that subject to study and what makes it so special to you? Why do you want to travel to Europe and what places would you like to visit the most?

Then, once again, listen for the main points of interest and expand on them.

However, you can also ask her various deeper questions, to get to know her on a more personal level:

  • What would you do if money were no object?
  • What secret skills and talents do you have?
  • Why do you think most people end up divorcing each other?
  • Are you looking forward to what the future will bring in 20, 30 or 50 years? Why or why not?
  • When do you think a person is ready to have kids?
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
  • What have you learned from your past relationships?

These are just some random examples of interesting first date questions you can ask women on your date. Basically, think of something you find fascinating and ask her about it.

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Oh, and if she hesitates talking about these things — lead by example! Share your opinions first and then ask hers.

Here’s an indepth article about first date questions.

Think of some funny things to say on first date

Here’s something else that’s interesting: There are no best things to say on a first date because every girl has different tastes and preferences.

However, there are definitely tons of funny things to say on a first date that will bring a smile to her face and make her like you more.

Besides the fact that your sense of humor is a really good mirror into your personality and shows her a ton about you as a person. It’s also one of the key’s to a woman’s heart.

There are plenty of women who fell hard for men who can make them laugh. Even if those men weren’t particularly rich or good looking.

So try to develop your sense of humor as much as possible and you’ll go very far with women. Since it’s one of the keys of how to win a girl over on a first date.

Now, regarding all the funny things you can say on the first tryst, I’m not going to give you any specifics. Because what’s funny for me and my date will not necessarily be funny to you and the girl you’re with.

This is more of a touch-and-go subject and you should experiment with it as much as possible.

That said, if you genuinely find something that’s really funny to you, make sure to share it with her as well. She’ll most likely laugh at it because positive emotions and laughter are very contageous.

sense of humor is important when learning how to win a girl over on a first date

And make absolutely sure you’re also expressive, in both your mannerisms, body language, and facial expressions when you’re talking about something funny or telling jokes. Because that expressiveness is key to them landing and having a powerful impact on the girl you’re with.

Now you know what to talk about on a first date to make it memorable.

How To Win A Girl Over On A First Date Without Fail

The answer to how to win a girl over on a first date is make a genuine connection with her. Because connecting on a deeper and more emotional level is crucial if you want to pursue any kind of relationship with her. No matter if it’s a serious relationship or something very sexual and casual.

You also have to establish lots of physical contact. Because physical touch is incredibly important to create true, raw attraction and physical intimacy between two people.

Without physical touch and an emotional connection, you won’t have a great date and you won’t be getting laid.

Finally, there’s a third equally important step which should be the sole focus of your meeting with a woman the entire time.


Having fun is the essence of how to have a successful first date. If you and the woman you’re with don’t have fun, she will not want to see you again, period.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do and how you act. If you don’t have fun together, she will not want to meet with you again. Unless she’s a gold digger and you’re swimming in cash, or she has some other hidden motives.

That said, fun is incredibly subjective and very different for each and every single person.

Admittedly, there are a ton of things that many people enjoy and think of as fun. But to have real fun so you connect emotionally, you’ll have to find out exactly what makes you both click with one another.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered here as well, so read on!

How to have fun on a first date with a girl

Here’s what to do on a first date with a girl to have fun:

First, stop taking yourself and the date too seriously. Relax, let loose, be in the moment and let your personality shine.

A great mindset which lets you relax and have fun with any hot girl is the following:

Imagine that she’s your best buddy and treat her that way.

This mindset-technique is incredibly, RIDICULOUSLY effective!

I’m sure you’re well aware that if you have a best bud that you can pretty much do anything and still have fun. You’re also super comfortable with just being there with your best mate, even in silence. Behave the same way around any gorgeous woman you go on a firt date with and you’ll be good to go!

Then, simply make it a point to show her a good time, just like you would with a buddy when going out somewhere.

Having fun on a date

Tell jokes, riff off each other, tease her, make fun of the little dumb things she does or says — just like you would with your best friend! Show her your sense of humor, tell her stuff you find hilarious, ask her thought-provoking questions and then mock her PLAYFULLY on her answers.

If you want extra help, go do some fun activity together. Such as dancing, roller skating, playing pool, going to a festival or concert or whatever you both find enjoyable.

The key point here is that dates are meant to be fun. And if you take things too seriously and conduct them like some kind of interview, women will find you hopelessly and utterly B-O BORING!

Finally, don’t forget to tease your date playfully as much as you can. It’s one of the main keys to attraction and to having fun with a girl.

Flirting Tips – How to flirt on a first date with a girl

This subject is incredibly huge and I’ll soon write a whole separate article for it. But suffice it to say, effective flirting is critical to knowing how to have a successful first date with a girl.

That said, I won’t leave you hanging like this so don’t worry! I’ll quickly cover some of the biggest first date flirting tips below so you have a general idea of what to do.

