How to Tease a Girl and Why Teasing on Dates is Massively Important!

If you want to learn how to tease a girl – I’ve got you covered!

When you tease, you showcase your personality to women, because teasing depends entirely on your sense of humor!

Tease meaning and definition is simple – it’s when you lightheartedly make fun of or attempt to provoke people in a playful way.

Essentially, it’s intentionally ruffling someone’s feathers so that they get emotionally affected by you!

Think of it like messing with your little sibling but not in a mean-spirited kind of way!

It’s an integral part of various flirting games that you and your date can do together.

how to tease a girl

Here are the main guidelines to teasing:

To understand the logic behind them, read what’s after the guidelines. These are like occasional sprinkles that you throw into a conversation from time to time – and not to be solely relied on.

Remember that it’s all about the presentation, and if you aren’t congruent with what you’re saying – you will probably come off as creepy and weird.

And don’t just randomly say stuff like this with a serious face – it’s all about the attitude and how you say things, not the content.

If both you and your date are in a great mood, laughing, flirting, and having a fun conversation together – these playful and flirty teases will do wonders for you.

They’re for a normal date setting, not necessarily for clubs – and definitely not for the very beginning of the date where the girl’s neutral towards you.

  • Mock and mimic her voice and actions in a funny yet playful way.

When she says something to you, you can exaggerate her voice or accent in a playful way and say her words back to her. You can also exaggerate her various mannerisms and expressions by showing them back to her in a playful and silly way.

  • Treat her like your little sibling, or a child, or that friend you sometimes make fun of!

If she says something silly and uncool, you can hug her and say stuff like “Awww! That is just so cute!” or “Awwww, you’re sooo cute when you do things like that, you are simply adorable!”.

Even things like “I think you need a timeout! Don’t make me spank you young lady!” are great.

The words don’t matter – it’s the meaning behind them.


  • Stereotype her in humorous and exaggerated ways.

Let’s say you’re on a date with a typical-looking “librarian” girl, probably with glasses. You can tease her about the stereotype of all librarians being timid and meek on the outside, but an absolute insatiable beast in bed!

Or you’re on a date with an asian-looking girl. You can jokingly and in an exaggerated way say stuff like: “Damn girl, look at those muscles! You must know some awesome kungfu! How many guys have you kicked in the balls recently? I bet you can snap a man in two only using your thumb and little finger!” along with some exaggerated “hiyah” noise or gesture, whatever! Or even touch her biceps and balk at how strong she must be.

Again, the words don’t matter – this is a random example. There are tons of other silly stereotypes to have fun with.

If she works in a bank, tell her that you don’t trust her with your money because she’ll spend it all on cocaine and male-hookers! If she likes to sign or is a singer, you can tell her to sing a love song about you, etc.

If she’s from Sweden, poke fun of the typical swedish stereotype that all girls there are ditzy blondes who love herring and meatballs and drink alcohol every day.

I think you get the point, exaggerating various stereotypes is fair game.

  • Give her a fun and silly nickname!

If she talks a lot – call her a chatterbox, if she’s constantly laughing, call her giggles! If she’s someone who blinks excessively, call her blinky! It’s not that hard.

Simply notice the small and random things about her and make up a silly nickname!

  • Playfully point out some of her more apparent flaws, if you notice them.

If she’s someone who’s nervous, nerdy, ditzy, clumsy, air-headed, fussy, silly, or whatever else you notice about her – point it out in a playful way!

Just make sure to not make fun of her specifically for having those flaws, but make fun of the flaws themselves! That ways it won’t be mean and personal.

  • Challenge her in fun and playful ways.

Have silly competitions like thumb-wrestling matches, sing-offs and dance-offs, arm-wrestling, tickle-fights, and anything else you can think of, and do it in as silly a way as possible so as to show her that you’re not taking her and the situation seriously.

I’ll explain why that is important below.

  • Role-play with her! This is one of the best ways to spike emotions in girls and make the date unforgettable!

Just think of some silly and fun situation where you can insert the both of you and then act it out!

It’s one of the easiest and most awesome ways to have fun on dates with a girl, while massively spiking emotions and making sure your date becomes incredibly attracted to you and your personality in the process!

You can learn how to use this technique here: Why Role-Playing on Dates is Amazing! and see a great example of what teasing meaning is, at its core.

This thing is one of my trump cards when it comes to teasing and fast flirting – and I make sure to use it on pretty much every date, when the time and the situation is right, to spike lots of different and strong emotions, as well as powerful attraction. Nothing probably gets me laid more than this one thing.

That’s because emotions are the only real currency when it comes to attraction and seduction: Why Do Women Like Bad Boys and Don’t Respect Nice Guys?

  • Do the opposite of what she asks you to do or do some things she doesn’t want you to do at all, but in a funny way!

Let’s say she tells you to pass something to her, for example the salt while you’re eating – you can put it even further away, out of her reach!

