How To Become A Fun Person So Girls Like You: Self-Amusement

Time to show you how to become a fun person through self-amusement, so women like you a lot and want to have both casual and serious relationships with you. And to do that you have to learn and then practice the enjoyable art of self-amusement when you’re on dates!

Below, I’ll show you all the necessary steps you need to do to start having fun with women as soon as you meet them. And so you’re able to enjoy yourself and have others enjoy your company no matter where you go.

In short, becoming a fun person requires cultivating a specific self-image, creating some mindsets about amusement and then removing any negative beliefs you might have about the whole thing.

This will really help you with seduction and with people in general. Because people love to hang out with someone who’s enjoyable to be around. And because seduction is all about how you can make women feel when they’re with you.

NOTE: This article is Part 2 of 4 in the series on how to have fun with women and seduce them using your personality, so they really like you for you and want you sexually.

  • Part 1: Focus on Fun to Seduce Women With Your Personality: Learn what it takes to be fun, why self-amusement is crucial and why you should focus on having fun, so women want to sleep with you and get into relationships with you because of your personality.
  • Part 2: How To Become A Fun Person So Women Like You: A step by step guide on how you can become a fun person to hang out with.
  • Part 3: How to Have Fun with Girls Using Self-Amusement: This is about specific techniques and strategies on how to have fun with women on dates, in bars and clubs, and everywhere else.
  • Part 4: Having Fun With Women Requires Solid Inner Game: This is about how introverts can learn how to be extroverted whenever they need to, so they can have tons of fun no matter where they go – along with a full example of how I do it.

To Become A Fun Person You Must Practice Self-Amusement

Honestly, self-amusement is one of the greatest things out there when it comes to showing other people your personality and how enjoyable you really are. It’s the secret sauce to having fun with people, no matter where you go.

Besides that, women simply love men who can have lots of enjoyment with them and who are great to be around in general.

That’s why I urge every single man who’s interested in getting as many girlfriends of lovers as he can handle to learn how to become a fun person.

So, here’s what you need to do:

1) Adjust your self-image to see yourself as an amusing person

First of all, I urge anyone interested in pickup and seduction to read the book “Psycho- Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. Because it explains how self-image is one of the most important things in self-improvement.

Basically, you have to see yourself in a certain light first, to be able to accomplish certain things.

For example, if you can’t even see yourself as someone who could be successful with women – if you can’t even imagine yourself walking up to a girl and talking to her, getting her interested in you and getting her number – THEN YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO DO IT.

Remember, you can never rise above your own opinion of yourself. So if you see yourself as a failure, a loser, or someone who women don’t like – then you won’t be able to rise above that. You’ll always end up self-sabotaging yourself, consciously or sub-consciously, until you work on yourself and change your self-image accordingly.

Knowing this, to be an amusing person, you first have to elevate your self-image to include more fun.

You have to see yourself as someone who’s capable of being fun and having fun with girls. Doing so will gradually start a shift in your perspective, your thoughts, beliefs and even your behavior.

So how do we do that? Here’s a great exercise.

a man is amusing himself by wearing a fake mustache with goggles

Practical exercise to cultivate a fun self-image:

Take 5-10 minutes every night before you go to bed – or even when you go to bed and lie down – to think about and remember various instances where you’ve had fun. Where you were a joyful person either on your own or in a group with someone else.

If you can’t do this before bed, or if you fall asleep too easily, then find some time during the day. It can be like a small meditation session, in fact.

Now, focus on yourself and really immerse yourself into those thoughts and memories where you were a fun person. And visualize as vividly as you can the moments when you were having fun. Especially when you were the source of that joy.

Try to remember all the sounds, sights, feelings and even smells you experienced when you were being amusing. To really help your mind get into those moments.

When you do this exercise for weeks or months (it’s different for each person), you’ll eventually internalize the fact that you can be funny sometimes. And this will really help you change your self-image, to make you believe that you’re fully capable to be a fun person at times.

Nurture that feeling and that self-image of being someone who’s fun, and eventually you’ll see a massive shift in your thoughts and behavior. Then you’ll have a much easier time having fun with with women spontaneously than before.

This is really important because however you see yourself, you’ll always be looking for evidence to prove that true.