I’ve already mentioned it just above, but one of the biggest and best first date flirting tips for men is TEASING.

If you don’t know what it is or how to do it properly, then make absolutely sure to read this article: HOW TO TEASE A GIRL AND WHY TEASING ON DATES IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT!

Trust me, it will turn most mediocre dates into some of the most memorable ones for women. It’s basically my secret flirting weapon and I rely on it pretty much all the time.

Another great way of flirting on a first date is to use pushing and pulling.

Basically, you say something that pulls her in closer to you, only to push her away again a moment later. Or say something that pushes her away, only to pull her in afterwards.

This creates a lot of uncertainty, doubt, intrigue and mystery. And women love those things, as long as you’re doing everything playfully and lightheartedly, without being an asshole.

Pushing and pulling is so powerful, it can often turn a seemingly innocent thing into heavy making out on first date.

kissing on the first meeting is good

And let me tell you something else: Kissing on the first date means she definitely likes you and finds you attractive. This quickly leads to more intimacy and comfort. Which is something you need to do when learning how to have sex on the first date.

Make her comfortable around you but be challenging

The final important thing is to build comfort throughout the day.

This is really important because things can’t progress further if she feels uncomfortable around you. And she’ll never have sex with you if that’s the case.

You build comfort through your physicality and by being genuinely interested in her on all levels.

But you don’t just agree with everything she says, try to please her and pander to everything she does or says. That would quickly turn her off as there wouldn’t be any challenge left in it for her.

You see, there’s a pretty interesting paradox going on: She has to be COMFORTABLE around you, but you also have to be CHALLENGING at the same time.

Too much comfort without challenge or sexual tension will just make her friendzone you. Because women want men who aren’t easy as well.

So how do you do these things at the same time?

Well, teasing is a great way, as you already know. But it’s much more than that.

Most women don’t want YOU to win them over. They want to feel like they’re winning you over. Because it’s a challenge for them and it validates everything about them.

That’s because women are constantly unsure of whether they’re being valued as human beings or merely as sex objects. So if you genuinely show them you value them as people and not just as walking vaginas, they’ll appreciate it immensely and fall under your charms.

So instead of focusing mostly on yourself, do the opposite. Instead of showing her how charming, witty and interesting you can be, make HER feel like she’s charming, witty and interesting.

But always remain true to yourself and don’t let her walk all over you. That’s where the challenge part comes in.

Be a genuine and authentic man

Being a genuine and authentic man on your date will significantly help you along your path of understanding how to be successful on the first date.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with her on various things if that’s how you truly feel. Don’t keep your opinions to yourself if you think they may hurt your chances. And don’t feign interest in something that’s of no interest to you, just to win some points with her.

This is all a part of being a genuine and authentic man. And it shows her you’re not some pushover who’s being fake just to win her favor and get into her pants.

Part of being a masculine, manly man is being unafraid to express your feelings and opinions. This shows you take risks and go for what you want. And let’s face it, there’s always a risk when you say something you believe in that other people won’t feel the same way.

But even if she ends the date and leaves you (which is so rare you shouldn’t even be thinking about this outcome), she’ll still respect you for sticking to your values.

That said, don’t be stupid and inflexible. If you constantly disagree with her about everything, she’ll simply think you don’t like her or are being a jerk. Conversely, if you agree about everything with her, she’ll think you’ll say anything to get in her good graces. So she’ll think you’re a dishonest man.

there has to be sexual tension for seduction so dont be afraid to disagree

That’s why there has to be a balance which you must find yourself.

Just don’t forget that seduction is an emotional dance involving multiple people. And for it to work, THERE HAS TO BE SOME OCCASIONAL FRICTION. Because that friction creates tension and emotions.

Be challenging but respect her opinions, even if you disagree with them. This will show her you’re an authentic man who stands up for himself and she’ll be able to trust you more. And trust is massively important in seduction.

Boredom kills all your chances

There’s one last thing I want to mention on this subject. It’s that boredom will quickly ruin your date if you let things become boring.

You see, women want to be taken on a journey. On an adventure that is you.

They want to see who you are, they want to learn what things would be like if they were to join your life. And they also want to feel alive when they’re with you.

And if you let things become boring during your date, she’ll just think you’re one of the gray masses. You will never stand out that way and she won’t feel attraction towards you.

Luckily, here’s an article on what to do on a date with a girl so you’ll never again be seen as a boring man!

Now that you know two of my best first date flirting tips, let’s move on.

What To Do On A First Date With A Girl So She Falls Hard For You

Now we’re getting to the real juicy bits about how to act on a first date for guys.

Time to show you exactly what needs to happen and what to do on a first date with a girl so she falls for you head over heels. And then starts thinking you’re her soulmate.