Follow that up with stuff like like “Ooh, look! It’s running away from you, better catch it before it’s gone!” Silly and exaggerated stuff like that works wonders! Just remember to do it in a very lighthearted and endearing way – not a mean-spirited way. That’s what real flirting and teasing is all about! I’ll repeat this crucial point over, and over again.

Another example would be if she says she doesn’t want you to wear some hat or sweater, or whatever. You can wear it with exaggerated pride and put 2 extra sweaters or hats on top of it!

That’s because women ADORE men who don’t take them seriously from time to time, as long as you make the experience fun, memorable, and interesting!

  • Accuse her of being too sexually aggressive and trying to hit on you.

When she tries to touch you, you can stay something similar to: “Hey hey! Hands off the merchandise!”

When you notice her looking or staring at you, say stuff like: “Stop staring at me like that; I’m not a piece of meat that you can use at will, I have feelings too!”, or “Are you hitting on me? You have that creepy little twinkle in your eyes! I know what you’re up to, you perv!” while slyly smirking or laughing.

  • Eventually, you should tease her in a sexual way.

When you’ve built up enough comfort and attraction and when the girl becomes more invested in you and likes you – you can and should tease her in more sexual ways.

Say stuff like “I know what you’re up to, I’m not that easy, I don’t sleep on the first date!” when she does something sexy, and tries to grab your attention.

For example, if she puts her hand on your thigh or somewhere similar, say stuff like “Hey, I know it’s hard for you to keep your hands off me, but try to control yourself!”

These are just a few of the many ways that you can tease women and girls – there are lots more!

Remember, it’s not about the words – so don’t use these lines – think of your own! The point is to demonstrate that any silly thing you say will work if you do it right. It’s all about the attitude and the context.

Physical teasing is also massively powerful and attractive, if done right. For example, pushing her away from you and pulling her in, physically, accompanied by some verbal banter is an incredible way to spark some attraction and influence her to like you.

WARNING: DO NOT Tease people about something that is both unchangeable and important to them. And, do not attack people’s identity when teasing! 

Other than these two things, everything else is fair game. Just don’t be a jerk, and don’t say something out of malice and dislike for someone. The main point to remember is that whoever you’re teasing should be laughing along with you.

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In any case, this all needs to be taken in context, and if you DO THIS IN A CREEPY AND INCONGRUENT WAY – IT WILL NOT WORK.

Out of context it’s just weird. Don’t be that guy.

Also, this is just one little cog in the machine – you don’t have to nor shouldn’t you even rely on this for the entirety of your date!

If you do it too much, like anything else – it will get tedious, annoying and boring for both you and the girl!

Also, if it’s hard for you to get into the right mood to tease, this all becomes much easier if you’re both already relaxed and like each other – so it’s NOT for the beginning of the date, in most cases!

If you’re having trouble relaxing and being congruent with what you’re saying and your actions, you still have some work to do. I teach all that elsewhere.

And remember, everything in moderation. If you do this kind of teasing too much, it will get annoying! Don’t overdo and try to impress her with your newfound talent. Show her some OTHER sides of you.

The key is variety here, boyos.

People ask, what’s better, being a gentleman, a nice guy, or a jerk, an asshole, or a bad boy, or whatever else in between – and I always tell them one truly important thing.

You need to be a nice guy when the situation calls for it, you need to be a jerk and a fucking asshole when you have to, you need to be a gentleman when it is required of you – and you need to fucking be a bad boy and highly sexual lover when you really want to.

And that’s the key – become a versatile, more fun, and more interesting person. Get out of your comfort zone, go talk to a bunch of people, get experience from random, sometimes brutal, sometimes funny, but always amusing real world interactions – and fucking get to KNOW people.

Then you’ll have a much easier time figuring shit out and become more successful with women.

Be proactive and get out of your comfort zone, or remain a miserable loser!

The results?

fun times with girls
Fun times with girls. And lots of threesomes, if you want. This shit works, when done properly.

Yes, that’s me, and two very lovely girls who I had a blast with.


Why is teasing and flirting important?

Now that we’ve got the general guidelines out of the way and you know how to tease a woman – let me explain to you why teasing is one of the most important things that you can do on your dates to make them successful.

If you can make a girl genuinely laugh and feel joy when you are flirting with her and teasing her – she’s yours. It becomes like a drug to her.

That’s because girls absolutely love to tease and be teased, if it’s fun and lighthearted!

The hotter the girl, the better it works! That’s because most girls are so used to guys doing everything to please them and make sure the date is perfect and that they don’t mess it up – that it becomes incredibly predictable and boring for most gorgeous women.

If the girl even gets a whiff of the fact that you’re afraid to mess the date up – she’ll lose all respect and attraction for you! Unless she’s incredibly insecure herself.

Since teasing is tightly connected to your own personality and your own sense of humor, it will come off as a genuine and authentic form of flirting.

