Funny First Date Questions To Spark Attraction and Interest

There are countless funny first date questions you can ask girls to have fun with them and make things interesting.

Seduction is all about how you make women feel and how much you can impact them emotionally. That’s why learning some engaging and funny questions to ask women on your first date is key to making your date interesting and even creating some attraction.

The goal of a date is to get to know each other, connect on a deeper level, spark some sexual tension, and HAVE FUN! The questions I’m about to show you below will help you showcase your personality and create a fun vibe. So women will enjoy spending time with you and will want to get to know you more.

I’ll also give you explanations WHY each question is funny and why they build attraction and interest in you.

Let’s begin!

Best Funny First Date Questions To Create A Fun And Interesting Vibe

Being funny with your first date questions is all about revealing your personality and showing your unique sense of humor.

The more of your quirks, witty thoughts, unpredictable remarks and out-of-left-field wacky ideas you reveal, the funnier the interaction will be. And the more the girl will find you fun and interesting to be around.

That said, humor is very subjective and not everyone will like the same things. However, as long as you’re being genuine and authentic and ask her questions you GENUINELY FIND AMUSING. And as long as you’re actually interested in hearing what the girl answers. Then you’ll do just fine!

Don’t take things too seriously and don’t forget to ask these inquiries in a lighthearted way. And if you don’t know how to have fun, then just pretend you’re both 5-year olds in a sandbox and you don’t need to impress anyone, only express yourselves. So make yourselves laugh! Since your ultimate goal is to have a successful first date so the girl falls for you hard.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to TEASE THE GIRL on her answers. Because teasing women is one of the best ways to spark a ton of attraction and make women love and adore you.

Also, when she answers your queries, make sure to also give your version of how you’d respond and tell your own story. To make things even more unforgettable.

My top funny first date questions I ask women on dates

These are some of my favorite funny first date questions that I personally ask women on my dates. Use them as your own or change them up and create something more personal to you. As long as you’re amusing yourself when you ask these questions, you’ll do fine!

Woman laughing and having fun hearing amusing and funny questions from the man sitting in front of her, leaning in and listening to his every word
  1. “What do you want to be when you grow up? And don’t say princess!” This question is really funny to me because it implies that she hasn’t grown up yet. Which makes this topic rife for teasing and playfully mocking her by acting like she’s a bratty little kid with wild dreams and fantasies about the world. Questions like this one are perfect for some role-playing – an amazing attraction-building conversation technique.
  2. “Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls?” This is one of my favorite questions that I ask on nearly ever single first date because I find it so funny. And I’m genuinely interested in hearing an answer to this because it tells me a lot of things about the girl and I can tease her a lot about her answers πŸ™‚ I always nudge her when I say this as well, playfully antagonizing her and saying things like “Woah woah! Don’t kick me in the balls! I don’t want to be the first you do this to!”
  3. “Would you make a great bank-robber?” Followed up, of course, with questions like “So when are we gonna partner up and go rob our first bank together!? If we get into trouble, I bet you’d lock me up inside the vault so you could get away! I bet you’re evil like that!” This is a really good way to go into a funny role-playing scenario.
  4. “Would you rather have a pleasant racoon or an angry cat as a pet?” I ask this because it’s funny to me if the girl choose a pleasant racoon over an angry cat. Or vice versa. There are tons of opportunities for teasing women playfully with this funny first date question!
  5. “What are some of the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had?” I like asking this fun question on a first date because it can reveal a ton about the person. And most people have at least a few ridiculous, weird and strange dreams they can share.
  6. “How long would you be able to survive in a zombie apocalypse? It’s pretty funny to fantasize about post-apocalyptic life and how she’d handle herself in a world full of zombies. Perfect for the walking dead fans.
  7. How long would you be able to survive without your phone (or internet)?” Another great yet similar question that’s ripe for some playful banter and push/pull attraction-building opportunities. Because you can get into some funny scenarios without your phone or internet to rely on. Ask her how she’d find directions without map apps, how she’d find a date without Tinder, etc.
  8. “Could you sing Karaoke in front of your celebrity crush?” This funny first date question lets me know who her crush is and how good she can sing. And then how embarrassed or ballsy she’d feel singing in front of someone she feels anxious to meet. A great topic to connect over many things and tease her as well.
  9. “What’s the weirdest/stupidest/silliest/most ridiculous first date you’ve ever been on?” This questions sparks a really interesting and funny conversation most of the time, with tons of stories. Don’t forget to tell her about YOUR weirdest or silliest date afterwards.
  10. “Have you ever received an injury during sex?” Make this first date question funny by giving her various examples of ridiculous sex injuries, like falling from the balcony mid-fuck, or spilling hot candle wax on your ass after bumping the table during intense lovemaking, or stubbing your toe after slipping on some lube, etc. There are tons of opportunities here for banter and funny stories. Also, be on the lookout for signs of sexual tension, because topics like these can make people horny πŸ™‚

More funny questions to ask on a first date

This list of funny questions to ask on a first date will often make women laugh, if you know what to make fun of and when to do it. Just don’t forget to do it lightheartedly and not in a mean-spirited way. Remember, teasing and flirting is all about the fun vibe, and not being an asshole.