This is also the secret of how to get laid on the first date with just about any woman you want. Because when you do everything right, women will want to sleep with you themselves. Because you’ll be having such a wonderful time together, sex will simply be a natural progression of things. And the next day when they’re telling their friends about your date, they’ll say “We were having such a good time, it just happened!”

So here’s exactly what needs to happen for a perfect first meeting:

  1. Meet up with her and have a decent conversation, to put her at ease that you’re not some kind of creep or weirdo. Simply show her you’re A NORMAL GUY and not a mess.
  2. Go somewhere you can have a decent conversation and then genuinely get to know her on a deeper level as a person. To build rapport, trust and comfort. Don’t forget to show her your sense of humor, flirt with her and tease her to engage her emotionally, and touch her at every good opportunity.
  3. Do not try to impress her, do not be needy or desperate, and DO NOT put her on a pedestal. Simply have fun with her like she’s your best buddy. If you do everything correctly and don’t make it weird or awkward, she’ll start liking you by this point and enjoying herself.
  4. Continue having fun and getting to know each other.

That’s it, these very simple steps show you exactly how to have a successful first date with women. Depending, of course, on what your definition of success is since it can be very different for people.

But whatever your goal is, you’ll end up having a blast if you follow the instructions above and don’t succumb to anxiety and nervousness. So that’s all you need to know about what to do on a first date with a girl to have a great time together.

How to have sex on the first date

Now you understand how to impress a girl on the first date with your personality alone.

However, if your goal is to get laid and you want to learn how to have sex on the first date, then here are the steps.

how to have sex on the first date and get laid and sleep with a woman
  1. After she likes you a lot and enjoys your company, get closer to her and get more intimate. Start leading the conversation to more intimate and sexual topics. Make your touch more intimate, show her you’re completely comfortable with your sexuality and that you find her really attractive. Start framing sex as something good, make your teasing more sexual to create and build sexual tension as much as you can.
  2. When the sexual tension is at an all time high, go in for the kiss.
  3. Leave the venue (or wherever you are) together and suggest you go somewhere more comfortable.
  4. Take her home and gauge her interest in you. See how strong the sexual tension between you two is and how horny she is, and act accordingly. If she’s ready, make your move aggressively and take her to bed. If not, keep building sexual tension and arousal until she wants to sleep with you.

These are the exact steps if you want to get laid on the first or the second date. Or pretty much any date for that matter.

The key is to build a ton of sexual tension after she already likes you and starts feeling strong attraction towards you.

Basics of building sexual tension

Sexual tension is a massive topic and I’ve written a separate and in-depth article about it which you should definitely read.

That’s because this article is about how to have a great and successful first date. And if I started to explain everything on how to create and build sexual tension here, it would be at least twice as long.

But I won’t leave you hanging dry. You build sexual tension in these main ways:

  • Sexual talk
  • Physical touching
  • Eye contact
  • Making her feel what you feel (state transference)

Basically, maintain strong and intimate eye contact. Make your touch more sensual and intimate. Start being subtly more intimate and sexual with your talk. And feel your own sexual desire for her as strongly as you can, so she picks up on it as well.

At this point, the words you use may be logical, but they must have sexual intent behind them. That said, you can do many wrong things if you take this advice without knowing how to use it properly.

If you overdo sexual touching and talk, she may think you’re a perv who has no tact or class. She’ll label you as a fuckboy and that’s not a good thing.

The easiest way to build tension without screwing up is to use eye contact and state transference.

Here’s more on how to build attraction and seduce women during your date.

You should also learn how to spot signs of sexual tension to know when it’s working.

Eye contact and sexual desire state transference

Here’s something you may not know: Women want to be desired.

Knowing this, you can make full use of the effect of state transference. Which basically means that whatever you feel very strongly, she’ll feel it as well.

So next time you’re close to her and things are going great, take a good look at her.

Take her all in with your eyes. Her figure, her face, her eyes. Take the time to appreciate her essence and feminine energy. Notice how great she looks and imagine how great it would be to have sex with her. Feel that sexual energy coursing through your body. If you have a boner at this time, then that’s even more perfect!

She will sense this desire you have for her on an emotional level and will start feeling similar things as well. And she probably won’t even know why. But you’ll have that sly, mischievous and knowing smile on your face, which will tell her much more than your words ever could.

Suddenly, she’ll start feeling arousal, desire, passion and lust for you. If you also maintain intimate yet strong eye contact with her the entire time.

This is just a small part of how you build raw attraction and sexual tension to sleep with women on the first date.

Finally, some women won’t like to be overly sexual in public. Because slut-shaming is still a real thing that affects many women negatively. So if she seems uncomfortable at any point in the interaction when you’re trying to build sexual tension, take a step or two back and relax. Then suggest to go somewhere more private where she can be herself around you, without other judging eyes.

What To Expect On A First Date With A Woman

We’re getting close to the end now, but I still have to tell you what to expect on a first date so you don’t run into too many problems.

