What to do on a date with a girl to never be seen as a boring man!

Hey, guess what?

If you always have boring dates – you’ll have a difficult time getting laid or finding a girlfriend.

You want to learn how to stop being a boring man? You want to know what to do on a date with a girl to make the whole experience fun, exciting, interesting, and never boring – where the girl actually enjoys herself and her time with you – and becomes attracted to you?

Well, it’s not as hard as you think, and I’ll explain how to do all that below so that you’ll never again be seen as a boring man.

But first, consider this:

Consider the girl’s perspective! If she’s smoking hot and very attractive, she most likely has a ton of guys desperately fighting for her attention and affection wherever she goes.

She constantly gets approached by hundreds of guys and goes on a lot of dates with many different men. They chat a bit, flirt a bit, but most of the time she becomes disappointed and doesn’t really enjoy her time out.

Most guys have no clue and are simply boring – and the girl very rarely has an unforgettable evening!

Why? Because they end up doing the exact SAME boring, predictable, tedious things that just don’t work and bore her to death – just like the last 200 guys did on their dates!

So imagine when she sits on a date with yet another guy – and he starts asking her the same questions she’s heard 1000 times before from every guy that she met:

Oh hey, so where are you from originally?”, “So what is your dream job?“, “So why did you choose that college?“, “What do you study?“, “Where would you like to live?“, “Where would you like to go on vacation?“, “Are you from this town originally, or did you move here?“, or even about the fucking WEATHER!

Yeesh! That last one’s definitely NOT what to do on a date with a girl.

The questions go on forever – I can think of a hundred similarly boring questions that most girls have heard many times over and are bored out of their tits… I mean Wits, from having to listen to them and answer. At least at the very start of the date!

(Incidentally, here’s a hint for you: Those questions are okay, and they have a time and a place, but that time is NEVER at the beginning of the date when she’s not already very attracted to you or invested in you enough to be eager to share all that stuff. For more on what to do on a date with a girl regarding questions, go read: FIRST DATE QUESTIONS – WHAT TO ASK HER AND TALK ABOUT ON FIRST DATES?)

Anyway, like a lot of guys, they think that asking these questions is a good way to initially connect with the girl, and find out some mutually interesting topics to talk about.

Umm, sure! That’s a great idea if you want to make a friend! But if you want to fuck her brains out, especially that very same evening, then that’s the WORST way to start off a date!

Also, a lot of guys end up talking about things they don’t even care about, like parties, shoes, fashion, and similar boring bullshit when they ask those questions and then desperately try to latch on to any topic threads when the girl dejectedly answers something vaguely interesting.

What does that subconsciously tell the girl? That he’s a guy who doesn’t value his time and will talk about ANYTHING just to avoid awkward moments – even if he doesn’t give a shit about the topic.

It’s all incredibly inauthentic. 

From my article about attractive character traits: Authenticity – When you don’t pretend to like things that you don’t like, or feign interest in things that are not interesting to you, just to try to impress other people.

So what do you do to stop being boring on dates?

Simple. If you want to stop boring your dates half to death, instead of trying to connect right away, do what most guys don’t do – start doing shit that creates an emotional rollercoaster!

Forget about connection at first!

Instead, play a game with her, tease her, or create a fun Role-Play moment.

Make stupid, silly, witty, ridiculous comments.

Flirt and tease in the beginning, relentlessly!

Don’t be so serious! Dates are a place and time to have FUN and see if you click – they aren’t an interview!

Talk about the stuff that YOU genuinely like talking about, and talk about it PASSIONATELY. If she wants to add something – she will!

For example, I can’t count the times I talked about World of Warcraft and similar stuff, when I was deeply into that shit. Any topic will do, as long as you are GENUINELY passionate about it and they can see your passion through your body language and speech – and you can present it in an interesting way. They will get ENGROSSED in that shit! Just don’t overdo it, obviously, or she’ll think that it’s the only thing that you care about and label you as a weirdo who “talked about Warcraft for 45 minutes”.

