The Warning Signs Women Look for When They Suspect You’re Cheating

Juggling multiple women at one time is a dangerous game, and you’re going to break some hearts over it.

Whether it’s your girlfriend or wife’s heart, your mistress’s heart, or even your own heart, it’s not going to be 100% victimless, no matter how hard you try. But if you’ve committed to the decision, you need to know what your wife or girlfriend is going to look for if she starts to suspect something.

These are all the most prominent signs that your partner will use to try and find out if you’re cheating.

Warning Signs Of Cheating – You’re Not Paying Attention

This is one of those warning signs of cheating that goes far beyond a complaint that you’re not attending to her needs.

Many cheating men start to give their girlfriends or wives less attention as they find emotional or physical solace in another person. It’s one of the reasons that it’s easier and safer to just break off the relationship if you don’t feel like things are working out anymore. It’s also better than having your relationship slowly deteriorate, and your existing partner knows that.

Your work and social habits change

The old concept of “staying late at work” is one that women have heard about a thousand times. Men have heard of it, too. Which is why they sometimes try to flip the script and actually work or go out less.

But the thing is, women are smart enough to know that any change is a potentially suspicious change. If you consciously decide to change your habits to hide your cheating, be aware that she’ll probably notice.

There are many better guaranteed signs of cheating, but this one is just a warning sign.

You’re overly protective of your electronics

This is another very stereotypical sign of cheating, but it’s pretty accurate nonetheless.

If you’re trying to pick up women online, you’re going to want to hide that behavior as completely as possible.

Your girlfriend or wife can easily perform a reverse phone lookup on “unknown” numbers that come to your phone or pay attention to notifications for a dating app. The simple fact is that you can’t hide everything, especially when it comes to your life online.

You seem disconnected from everyone

Cheating is a tough secret to keep.

women look out for common signs of men cheating

Even if you justify it to yourself, you still know that the people around you wouldn’t approve, and that’s hard to handle for a lot of people. That’s why you might pull back from friends and family in general, and not just your wife or girlfriend.

She’s going to notice that, even if you aren’t usually a very extroverted person. It gives her more reason to want to find out what’s wrong, even if she doesn’t suspect cheating at first.

You’re oversharing on the little things

When you’re cheating, you can’t tell her about big parts of your life, which means you probably worry that it seems like you’re hiding something.

To compensate, many men tell their girlfriends or wives every little detail about smaller things that they can be fully truthful about. The thing is, it comes off as very fake and artificially constructed, and will almost definitely raise concerns more than quell them.

Guaranteed signs of cheating – your friends won’t talk to her about you

Some men don’t talk to their friends about their affair out of fear that those friends will leak something, but some just swear their friends to secrecy.

The thing is, that usually means they’ll stop talking to your partner entirely. After all, they don’t want to accidentally let something slip, because that’ll often make them feel like they caused you two to split up.

If even your friends are withdrawing from her, especially if they had a pretty friendly relationship beforehand, she’s going to know that something’s up. Because it’s one of the biggest guaranteed signs of cheating there is.

Conclusion and final notes

Women pay attention to a lot of different signs, and their basic instincts are usually enough to tell when something’s awry.

Remember that great men get great women, which means that if you’re cheating on your partner, you might not be finding the best of the best.

Whether this scares you away from cheating or just makes you look more closely at how you do it, you always need to go into things with full knowledge of how you’re going to succeed. That includes cheating.

Now that you know some of the biggest warning signs of cheating, you’ll be able to notice easier if you or your partner show them yourselves.


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