You’ll also see what not to do on a first date so you don’t do any stupid mistakes to screw everything up and ruin your chances.

So what should you expect when going on dates? The answer is — absolutely nothing!

The secret to having wonderful first encounters is to go in without any expectations at all. Don’t expect to fall in love. Don’t expect to hate each other. And certainly don’t expect to have sex and get laid afterwards.

Remember the best mindset to have, the one which says “Whatever happens, happens?” This mindset should rule all your expectations as well.

That said, what do women expect from guys when on a date?

They expect you to be polite and have decent manners. They expect you to be able to carry a decent conversation. And they expect you to be curious about them, which is completely normal.

You’ll exceed most women’s expectations if you follow the steps to the perfect date I’ve shown you above. But you can also compliment those steps in many ways. By being masculine and manly.

So be more assertive, have a plan, show you have a zest for life and that you’re not a mindless automaton. Also, be honest and authentic when you talk with her. Do not try to fake interest in something she says just to make her like you. Because you’re not there to impress her but to show her a good time.

What not to do on a first date for guys

what not to do on a first date for guys

And now here’s what not to do on a first date if you want things to go really well for you.

  • Don’t whine and complain about stuff. No one likes people who do that and it just shows you’re a whiny little bitch.
  • Never try to impress women on your dates. It’ll just make you look like a try-hard. Women hate guys who try to suck up to them, so be as humble as you can and don’t brag.
  • Do not be rude to her or any of the people around you. That’s just pathetic.
  • Never start gushing about her. Telling her things like she’s the most beautiful or perfect woman in the world will just scare her away. It shows you have no clue and that you’re needy and insecure. It also puts her on a pedestal, which is a huge no-no.
  • Don’t be late for the date. This shows you have no class and can’t keep your word.
  • Don’t drink too much. A drink or two is perfectly fine to let loose and relax together. But if you’re so drunk you start slurring your speech or start wobbling when you walk, she’ll think you’re a boozehead and will lose all respect for you.
  • Refrain from talking about your previous relationships or exes. It’ll only make you look like you’re not over them.
  • Don’t talk only about yourself. You don’t want to come off as egotistical and like you only care about yourself and no one else.
  • Don’t be forceful and try to get her to do things she doesn’t want to do. Don’t be an idiot, no means no. Your goal is to encourage and entice her to do things you want her to do, not force her to do them!
  • Don’t miss sings that she’s into you.

How to be romantic on a first date

Here’s another interesting thing regarding what to expect on a first date with women: Many guys overthink things and end up doing too much weird stuff when their goal is to be romantic.

That’s why I’m going to give you a very simple answer to the whole “romance on a date” thing: Don’t try to be romantic!

Basically, don’t try to do specific things or deliberately show that you’re being romantic. Since that’s just weird.

Instead, simply pay attention to her, take a genuine interest in her as a person and connect with her on a deeper level. Then, when you’ve gotten to know her, show her you’re blown away by her. For example, by giving her a GENUINE and SPECIFIC compliment regarding something you like about her as a person. Such as her personality trait, her character quirk, her style, or something similar.

If you do these things, there will be absolutely no need to even think about whether you’re being romantic or not. Because it’s pretty romantic when you take a genuine interest in a person of the opposite sex and show that they’ve affected you on a deeper level as well. Which is why you’re starting to become attracted to them.

This little bit of romance is all you need on the first date in the romantic department.

Save the grand romantic gestures for when you’re actually dating and trying to get into a more serious relationship! It’s one of the best first date tips for guys I can give you regarding this topic. The article explains all about these guestures and shows you why it isn’t that smart to learn how to impress a girl on the first date.

Final Thoughts On Your First Romantic Meeting

Now you should be aware of pretty much everything you need to know if you want to have the perfect first date. And a great and successful one at that.

now you know how to have a successful date and get a girlfriend

I’ve also shown you how to get laid on the first date, as well as given you ample first date tips for guys that you can use to successfully seduce women.

Besides that, you’re also aware of what to expect on a first date and what to do and what not to do. So you’re pretty much all set.

HOWEVER, there’s still a critical issue to deal with. Which is the fact that knowing something and actually executing it successfully so you get great results are two entirely different things.

You may know about all the techniques, tips, tricks and moves in the world. But if you don’t practice them in real life and don’t apply this knowledge to test things out, you won’t get the girl to fall hard for you.


Apply the knowledge above on all of your dates. And eventually you’ll be so good at it, you’ll be able to have as many casual (or serious if that’s your goal) relationships as you want.

And I promise you, once you truly master how to have a successful first date, your life will change. Because you will have tons of great women in your life.

So if you want the more advanced stuff to achieve mastery quickly. And to have everything laid out to you from A to Z in a step-by-step guide you can follow easily, then click the image below:

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