In any case, keep the conversation fun and engaging, and get her laughing, many times over.

The sillier the stuff she laughs about, the better!

I’ll explain exactly what you can do to achieve all this, below.

But first – here’s what all of this will accomplish:

You will be DIFFERENT. You’ll instantly stand out from all the rest, which is incredibly attractive in itself.

If you do all that and focus on just having fun, you will NEVER seem needy, desperate, approval-seeking or someone who wants validation from her and aims to please or suck up – everything that ruins your chances with women and is a complete turnoff.

It will show the girl that you aren’t afraid to joke around, tease her, ruffle her feathers because you’re not afraid to lose her. Do I even have to explain to you how massively attractive that is?

This is the best way to establish abundance, outcome independence, and general vibe of not-give-a-fuckery with the girl, without actually having to say anything to that effect and seem like you’re a try-hard braggart.

As a side bonus – you’ll never have a boring date.

And when she’s inevitably attracted to you after a while, you ask her a few personal questions, connect a little bit, then start ramping up the sexual tension and you’re good to go.

Seriously, the number one comment I get on most of my dates with the girls I sleep with is that they absolutely loved the fact that I was simply there to unabashedly have fun with her, not caring about ANYTHING else, and showed off my sense of humor while not being afraid to tease her. They adored the fact that I focused more on witty banter, flirting and teasing, and never asked “regular boring conversation questions”. Even though I did ask most of these boring questions – once she was already very attracted to me! 

This last little crucial detail is KEY. She will want to invest more into your interaction herself, unprompted, and she’ll tell you more and more stuff about herself, once she really likes you. From there, you can go into more sexual territory and it’s a done deal.

In any case, this is the best way to never be seen as a boring man and spike immediate and strong attraction and interest in the girl right away.

And you’ll never be seen as a dancing clown monkey who’s only there to entertain her if the stuff you joke and tease her about are the things that genuinely make you laugh.

Dude, listen carefully – it’s all about self-amusement!

So what to do on a date with a girl to never be boring? Here’s what:

I realize that you may not be someone who’s naturally good at witty banter, at making funny and silly comments that get the girl laughing, at spiking emotions and all that jazz.

So here are the two fool-proof ways you can use to easily create an Emotional Rollercoaster and take the conversation anywhere you want it to go. If you learn them both, you’ll never have to wonder about what to do with a girl on a date, ever again! And you’ll never be seen as a boring man who’s just like every “nice guy” out there.

They turn all boring dates into something that the girls will remember for a long time:

One – It’s simply called Role-Play, and you can take it anywhere you want to, and even use it to make the girl incredibly aroused, horny, and up for banging you as soon as you get somewhere private.

Essentially, it’s about creating a funny, absurd yet interesting scenario which you can incite the two of you to play out. It’s the perfect way to showcase your personality, because every mistake you make, every stupid thing you say will no longer be associated with you but with the CHARACTER that you’re playing out with her. It’s pretty much a free-pass to make stupid shit up and have fun with it. It’s like creating a SOAP OPERA that girls get to star in – with lots of fun, drama, excitement, and similar crap that’s ADDICTING to any and all girls!

Most nice guys when they talk to girls are the equivalent of a boring movie where nothing exciting happens for the whole two hours. They ask boring questions, complement the girl, so that she feels very secure, very validated. Where’s the fun and excitement in THAT? Where’s the fucking CONFLICT and the CHALLENGE? Zero conflict and no challenge create zero emotions!

I explain this in full depth at and give you examples: WHY ROLE-PLAYING ON DATES IS AMAZING!  Seriously, do yourself a HUGE favor and read the article on role-playing – it’s one of the most effective ways to spike ENORMOUS attraction and pretty much get to do what you want without consequences.

And apart from creating massive attraction, it’s also a great way to create trust, rapport, and sexual tension with any girl that you’re on a date with – provided that you have a shred of imagination and a sense of humor. I explain it all in that article.

