How to Have Fun with Women So They Want To Sleep With You

It’s time to learn how to have fun with women on your own, when you meet them on dates, or anywhere else for that matter. And the best way to do that is through self-amusement.

Below, I’m going to give you specific techniques and strategies to accomplish this goal.

Since seduction is all about how you can make women FEEL when they’re around you, having fun is crucial if you want them to really like you and enjoy their time with you. And to do that, you need to stop stifling yourself and let your personality shine, so others see the real you. That’s why your personality is key when it comes to being successful with girls.

In my 15+ years of actively dating around and practicing pickup and seducing women, I’ve been on several thousand dates and slept with hundreds of women around the world. That’s why I know that the most important thing when you’re on a date, besides getting to know the other person, is HAVING FUN with them.

Basically, when you know how to show women a good time and bring a playful, flirty and fun vibe, they’ll find you very attractive and will want to sleep with you themselves.

I’m here to show you how to do exactly that!

NOTE: This article is Part 3 of 4 in the series on how to have fun with women and seduce them using your personality, so they really like you for you and want you sexually.

  • Part 1: Focus on Fun to Seduce Women With Your Personality: Learn what it takes to be fun, why self-amusement is crucial and why you should focus on having fun, so women want to sleep with you and get into relationships with you because of your personality.
  • Part 2: How To Become A Fun Person So Women Like You: A step by step guide on how you can become someone who’s very enjoyable to hang out with.
  • Part 3: How to Have Fun with Girls Using Self-Amusement: This is about specific techniques and strategies on how to have an awesome time with women on dates, in bars and clubs, and everywhere else.
  • Part 4: Having Fun With Women Requires Solid Inner Game: This is about how introverts can learn how to be extroverted whenever they need to, so they can have tons of amusement no matter where they go – along with a full example of how I do it.

Having Fun With Women Is Crucial For Successful Seduction

Before we get into the specific techniques, there’s something very important you need to know about having fun with women.

There’s no one best way to have fun with girls, or people in general. And you can both enjoy yourselves and have a gratifying meeting in many different ways.

Also, having a blast with girls is all about self-amusement. And to amuse yourself in a genuine and authentic way, so it DRAWS PEOPLE IN, you can’t fake it. And you can’t do it for the wrong reasons either, while having ulterior motives.

You need to have fun for it’s own sake and not to accomplish certain goals, like getting the girl to like you.

What’s more, when you’re amusing yourself with girls, you should NOT expect anything in return. Because that would be completely opposite to being self-amusing for your own sake.

At first it may seem difficult to do this, especially if you’re new at it and don’t have much experience. Plus, it’s also a pretty big shift in perspective since most guys are usually focusing on trying to do what they think the girl would like when they’re on a date. When they should focus on what THEY find amusing and entertaining first and foremost. Which is why switching to self-amusement can be pretty strange at first and feel weird.

However, I promise that if you enter a state of self-amusement consistently when you’re with girls, it will improve your results DRASTICALLY and SIGNIFICANTLY. As long as you stick to it until it feels natural to you and don’t give up too soon.

Couple having fun man giving piggyback to woman in park

The more you practice this, the better you’ll become, because self-amusement is almost like a muscle you need to train to get great results.

It’s the ultimate seduction tool that bad boys and the best players in the world who sleep around with hundreds of women use.

Now let’s get into the actual techniques and strategies. And let’s start with nightclubs.

You need to enjoy yourself to have fun with women in bars and clubs

The prerequisite to having success with women in bars and clubs is that you have to enjoy yourself in that environment.

If you can’t do that, if you don’t actually enjoy yourself when you’re in a bar or a club, you’ll fail most of the time. Because people are going to see that you’re not really into it and are faking it.

Lots of guys do this mistake in clubs. They plaster some fake smile onto their faces and walk up to people to chat them up, being all energetic and overly enthusiastic. But as soon as the conversation dies down and the other person leaves, their smile fades instantly as well. Then they go look for other “targets” to approach – putting on a new fake smile when walking up to them once again.

