Why Role-Playing on dates is Amazing!

Why you should definitely incorporate Role-Playing into your dates!

Emotions are the main currency of attraction and seduction, so let’s start with a random example – there can literally be HUNDREDS:

Imagine you’re both sitting there, having a fun conversation, and then you suddenly think of a silly situation in your head and decide to playfully bring it out by saying something like this to the girl: “Ok, so I’m James Bond, and you’re my Bond girl! Let’s go rob a bank! Right now!”

Immediately the girl will perk up, because she’ll sense that this is the start of something wonderful. You then playfully say to her something silly like: “So are you a good getaway driver? I bet you’re gonna crash into the nearest tree! What kind of car are we gonna drive? Where will we get away to after we rob it? I’m thinking Jamaica!”

Then you act out the whole situation with the girl, tease and challenge her on her answers, make the whole situation as silly and as exaggerated as possible and have a lot of fun with it! Go wherever you want from there, with stuff like: “I bet you’re gonna lock me into the vault and run away with the money yourself! I know that sly evil look, you’re so busted! You’re gonna leave me to the cops, aren’t you!” while playfully nudging or tickling her.

You can take this sort of conversation wherever you want – wherever it takes you – your imagination is the only limit!

roleplaying on dates

How to use roleplay effectively:

Here’s why this is AMAZING: During all of this Role-playing, you will be teasing her a LOT, you will be touching her a lot, establishing tons of comfort and showing her that you’re a physical guy! You will also both be laughing and having fun A LOT – I don’t have to tell you how effective all of that is at building attraction!

You can even build some sexual tension with this by eventually taking the whole thing onto more sexual topics, saying something like this when you’re deep into the date and she is already attracted to you: “Hmmm… so you’re my bond-girl, right…? You know that James Bond is one… smooth… motherfucker with a huge… … … … … ego… [flash that sexy and sly smile of yours here] … and he ALWAYS get’s the girl! Show me that you’ve got what it takes to be a bond-girl!” You know, it’s hard to describe pauses and tonality in print – the content itself might sound silly and is a bit irrelevant here – the important thing is HOW you say this.

Anyway, you can also establish some callback humor for later in the date! “Hey, remember when i was James Bond and you locked me into the fucking vault and ran away with all that money? You’re so gonna get spanked for that later! I bet you spent it all on male-hookers and piles of cocaine! Bad girl!” with a playful yet mockingly aggressive tone. Don’t be afraid to swear – it shows that you are genuine and can speak passionately!

You will show her that you have an amazing personality and imagination! You will show her that you don’t take her or the whole date very seriously, that you can afford to take risks with her, and she will think, among many other things, that it’s because you have a lot of other options with girls and are not desperate! (even if you are lol)

Psychology of Roleplay

There are so many positive things being displayed to the girl during a successful and fun role-play that you would be COMPLETELY MENTAL if you didn’t use this. You can talk about ANYTHING with the girl, provided that the context is right. I even role-played the whole 50 Shades of grey thing with a girl in a cafe (thankfully it was almost empty) and eventually took her straight to the cafe’s bathroom because she got so horny. I just noticed that she was insanely aroused, looked her straight in the eyes and said “Hey, you know what… come with me…”, took her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom… that’s it.

Anything works! Even something as absurdly silly as: “Hey, let’s go to Africa tomorrow! I’m gonna pack you up into my suitcase and we can go run around with lions and live for a few months with the natives! I bet none of them wear any clothes, do you look hot without clothes or are they all gonna freak out when they see you?”

Do you realize what even a ridiculous question like that can achieve!? “Do you look hot without clothes or are they all gonna freak out when they see you?”

In one fell swoop you managed to get her to imagine herself naked near you – and probably imagine you naked, too. You managed to get her to qualify to you, you managed to tease her by insinuating that the natives are going to freak out when they see her naked – subtly and deftly pulling at her insecurities in a FUN way – since the vast majority of women tend to be insecure about their looks.

You SPIKED HER EMOTIONS like crazy, by asking one STUPID and SILLY question that you wouldn’t even DREAM of asking on a “proper” date… and I just randomly thought of it while trying to explain the concept.

If you manage to do shit like this CONSISTENTLY, you’ll get laid whenever you want to.

Anyway, then just continue with something like “Let’s go, I’m getting us plane tickets right now! What are you gonna wear? What do you want to see in Africa? Do you wanna ride a zebra or an elephant?” The sky’s the fucking limit – steer the conversation to ANYTHING you want to. Use this and abuse this and notice how your dates go from boring to FUN in an instant! This is literally an INEXHAUSTIBLE topic, unless you have the personality of a doorknob.

ANY silly or exaggerated situation will work, as long as you can maintain a playful and fun tone. Just don’t overdo it and rely solely on this – because as fun or amazing as this may be at making the date fun and at building insane attraction – anything can get boring if overused completely. Calibrate!

Of course, you have to be able to pull off the playful silly vibe, it might be hard at first, but if you practice enough – it will become effortless and you will see much more success eventually.

Finally, make sure you know how to tease and exactly why it is super important to have very successful dates at:

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Roleplay can get you laid on a first date

Sadly, some guys are too nervous, too shy, too insecure to even talk to women and initiate this type of role-play situation.

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  1. Blaise
    November 15, 2023

    Hello man,
    your articles are very good. It is why when I read some this week, I immediately grabbed your guide.
    Also I yesterday printed Role-Playing to learn and memorize some statements But as they are long for me and English is my third language, and French my second (easier for me), I navigated on the Internet searching more emotional examples (particularly short), Emotions is really the main currency to attract a woman. I did know that before.
    I know that thanks to your article. Can you advise me a book with more emotional examples?
    Thank you in advance.

    • saulisdating
      November 17, 2023

      Hi Blaise,

      I’m glad you enjoy my content. Although you shouldn’t use specific examples of roleplay on your dates. They’re just meant to show you how to do it – but you should definitely think of your own role-play scenarios with women on dates, otherwise it will seem weird and like you’re trying too hard. So printing out and copying and saying the same things is not the way to go.
      I’ll write you an email later.

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