When you consider yourself to be a lively person – you’ll always find some evidence for that. Like making someone laugh or even smile that day. Or doing some entertaining activity with someone who really enjoyed spending time with you, etc.

And if you don’t think you’re fun – you’ll find tons of evidence to confirm that as well. (This may sound weird, but hey, that’s inner game for you – it’s all in your head!)

2) Remove any negative beliefs about fun

On top of self-image, people often have limiting beliefs about fun.

Maybe they tried to be the life of the party once or twice and got ridiculed for it – so they believe they can’t be fun anymore. Maybe they tried to tell jokes and be the class clown at some point but no one laughed, so they believe they’re incapable of being funny. Or maybe they tried doing some entertaining, adventurous activity with a girl they liked and she didn’t enjoy it at all, which made them feel they’re boring and not pleasant to hang out with.

Whatever it is, we form most of our beliefs through life experience. But many of our beliefs end up being false because we try something once or twice, get terrible results and give up. Only to develop the belief that we SUCK at that thing. Even though we might have been very successful at it had we just persisted long enough and tried a few more times. Or tried it a bit differently.

As time passes, we don’t question our established beliefs and continue perpetuating evidence to prove them true until they seem like reality. And since we hold beliefs for a long time and gather a lot of evidence to support them because we become biased, we say things like “See, it’s completely true – I’m not an amusing person! Look at all of this evidence from my past when I wasn’t able to have or be fun!”

So what I want you to do is think about what beliefs you have regarding fun with women – and fun in general.

What’s preventing you from being a fun person around girls and even guys? What do you believe about yourself that makes you think you can’t have fun when you’re out there meeting new people and trying to seduce some of them? Also, what’s stopping you from showing people the real you – revealing your personality and sense of humor?

Remember, your personality is key to seducing women.

For example, some people have beliefs that “It’s irresponsible to have fun” or “In my religion, fun is a sin.” Or “I don’t know what it’s like to have fun” and even “I don’t have time to have fun!”, etc.

Do some active introspection to find your negative beliefs

Dig as deep as you possibly can to find your negative beliefs regarding being amusing and joyful.

What makes it hard for you to actually consider having fun, engaging with joy and becoming a fun person around women you like?

Once you recognize what’s stopping you from being and having fun – ask yourself “Is this something I really want to believe? Are these thoughts serving me well if I want to be a fun person?”

man sitting near water engaging in active retrospection trying to figure out how to become a fun person

When you ask yourself these and similar questions, you’ll eventually come to certain realizations.

For example, if you believe you have no time for merriment – then asking these questions might make you realize that having no time for fun is just an excuse. Because fun isn’t an occurrence – it’s a state of mind – a state of being. It’s who you get to be, whenever you please, by using your UNIQUE PERSONALITY. And time never becomes an issue because fun is something you bring into any experience whenever you want to.

Time is irrelevant for having fun. You can even choose to have it while you’re reading this text, right now!

What if you think you don’t know how to have fun and what it even feels like to be a merry person? That’s never an excuse as well! We were all children at one point – and children are really good at playing and having fun.

It’s our natural state of being – fun is ingrained in everyone’s personality and we all crave it.

You’ve simply disconnected yourself from it if you now believe you don’t know how to do it.

Life simply got in the way and chipped away at your joyful persona by putting so many responsibilities, chores, work and other bullshit on you, so you stopped having fun. That’s why you have to learn how to reconnect with it again and rediscover your funny side.

So, when you eventually start seeing yourself as a fun person due to the change in your self-image, you have to stop waiting for other people to bring the fun and start being amusing yourself. Especially when you’re around women. Then your life will change significantly for the better.

You can’t let other people be responsible for your joy. And when you start to become a cheerful man, you’ll attract more and more merrymaking into your life by default.

You’ll get more invites to hang out and to party. You’ll have more women who will want to date you. And you’ll have an easier time forming friendship and various intimate or professional relationships, and so much more. Plus, you’ll be able to have really good first dates where the girl thinks you’re her soulmate and wants to hook up with you.

So I strongly urge you to do this and really delve deep to find your negative beliefs about fun and then re-evaluate them.

3) Create specific mindsets about fun

Another important point when learning how to become a fun person and have fun with women is your mindset.

A mindset is a set of beliefs that shapes how you make sense of the world and yourself. And you can choose to change your dating mindsets at will, by the way.