People in clubs will eventually notice this weird vibe that you bring. That you’re not really having fun but are PRETENDING to have fun, to achieve some goal. In this case, to get women to like you so you can take them home and sleep with them. And when people notice that you have an ulterior motive, they’ll dislike you and won’t want to talk to you.

Basically, people who aren’t genuinely enjoying themselves in clubs see others have fun and they try to weasel their way into the conversation – into THEIR fun.

This is one of the biggest mistakes men can make in bars and clubs when they’re going out to pickup women.

Instead, you have to BRING YOUR OWN FUN. And not be a fun-vampire who sucks the life and energy out of others.

You don’t wanna be an energy-leech in clubs, or you’ll fail miserably. People simply won’t want to hang out with you and women won’t find you attractive or magnetic.

People who do this come off as needy beggars – “Please give me some fun! Please give me good energy! I neeeeed you to make me feel good because I can’t do it on my own!” Which is very off-putting and destroys any good vibe.

Sure, some people might respond well to an approach like that because they have an overabundance of good feelings and energy to share. And if that happens, which is not very often, you feel great when you approach in that manner.

But if people don’t react well to you when you approach this way – you feel like total crap. You feel like a total loser, a worthless piece of garbage. Because you assign too much importance to the outcome and you fail, which really hurts your ego. Making the pain of rejection even worse, so you become even more scared of approaching girls.

So, to have success during night game, find SOMETHING in the environment and start enjoying yourself.

Focus on enjoying either the music, the people, the events, and similar things. Really engross yourself in the moment and stay present. And once you’re enjoying yourself, go talk to other people in the club.

guy enjoying himself at a club, surrounded by women who are having a great time

Then you’ll actually have a decent change of making new friends and getting somewhere with women. Even if you’re going to clubs alone and have some approach anxiety.

Now, let me show you how you can learn to bring the fun to other people.

How to have fun with women the right way

Once you’re talking to some women in a nightclub or are on a date with some girl and the game is on, the key to start having fun is to be unabashedly yourself.

The key word here is UNABASHEDLY – without embarrassment or shame. Without any worry about possible criticism.

I know, I know, this sounds like some of the biggest bullshit people have ever heard. But people don’t realize that “Just be yourself” is simultaneously the best and the worst advice ever, depending on how you do it and how you understand it.

So let me explain.

You simply behave like you would with any of your good buddies who you would hang out and have tons of fun with.

I’m not kidding – it’s that stupid but it works really damn well, especially when you’re with really hot women.

For example, I make fucking outrageous jokes and do stupid shit all the time when I’m with my boys – simply because it makes me LAUGH and I find the shit I do amusing and hilarious. And I do the same things when I meet new people. And especially when I go on dates with beautiful women or am terrorizing a club.

I also talk about utter bullshit quite a lot when I’m having fun with girls. Since seduction is not about the content of your words – it’s about HOW you talk and how you make women FEEL when they’re around you! It’s what you CONVEY with your words and the feelings you evoke in others.

For example, the goal of the first date is always to have fun with the other person and get to know each other. While you’re vibing and enjoying your time together. Then, if you like one another enough – you’ll probably get some sex out of it, too. It’s nothing more complicated than that – and I’ve written a whole book about it lol.

But knowing how to use your personality to have fun is crucial if you want to pull it off. And you’re ALREADY doing that when you’re hanging out and shooting the shit with your buddies! You’re being unabashedly yourself because you’re not afraid of your best friends judging your stupid jokes or thinking that you’re someone bad for saying them.

So use that same vibe and energy when you’re around beautiful women!

Naturally, I explain it all in very great detail in The Saulis Dating Guide. And give full examples of dates, from start to finish. Transcribed from recorded audio and put inside the book with permission. So you can see how it all works and how we vibe and have fun. As well as what we talk about and the things I say to women. So you can learn how to do the same.