Charming black male tells his lovely date something funny while drinking wine
  1. “What would your TedTalk about me be if I somehow managed to break your heart?” Ask this once you’ve known each other for a while, or by the second part of the date and tease her about her answers. A funny tease would be to accuse her of being vindictive and vengeful because she’d go give a TedTalk about someone she broke up with πŸ™‚ Besides, this kind of future projection is both funny and very informative. And it forces her to think about a relationship about you to answer the question.
  2. “What would happen if you ate your favorite food for a month?” That would be a great way to know about her favorite food, as well as make fun of what would happen if she ate that and nothing else. And tease her about being a glutton with no self control.
  3. “What’s the absolute worst date you’ve ever had in your life?” This conversation starter is often very fun. And if you listen carefully enough, you’ll find tons of opportunities to poke fun of what she says and make her and yourself laugh a lot.
  4. “Have you ever had a really embarrassing moment where you felt you’d rather die than go through it again? What happened?” This question is a great way to connect emotionally with the girl and laugh about what you both reveal about each other.
  5. “What’s something you’ve been told as a kid that was a complete lie yet you still believed it for a very long time?” This is one of those funny questions to ask on a first date that’s great for connecting about your childhoods. And if you’re like most people, there were pretty funny and stupid moments full of embarrassment and dumb decisions. Which makes for a fun and interesting opportunity for playful banter.
  6. “If you had a theme song for your life, (like in that Family Guy episode) what would it be and when would it play?” If you’ve seen the Family Guy episode where Peter Griffin gets a theme song playing constantly for whatever he’s doing, you’ll understand how fun and funny this first date question has the potential to be.
  7. “If you won the lottery, how long would it take you to waste it all and go bankrupt again?” Asking this is a fun way to know if she has good self-control and what she’d splurge her money on if she had a ton of it. Plenty of opportunities for banter and teasing, as always.
  8. “What animal would you want to be reincarnated and live as after you die?” This might not seem like a funny first date question at all at first glance. But the thing that makes it hilarious is all of the ridiculous and wacky situations you can tell her she’d face as that animal. Like if she says she’d be a horse, how everyone would “ride her all day every day,” etc. And if she was a cat, how many hairballs per day she’d cough up, etc. Tons of fun to be had here.
  9. “If you had a wet dream about me, what would we be doing?” I ask this question a lot not only to spark sexual chemistry, but also to make fun of the girl by saying things like “Hey I meant we were going swimming to the beach, or a pool. And you thought we were going at it like rabbits? What a perv mind you have!” Things like these are some of the best teases you can throw at women πŸ™‚
  10. “If you were a guy, what cheesy pick-up line would you use to pick up girls?” This is one of my absolute favorite questions because it’s so easy to make fun of the whole thing. As well as to teach women why those pickup lines are ridiculous bullshit and how to do it better. Most women pick some stupid pick up line that you can easily make fun of πŸ™‚

Fun things to ask to create sexual tension

The questions on this list will make your conversations fun and interesting, while creating some sexual tension.

Romantic couple at the bar staring into each other's eyes because the man asks her amusing things that create sexual tension and attraction
  1. “If you had superpowers like invisibility, would you use them for good or would you sneak into guy’s locker rooms and ogle at their abs and junk all day?” I ask this very often while laughing because it’s so funny to me. This question is great for creating sexual tension, not to mention teasing the girl on her answers. And sexual tension is really important if your goal is to learn how to get laid.
  2. “Have you ever had dreams you can control? Like Lucid Dreaming? I bet when you control your dreams you become completely unhinged and do some really depraved shit you can’t do in real life :D” This question and the followup to it is one of my favorites because it always promotes really interesting and funny and deep conversations. You can accuse the girl of being as depraved or perverted or weird as you want. As long as you’re not being mean and do it in a very lighthearted way. Tons of opportunities for teasing and sexual tension here!
  3. “If you could only bring 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would they be? And why would they be blow, hookers and lube? Another funny thing to ask her because it implies she’s extremely naughty. Perfect for teasing, role-playing and creating tons of sexual tension.
  4. “If you could be a man for an entire 24 hours, what would you do?” Another great question to find out what she’d do if she were a man for a day. A great way to start a sexy vibe and accuse her of spending the whole day masturbating and not getting anything else done πŸ˜‰
  5. “Have you ever had a serious crush on a cartoon character when you were a kid?” Asking this is a lovely way to find out who she had a crush on during her childhood. And that can tell a lot to you about her. As well as give you some valuable info on how to build sexual chemistry by imitating that character.
  6. “What are some of the funniest things you’ve ever been asked on a first date?” Say this while winking playfully and she’s going to laugh and find it pretty funny. Because chances are huge you’ve already asked her some ridiculous and wacky things by this point. So you’ll both have a nice laugh.

Final thoughts on funny and amusing things to ask to make her laugh

Now you know a ton of funny first date questions to ask to make her laugh with you when you’re dating.

However, you should sprinkle these questions sparingly, to spice up the conversation. Instead of firing them off one right after another. That’s because if you ask these questions in a rapid fire way, they will lose a lot of their luster. And too much of anything is a bad thing.

Unless, of course, you preface everything by saying you’re going to play something like the “10-questions game.” Which is a game where each of you ask various questions to figure each other out and get to know one another.

Thing is, if you use these too many times, some women will think you’re a clown who doesn’t take anything seriously. While that’s fun for a while, after a bit of time it gets boring.

That’s why I always say that men need to learn how to be VERSATILE people. Where you can be serious when it’s required of you, and then fun-loving, funny and wacky when there’s a good opportunity.

You don’t want to come off as a dancing-monkey, someone who’s there to amuse her and be a joker and nothing else. Or she’ll just use you for laughs and won’t be interested in you romantically, as more than a friend.

Good luck!


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