And that’s the only caveat – If you have no sense of humor or zero imagination – it won’t work for you. But don’t despair, it’s a sign that you need to improve those two areas and add to your personality, until you can have fun with them. There’s tons of material on how to develop a decent sense of humor and imagination – just google it!

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, Role-Play is one of the best things that you can do on a date with a girl to get laid consistently, if you learn how to pull it off correctly.

Two – This one’s easier to pull off because it’s something canned, and easy to use and do.

Simply play a silly game with her: thumb-wrestling, patty-cake, make a game about testing her reaction, “stare into each other’s eyes until someone blinks first” game, and so on and so forth. There are literally dozens of silly funny games that you can do on dates, that are fun and lighthearted.

And if you’re about to say “I’m not going to play some stupid fucking game with that hot, sophisticated, independent, confident, and smart girl – she’s not a child!

And that’s where you’d be DEAD WRONG!

Get this – Before settling down with one of the most wonderful girls I’ve ever met – I’ve been dating around like crazy for the past 8 years and traveling around the world. During that time I went on several thousand dates with girls ranging from poverty-stricken slums and normal suburban girls, to daughters of millionaires and owners of their own successful businesses, professional fashion models and a couple of celebrities. And guess what?

NONE of them were bothered by these silly games. Not. A. Single. One.

Just don’t be a total weirdo and whip ’em out at weird and inappropriate moments – play them when you’re both focused on each other and having a chat.

If you don’t make it weird and present it in a playful and fun way – it will never be weird for her!

However, playing silly games is not the best option since it won’t showcase your personality to its fullest, like role-playing would do. But it’s by far the easiest thing to pull off, because you can just learn a bunch of them and pick the ones you like – and whip em out when you feel that things are getting boring. It’s the only “canned routine” that I regularly use. But only the game is canned – the reactions, the teasing opportunities and everything else that flows from playing the game is always unique.

Plus, it will have the added bonus of establishing a lot of comfort and touch, since most of these games have a physical aspect to it. The more she gets comfortable with your touch – the faster she’ll be comfortable with your dick.

What else to do on a date with a girl to have fun?

In any case, there are a ton of ways to create an emotional rollercoaster – these are just two of the most effective ones that I use and see a lot of success with.

So you now know what to do on a date with a girl and never be seen as a boring man. Just do the opposite of what most other guys are doing, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your results.

The key concepts of what to do on a date with a girl, are self-amusement, IDGAF attitude, abundance, being genuine and authentic, and unafraid to live, while being outcome independent.

Not very simple things to achieve in practice until you learn how to initiate Role-Play!

You show the girl that you’re not someone who’s desperate, needy, try-hard, aiming to please, seeking approval or validation. That you don’t give a shit about offending people, being different, unafraid to live. That you’re just being unabashedly you and are out to have fun with the people you meet – without expecting sex from them or with sex being your only goal. And you accomplish all that through your actions and words, as described above.

And guess what, if the girls see that you’re just there, being genuine, authentic, and unfiltered – and not out with the sole goal to get sex from them – they’ll instantly realize that you’re someone who’s DIFFERENT, someone who’s sex-worthy, masculine, and someone who they WANT to fuck.

Then it’s just a simple task of creating massive sexual tension, so that they quiver with lust and anticipation – and then taking them home to your bedroom, or even to the bathroom of the venue, if you’re brave and spontaneous enough 😉

Here’s a little taste of what doing all of this can accomplish:

successful dates
A couple of pictures from my personal collection. Yeah, I only like super fit girls.


It works, and after a bit of practice, it’s very easy to pull off. And this all is just a small sample of what to do on a date with a girl to never seem as a boring man.


And what do YOU do on a date with a girl, and why aren’t things working out for you? Let me know!

Finally, here are some relevant links, if you want to learn more.

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And if you just want to learn the key concepts of why emotions are addicting and spark strong attraction, and don’t care about what to do on a date – then read Why do women like bad boys and don’t respect nice guys?





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