It’s a book about how you can go from fun-lovers to fun lovers 😀 You’ll have lots of fun making love 😀

See, I like corny stupid jokes like that. Some people don’t – but who the fuck cares? I like to amuse myself whenever I can – even if it involves saying stupid shit on the internet sometimes 😀

Specific strategies to have fun with women on dates

In any case, having fun with women on first dates by using my personality mostly consists of teasing them, telling jokes, various funny, ridiculous, wacky, scary and entertaining stories, pushing their buttons while learning where the limit is to get them a little mad, ruffling their feathers, doing push/pull, being challenging, etc.

As long as it feels playful and I enjoy doing it – I do it.

I also use sarcasm, create challenging and dramatic situations, pretend in obvious ways about being daft, shy, stupid or creepy, etc. and make fun of various situations I see. I even speak gibberish sometimes when teasing women and improvise quite a lot.

So you can do pretty much whatever it is you want to have fun with women in terms of merrymaking, to have a good time. Pick something that resonates with you and just go for it.

man and woman having lots of fun playing a snowball fight

Personally, I really prefer teasing, storytelling, being challenging and role-playing with girls. Because these things work best for me.

You should try many different things and stick to those that work the best for you.

However, it’s very important that you treat every girl the same way.

Because if you’re amusing yourself one way in front of guys or girls you don’t like – and then you’re suddenly talking to the extremely hot girl you really want and making a big deal about it, and you start behaving differently and being fun in a way that’s not genuine and authentic to how you were doing it with other people – then it will screw you over completely.

She’ll see that you’re not your genuine and authentic self with her. That you’re stifling and filtering yourself.

Point is, everyone deserves and gets a full part of your fun.

In fact, you can even test this, to see if you’re self-amusing or not when you’re around girls you like.

When you say something funny, are you looking at the girl’s eyes to see her reaction to what you’re doing? If so, that’s a bad sign.

Genuine self-amusement requires you to just put it out there and enjoy it yourself, without even thinking of the reactions of others.

So if you have questions pop up like “What did you think of that joke? What did you think of me when I did that?” then you’re gonna have a bad time. Since you’ll be focusing on the wrong things.

Express yourself, don’t impress.

Once again, self-amusement is all about expression, not impression.

If you’re having fun with the girl and trying to entertain her JUST TO KEEP HER THERE, so you don’t lose her – then you’re in impression mode.

You should never seek reactions from the woman you’re with. Because it comes off as needy validation-seeking behavior, which is a huge no-no.

You should be having fun because you genuinely want to do something or say something for its own sake and because it amuses you and brings you enjoyment. And not because it will get you to some goal, like getting the girl, impressing everyone in the room, or making someone like you.

The ultimate goal is to start enjoying being you and putting your personality out into the world, for everyone to experience who you are.

Some people will like you, some won’t. And that’s TOTALLY FINE! You’re not there to please anyone – you’re there to have fun and get to know people who might be into it like you are.

When you finally build that fun energy and vibe, when you’re bursting with over-abundance of good emotions and you SHARE THAT with other people – especially girls you’re with – they’ll adore you and really enjoy their time with you.

That’s because they’ll get tons of great emotions and feelings from being with you. So they’ll want to be near you as much as possible and take part in all the games you get yourself into.

Why do you think seduction skills are called game, by the way? Because people like playing games and revel in the feelings they bring.

A couple benefits and side-effects of self-amusement

Funny thing – showing that you’re not afraid of women is key to being able to pull all this off successfully. And many people have a LOT of problems with that. Especially with really hot women.

Basically, very beautiful women have a strong effect on men. And a lot of men become overwhelmed with emotions, lust and thirst around beautiful women. So much that they can’t control themselves.

As a man, you have to CONTROL that thirst and lust. You can’t let women knock you off your game just because they look hot. Because if you can’t do this, you’ll show women you’re still an immature boy.

Men who have their shit together don’t get blown away by beautiful women. Because they know these women and normal, regular human beings, just like everyone else. And they base their attraction towards these women on more important things, like who they are as people, their personalities, etc. So they don’t lust or thirst over them, even though they find them sexually attractive.

Point is, men who are very successful with women are unafraid of their sexuality and are sexually expressive – but they don’t let lust of thirst control them.

So what am I getting at?