You see, fun is a decision and a commitment that you choose to make. It’s a mindset that you apply to view the world through a different, more playful and joyful lens. The lens of self-amusement.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to have the mindset that it’s safe to have fun.

You see, a lot of people have established mental blocks that prevent them from having fun and being a fun person because they think it’s unsafe somehow. Maybe they’ve been ridiculed or beat up in school after trying to be funny, or maybe some other bullshit made them believe fun is unsafe.

What’s more, if you’re not really accustomed to having fun, your brain will often try to tell you that it’s dangerous.

Guys often believe they’ll be ridiculed, laughed at, pushed aside or even beat up if they let themselves loose and start having lots of fun. Especially introverts and those who didn’t have a good time in high-school. So they naturally create mental blocks that stop their fun persona from taking over and coming through. Because the brain always wants to protect itself from harm, since fun requires vulnerability and confidence.

Your brain wants to remain in the comfort zone because stepping outside of it is VERY SCARY.

Your brain is making you afraid of rejection, because you think other people might not like your idea of what’s amusing.

That’s exactly why certain mindsets are crucial to be able to have a great time without any mental baggage weighing you down.

Examples of mindsets to have fun with women

Here’s a great quote from a Norwegian singer and songwriter: “Fun is only possible if you have a mindset that allows it.” – Morten Harket

So, it’s crucial to develop SOMETHING LIKE the following mindset to have fun with women on dates: “I like to have fun and I’m here to have fun and enjoy my time with you. When I amuse myself, you’re welcome to join me.

Your mindset on fun doesn’t have to be exactly like mine. This is just a mindset I have when I go on a date with a girl I like that targets my specific thoughts and beliefs. You should pick one that’s more appropriate for you and then focus on it when you’re on your first date with a girl, to really internalize it over time.

One of my friends always has this mindset when he’s on a date with a girl: “Can I have fun with her? Let’s find out!”

For example, if you feel having fun isn’t safe – you need to create a mindset where amusement IS safe.

Something like “It’s always safe to have fun because people like having fun.”

Everyone must decide on their own mindsets to have about this. So they can then behave that way to eventually internalize it. Which will make being cheerful and having fun with women significantly easier later.

4) Figure out what’s exhilarating for you personally

The next step is to figure out what it is that you yourself find joyful and amusing.

You need to experiment with various things to find what makes you enjoy yourself, specifically.

For example, let’s say you’re someone who enjoys humor, like me. Do you know what type of humor you enjoy?

What TV shows, stand-up comedy, comedians, jokes do you enjoy watching or listening to?

Do you like wacky humor? Physical humor? Stupid, dumb, silly humor? Maybe edgy, awkward and deadpan comedy? What about dad jokes and bad puns?

What tickles your fancy and makes you giddy with joy?

closeup of man laughing because he's figured out what's joyful, amusing and exhilarating for him

Don’t judge yourself for the type of humor and fun you like to have! Anything goes and is good enough, as long as it makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt other people.

So experiment and figure out what you like and then do those things when you’re with women! Not to amuse them, but to amuse YOURSELF first and foremost. That’s what self-amusement is all about.

You can start by asking them various funny first date questions that provoke hilarious responses and are perfect for lots of opportunities to tease women, push/pulling, and creating attraction and even building sexual tension.

5) Reconnect with your inner child

You can learn how to become a fun person again by reconnecting with your inner child. And by that, I mean getting in touch with your goofy, immature, wacky and silly self you know you can be.

When you’re at a party or when you’re on a date with a girl you like, you can choose to put your sober and serious side on the shelf and take the wacky, silly, immature and goofy side out.

When you do this, there’s no limit to the silly and stupid antics you can get yourself into, which are very amusing!

This, of course, involves some vulnerability and non-judgment of yourself because when people become adults, they often feel shy, nervous or even ashamed of showing their immature, childish side. But your childish side is where most of your fun personality resides!

Your inner child is where your uninhibited and spontaneous self resides, since you were like that when you were very young. So when you want to bring out that gaiety, you need to be a little more wacky and reckless than you normally are in regular situations.

So how do you channel your inner child?

Well, that’s all about mindsets and attitudes. As well as getting yourself into a state where you’re feeling extremely playful, giddy, and excited.

