How To Get Laid At A Bar The Easy Way

It’s time you learn how to get laid at a bar the easy way. Without having to over complicate anything and without having to spend lots of money on drinks or bottle service.

To do that, you have to screen for women who are there and who’s goal is also to hook up.

You see, if you go to a busy bar with the hope to have sex with someone, but you don’t screen women who are DTF first, you’re going to waste a lot of time. And often end up alone at the end of the night.

So, the worst thing you can do at a bar for getting laid is to approach every woman you see. Because many of them will be there just to chill out and wind down with friends. Which means they won’t really be looking for any action and won’t want to sleep with you. And if other women see them reject you time after time, they won’t be open to your approaches.

So how do you avoid that and screen for women who are down to fuck?

Let me show you.

How To Get Laid In A Bar Tonight

Here’s the exact sequence of steps on how to get laid at a bar:

  1. Screen for women who want to hook up.
  2. Approach them in a direct manner.
  3. Compliment them on something specific you notice about them that’s caught your eye.
  4. Have fun, flirt, tease them playfully, banter for a little bit, to build up attraction.
  5. Create some sexual tension.
  6. Once they’re into you, tell them you’d like to continue this conversation someplace private.
  7. Once they accept, take them home or go to their place. (Or if the sexual tension‘s really high, lead them to the bathroom!)

This is the exact sequence of steps I personally use to get hookups at a bar. It’s also what I’ve taught many men how to do and they get consistent success using these steps.

beautiful women laughing, talking and having fun at a bar, man sitting near them

So let’s break them all down, so you know each step and what you have to do during it.

Screening women who want to get laid at a bar is important

Most of the time, if a girl wants to get laid, she won’t come to the bar with just one friend. Because if she finds someone she wants to bang, she won’t feel comfortable leaving her friend alone.

That’s why it’s often a fool’s errand to approach two women together, without a wingman. Unless you have good game and are able to entice them both for a threesome, that is. Or if you’re just out to get phone numbers and not looking to get laid that night.

This means you should either be on the lookout for women who are alone. Or women who are in a group of friends. Since if you pull one woman away, the others won’t feel lonely and can still talk to each other.

So, start with looking for women who are there alone. They’re the ones who are most likely there to meet someone to hook up with tonight.

If there are none, look for women who are in bigger groups of at least 3 people. A big giveaway that they’re up for some fun is if they’re looking around the room and looking at guys. Instead of engaging with their friends. Because it means they’re not very interested in spending time with friends and are instead looking for a man who will catch their eye.

Things to look out for in women who want to hook up in bars

When you see a woman who fits the above criteria, take notice of her body language, her mannerisms, and how she’s dressed. Because these things will tell you a lot about her intentions.

For example, if she’s dressed to impress, it means she’s doing it so men notice her. And if she’s dressed in everyday clothes, it usually means she’s there just to hang out with friends.

So if the woman is in a nice short dress, has visible cleavage or wears clothes that accentuate her body and curves, like skinny shorts and tank top. Then it’s a good bet she wants men to notice her body and approach her.

Next, watch her body language. Women who are looking to get laid in a bar have open and approachable body language. Which means they don’t cross their arms, don’t huddle over their drink and don’t slump down. Instead, they sit up straight, trying to show off their curves and breast to would-be suitors.

Finally, watch their mannerisms and seek to get eye contact. Women interested in getting laid will be actively scanning the bar for men they might be interested in. They’ll be looking around, at other people, so try to catch their eye.

Three women sitting in a bad, having drinks, talking to each other, one of them looking at you

When your eyes meet, hold your gaze, smile, and nod at her. Or otherwise acknowledge her, by waving at her, shouting “Hi!” or doing something else to get her attention.

If she doesn’t look away, if she smiles, or looks down and acts like a shy girl, but blushes or smiles while doing so, that’s a great sign.

Approach in a direct manner and give a specific compliment or remark

The next step is pretty easy. When after maintaining eye contact, if she doesn’t look indifferent to you or doesn’t look away and never looks back – then it’s time to approach.

That said, you can also approach women at a bar without your eyes meeting at all. It’s just that it’s much easier after getting positive eye contact, since it’s an indicator of interest.

Most importantly, when you approach, do it in a direct manner. Because being indirect with women in bars isn’t the optimal road to getting off with someone. As it takes too long and women won’t really understand your intentions.

So, the direct way to approach is this: You that you look at her, walk up to her, introduce yourself and tell her she’s caught your eye.

You can even say it just like that: “Hey, there’s something about you that caught my eye, so I wanted to introduce myself and see who you are.” And then shine a charming smile 🙂

Next, you give her a specific compliment.

You can, of course, just tell her she’s beautiful or hot, or whatever. But beautiful women hear this all the time, so this compliment is very generic and not special.

But there are plenty of ways to call women beautiful without being creepy. And my favorite one is to simply give a genuine compliment about something that’s caught your eye about her. Like her clothes, her personality, her features, how she moves, talks, sits, etc. Something you genuinely like about her.

Have fun, flirt, and create sexual tension

The next of how to get laid at a bar is the most difficult because it requires you to have game. In this case, game is a collection of social and seduction skills, which men can learn.

Basically, you need to have a fun, interesting, exciting or otherwise engaging conversation with her about whatever it is you want. The goal is to engage her emotionally, so she feels various things when she talks to you. For example, the main reason why women love bad boys exactly because those guys make women feel tons of various emotions when they’re with them.

So, engage in playful banter, flirt, have fun and start teasing. This will create tons of attraction if you do it right.

It usually takes about 2 to 20 minutes for women to really start enjoying your company, after which they’ll find you more attractive, like you more and will be into you.

Then you’ll start noticing several signs of sexual tension. This will be your cue to start working on building that chemistry even more. So the girl becomes aroused and horny and wants you sexually.

Time to take her home

The final step is to go somewhere private where you can both have sex.

When you notice the sexual tension is getting really strong and she’s getting horny, it’s time to say that you want to take her home.

If the chemistry is really strong, you can simply tell her that you want her to come home with you directly. But it’s usually better to just invite her to come somewhere else with you, without directly saying you’re both going to have sex. So she doesn’t feel like she’s “easy” or slutty.

You can simply say something like “Let’s go, after-party at my place!” or “Hey, I’ve had enough of this bar but I really enjoy your company. Let’s take this conversation somewhere more private!”

Then you take her by the hand and lead her home. And that’s how you get laid the very same night!


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