When you’re not afraid to tease women, ruffle their feathers, touch them and express your opinions – they’ll respect you and like you. This takes a solid foundation of inner game though. (more on that later)

Group of young happy friends having a great time together at nightclub

That’s because it shows you’re not someone who’s desperate or needy. That you’re not some bootlicker who’s afraid of losing the girl – probably because you have many options available to you with other girls (she’ll assume).

In fact, teasing women on dates is one of my biggest secret weapons and also one of my favorite things to do. Since it does so many great things all at once. While showing women you’re not afraid of them.

Another one of my secret weapons of mass destruction, especially when it comes to having fun with women, is ROLE-PLAYING.

It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do because it’s so stupidly powerful it’s ridiculous.

I’ll tell you how it works in a second, but first – a couple of caveats.

Don’t go overboard with self-amusement

There’s such a thing as too much self-amusement. You don’t want to become someone who’s just in it for themselves and doesn’t give a shit about others.

If you do that, you become unrelatable and unpalatable. Girls will simply think you’re too self-absorbed. So you need to use common sense, have some regard for social norms and never be obnoxious with your fun and humor.

When reading all this, you may get the impression I’m amusing myself 100% of the time – but that’s just not true.

To have fun with women without it becoming overbearing, you don’t do it ALL the time. Because too much of anything, even the best thing, is bad for you. And you get bored of it soon enough.

No, you sprinkle that stuff throughout your whole interaction, bit by bit. But you also show her that you can be serious and real. A normal human being who’s even boring at times.

If you feel you might be getting too carried away, a good way to reign it in would be to say to the girl something like “Hey, I’m super energetic, wacky and confident today because I feel great. But let me know if I’m getting too crazy!”

This shows her you’re fully aware of what’s going on and aren’t just some unhinged lunatic. It also turns your self-amusement into mutual amusement, because now you’ve included her into your world.

Now let’s talk about my favorite thing to do to have fun with women – roleplaying.

Role-playing with women on dates is like a cheat code to having fun

Time for you to find out my ultimate technique to have fun with women, no matter where you are.

I’m talking about role-playing – thinking up various silly/wacky/funny/exciting/dangerous/adventurous/ridiculous/insane/stupid scenarios on the spot. And then putting yourself and the girl into them, to play them out.

I talk extensively about why role-playing on dates is amazing and one of the best ways to have fun with girls in another article. But I’ll give you a quick glimpse at the possibilities here as well:

When I’m on a date, after I see that we’re hitting it off, I often say random things like “Hey, are you up for robbing a bank tomorrow?”

Then I can get all conspiratorial and whisper how we’re going to make some elaborate plan to get rich by robbing a bank. And discuss with her all the wacky hi-jinks we’ll get into and how she’s going to either save me when something bad happens, or leave me because she’s the devil, or selfish or wants all the money for herself to get blow and male hookers or something.

As much as this may sound super cringe to most guys, this type of thing is pure gold for women.

This type of role-playing is INCREDIBLE for banter, making silly jokes, pushing and pulling, getting physical with one another, and so much more. The possibilities to establish physicality and create strong emotions and memorable fun laughs is enormous. And, for the third time, seduction is all about emotions!

Plus, women really get into it, the vast majority of the time. Most women love these types of engaging silly “games” because they’re anything but boring and are addicting as hell.

man enjoying himself on a date with a girl, having a blast telling her jokes while she's laughing

You’ll quickly differentiate yourself from scores of other men who are boring, “too nice,” too bland, timid, meek, and simply unfun.

Your imagination is the only limit for fun role-play scenarios with girls

Sometimes, when we meet and interact with some random person either on the street, or a waiter at a bar or whatever, I might even introduce the girl I’m with and myself as some kind of fantastic, unbelievable couple. Like we’re two circus actors from Sweden or a couple of aristocrats from some weird unknown country, or elephant farmers, or whatever else I can think of on the spot that I find amusing.

I might say we’ve been married for 22 years and have 7 children together. Then I’ll pull the girl into me in some exaggerated, playful and extremely silly way and say stuff like “Come here daaahrling and kissss meee!” and we simply make out on the spot, to make it awkward for the other person, or to make it silly. And then we laugh about it.