To feel that excitement when you’re around women, you need to learn how to become present and in the moment. So you can focus on the girl or the people you’re with and become excited about all the possibilities of your interactions.

Also, don’t be afraid to screw up, make mistakes and even laugh at yourself! That’s also part of being a fun person and is even scientifically proven to make you appear more human and likable to other people. Which in social psychology is called the pratfall effect.

6) Stop being overly serious or too picky about what’s fun

Lastly, when you cultivate your fun persona, it’s important to stop being picky about what’s fun. As well as being overly serious and a buzzkill.

When you’re too serious, you can easily spoil the fun for everyone else, including yourself.

So let me tell you this once and for all: You’re not too mature to have fun and you’ll never be, because no one is.

You’re also not above everyone else who’s being silly and having fun, while you’re sitting there acting all cool, thinking people around you are annoying, loud, obnoxious, embarrassing, idiots, or any other similar things. That’s how buzzkills and party poopers think.

What’s more, you’re definitely not too cool for school because you might think you’re more interested in “deep, intellectual, highbrow or important” conversations while everyone else is talking about “meaningless bullshit” and “useless small talk.”

Most importantly, fun is NEVER beneath you. You’re never too mature to have fun.

Point is, if you have thoughts like the following, then you’re being too picky about what’s fun:

  • I would talk to that hotty but she doesn’t look interesting.
  • I’d talk to those girls but they don’t seem like fun.
  • I’d dance but the music sucks.
  • I would dance but I’m not in the mood.
  • I’m bored, there’s nothing to do here.
  • This place sucks, the people here are boring and uninteresting.
  • I’d talk to her but it’s too loud in here.
  • I’d talk to those women but they look very stuck up.
  • I would have a great time with my friends but they’re being annoying.
  • I would approach that lady but she’s surrounded by her friends who don’t look like they’re in high spirits.
  • And so on and so forth – the excuses of “why you can’t have fun” are as endless as your imagination.
man in white shirt singing in nightclub having a great time with girls who are enjoying his company

While you’re sitting there thinking of reasons why you can’t just go and have fun – the other “less fun” people are out there doing all of the above and so much more. While you’re waiting for someone to tell you it’s the right time to do these things – standing by for some ideal conditions where you can go and have fun wherever you are with the people that are there.

Becoming a merry person and then having fun is all about making the best of the situation you’re in. Because you can have it with literally anyone and everything around you. Since the feeling of joy is ALL IN YOUR HEAD – a state of mind that YOU bring to your interactions, and not someone else.

There’s no “best time” or “perfect conditions” or “the perfect moment” to have fun because every moment can be fun. As long as you focus on the positive and stop thinking about all the negative things that affect your mood and your state.

Remember, there’s no point in waiting for amusement to come to you when you’re the one who can bring it, whenever you choose to. So don’t sit back while everyone else is out there enjoying themselves and having fun with women and getting laid regularly.

Continue Learning How To Become A Fun Person Through Self-Amusement

Now that you know all the steps it takes to become a fun person so women enjoy spending time with you and your personality, it’s time to learn how to actually have fun with women!

The next article in the series, the Part 3 is all about specific techniques and strategies on how to have fun with women on your dates, and even in bars and nightclubs.

I’ll show you why teasing women is one of the best ways to have fun. And even reveal my “secret weapon,” my best and most favorite technique that guarantees I’ll always have a great time with women on dates and they’ll really love spending time with me. It’s called role-playing and is the pinnacle of self-amusement.

Series on how to seduce women using your personality

For your convenience, here are all the other parts of this series on how to have fun with women and seduce them using your personality:

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You’re here – Part 2: You’ve seen my step by step guide on becoming a merry person to be around. Which will help you in any social setting you’re in and is great for both seducing women and making new friends in general. As well as making you someone others want to hang out with in both personal and professional situations.

Part 3: This is where I show you great strategies and specific techniques on how to have fun with women, no matter where you are. Especially on dates, in bars, clubs, and basically anywhere else.

And Part 4: I explain why inner game is crucial for having a wonderful time with girls and show you how you can become an extrovert on command, even if you’re very introverted naturally as a person.

You owe it to yourself to read all the four parts. Because if you practice and internalize everything here, it will help you become incredibly successful with women and popular in any social or even professional setting.


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