That’s because most teasing happens in the moment – it’s you using your quick wit and observational skills to react to something that women say or do, in a fun way.

It shows that you can quickly think on your feet and can handle unpredictable situations using your sense of humor. It shows great social acuity and awareness! That’s the true meaning of tease!

It’s also a great way to continuously demonstrate to her that you don’t really care if you lose her or not. This will show that you are not desperate and don’t take her, or the date very seriously, which will raise her respect for you and she will naturally become more attracted.

She’ll think that you’re so used to dating and flirting with women, that her rejection won’t affect you and getting rejected in general doesn’t frighten you.

It shows lack of doubt and fear, and a complete abundance with women – even if you don’t have any of those things. Random flirty jokes are fine – but only real teasing can accomplish this.

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Why do we tease women?

The simple act of teasing implies to girls that you already have enough attention from girls; enough options, as well as enough sex and confidence in yourself that you can afford to take risks with them!

Being able to tease effectively is essentially being the proverbial bad-boy that all the girls are looking for and crave!

One of the main reasons why girls like “bad-boys”, apart from them usually being physically dominant and sexually aggressive, is because they know how to tease and are not afraid to do it!

As opposed to people who always doubt themselves and are completely afraid of offending a girl. Such guys will never get any respect and usually become undesirable.

That’s because they wouldn’t risk making fun of women, even if as a joke, since a bad reaction would mean potential rejection to them!

They’re afraid to receive a negative reaction. They’re afraid to live how they want and are scared of being judged by others.

Don’t be like that.

Finally, and probably most importantly, teasing just makes all dates significantly more fun and less tedious and annoying for the girl.

So I hope that I’ve shown you how powerful teasing girls can be.

But what about you – what kind of teasing have you tried, and were you successful? Do you think that you tease too much, or too little? Do you have a hard time getting into a playful teasing midset? Write your thoughts down in the comments below and I’ll give you some feedback and see if I can improve your game!

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  1. Kady
    March 30, 2020

    Dude legit ur a dime ! Everything is so correct . I had no luck with women in the past . Yet this was because I was a pussy and was just afraid of rejection and taking action . 6 months ago I decided to get out of my comfort zone . Change my life . It’s my last semester in uni , and I have this part of which tells me aaah it’s over , no girls after uni , cause Uni is so big and u have lots and lots of opportunities to meet ppl . Yet fuck that , I’m 21 I’ve got all my time to live ! I’m sooo doo happy I stepped by ur website . Everything is so true .the last 6 months I pushed myself . Guess what I was scared , yet I’ve changed slotttttt , learned slot and I don’t have the energy and knowledge I have now . Like I would barely try . Now I’m set ! Regards the article , I would tease soooo sooo much . To the point where girls would find it boring , excessive and un inspiring , I would tease chronologically in order , first 2 cool , then they’d be like WTF so i LOVE the part where u mentioned the importance of balance . It’ll be lots of
    An 80/20 thing now . Create the wave then pull . THWNK U THANK U THANK U . Ur def a game changer . I love how you’re always descriptive . Give so much info FOR FREEE . Dude I can’t imagine the amount of Pussy I’ll get noww haha haha. It’s like freedom. Living a boring life Eucks man ! Guess what I discovered it was all in my head ! Fear ! That’s y I love the needy article “ whatever happens happens “! All outcomes are postive ! I discovered that even though my childhood kinda sucked and I had emotional abuse from my father , this doesn’t define me , and that naturally I’m. Social and chsramdaric . It’s a switch .Thank u thank u . I have a question plz: as a guy I LOVEEEEE having fun , joking , etc that’s me sometimes I feel ppl don’t take me srsly cause of that . One of the key Elmrntd is being masculine and confident etc . Does masculinity conflict with being wild loud and free ? Like I love being loud kinda like Connor mcgeror act goofy cause this is a very solid potholes and I feel
    Like if I act “ manly “ and talk in a mono tone voice that’s not me and that’s boring ? Do u get me ? So how do I find the balance . Which side should I show first , the loud one or the clam aloof in uninterested one ( that I’ll work on developing )

    • saulisdating
      April 1, 2020

      Hi man, I’m glad you found my content useful and that it changed the way you behave around women.

      Regarding your question, joking around/teasing/etc doesn’t conflict with masculinity at all. You don’t have to “act” manly or masculine, you have to BE manly and masculine. And you do that by being true to yourself and acting in a genuine and authentic way, along with some other tweaks obviously. But the main point stands; as long as you’re ENJOYING YOURSELF, show women and other people the side of yourself that you feel more yourself with. If that’s the loud one, that’s great. And if it’s the calm aloof one, that’s also good. As long as it’s coming from a genuine place and you’re not putting on some “act” to look cool to others. Fuck what others think of you, you’re living for yourself, so choose the way you want to do that, yourself.

      Cheers mate, if you want further help just email me i hate writing comments:D

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