When you practice role-playing a lot with women, you’ll start to realize the massive potential of this incredible technique to have fun with the opposite sex, using nothing more than your personality, sense of humor and improvisation.

It creates your own little world – a personal bubble with the girl you’re with, where anything’s possible. Spiking her emotions like crazy and putting her through a roller-coaster of various feelings and thoughts.

It’s one of my magic formulas for having a really fun time with women, no matter where you are.

You can literally become ANYTHING YOU LIKE since the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. You can also touch the girl as much as you want – you can even make out with her – have mock-fights, tons of laughs, and so much more. Which will make her have so much fun with you, it’s ridiculous.

Once again, women will be REALLY into it if you’re playful enough and present it in a fun-loving, interesting and entertaining way. Because it’s like playing out their own drama and soap opera in real life.

THAT’S how you really have fun with women so they like you and want to meet you again and again.

Often women think I’m their soulmate when we have so much fun together. And it’s one of the reasons I get laid so much.

So I urge you to read the linked article about role playing in full. Because it’s definitely one of my go-to things to help me seduce women and make the date really memorable, when I’m in the mood for it. Even though it takes a bit high energy and tiring at times. And it takes practice and effort to pull off well, unless you’re a naturally talented actor or conversationalist.

Play silly little games with women

Finally, you should also play various silly little games with women. Like patty-cakes, thumb-wrestling, palm slaps, etc.

Oh, and if you think women some women are “too high class” for silly games and won’t be interested in them because it’s beneath them somehow – you’d be dead wrong!

I do these things on dates with all kinds of women. From cutesy, down-to-earth girl-next-door types to millionaire business owners and fashion models.

Like I keep saying over and over again, people like to have fun. People want to escape their dull, boring, monotonous, routine-filled lives. And they want to experience playful, silly, entertaining and all other sorts of vibes with others and spend their time enjoying themselves.

So, no matter what silly stupid games you can think of, play them with women.

Imagine you’re kids again and go nuts. Pull on their hair playfully, jab them when they say something stupid, bet them a massage session on a thumb-wrestling match, or take them on some activity if you can’t think of what to do yourself. Anything that breaks the stereotypical boring dinner date or movie date is golden in the eyes of women, so use your imagination.

I’ve had more fun with women on some random park bench while spending literally zero money than most guys have had on their dinner dates paying like $200 and not even getting a peck on the cheek at the end of it.

As long as you learn how to bring your own fun, you’ll be able to show women a great time pretty much anywhere.

Women are looking for men who make them feel tons of great feelings – so be that guy. Instead of someone who can only give them things or money, trying to buy their love and affection.

Continue Learning About Having Fun With Women On Dates

Now that you know some of my best strategies and techniques to have fun with women on dates, so they enjoy your personality and spending time with you, it’s time to learn about what it takes internally to be able to do all this.

Of course, I’m talking about Inner Game. Because using your personality, sense of humor, and similar things to seduce women requires that you have decent mental skills. So you’re actually able to talk to women without running away or shitting your pants.

The next article in the series, the Part 4 is all about just that – inner game mental skills. It also teaches you how you can become extroverted as an introvert, for a time. So you can really let loose, unstifle yourself and show people what you’re made of.

Series about seducing with your personality and sense of humor

For your convenience, here are all the other parts of this series on how to have fun with women and seduce them using your personality:

Part 1: The first part shows you why personality is more important than looks, money, status and similar things. With an example of how being fun around women nets you great results.

Part 2: The second part is all about how to become a fun person so you can let your personality shine to seduce women with ease.

You’re here – Part 3: My techniques and strats to show women a great time so they really enjoy the time they spend together with you.

And Part 4: Everything about Inner Game and its importance in seducing women by having a blast with them.

You owe it to yourself to read all the four parts. Because if you practice and internalize everything here, I promise it will help you become incredibly successful with women and popular in any social or even professional setting.


saulisdating Written by:

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