How to Turn a Woman On…

And make her wet 😈

Let’s talk a little about sexual tension and how to turn a woman on by creating it and maintaining it. And then use it to your advantage to make the experience enjoyable and then sleep with her. Because knowing how to make a girl wet is important if you want to get laid consistently.

That said, I won’t go into exact techniques on how to create sexual tension because I already explain this in great depth in my system about how to get laid on the first date. As well as in my other articles specifically about sexual chemistry, which you’ll find links to below. Instead, I’ll show you what makes girls horny and how to sexually arouse a woman fast on your date.

Don’t worry, I’ll still give several examples of how sexual tension works. So you’ll know how to make a woman wet, enough for her to want to have sex with you the same day. I’ll also take time to answer the question of “What does it mean when a girl is wet?”

Also, read about what sexual tension is before you proceed, if you don’t already know.

Different Ways To Arouse A Woman

As always, I’ll get straight to the point:

Most women become aroused and wet by a combination of a few things — your words, her imagination, intimate touching, mood, eye contact, the tone of your voice, etc.

The big takeaway here is that it all starts IN HER MIND!

To figure out what works best for the one you’re seeing, you’ll first have to take notice of what she reacts very positively to. You’ll then have to use your imagination, along with a couple of tips which I’ll show you below. To make her wetter than she’s ever been before.

You see, when learning how to make a girl wet, you have to understand that all women are different individuals, but they still share lots of similarities.

Some women are more visual than others, others rely on their imagination, while others listen carefully to your words and HOW you say them. The vast majority, however, become very turned on when you touch them in a certain manner. This means TOUCH is an absolute must and the most important aspect.

So it’s all about finding out what makes specific girls horny.  

Many universal triggers increase arousal and hornyness. Such as certain words that arouse a woman. That’s why being aware of how your date responds to your advances and escalation is very important for your success. Because there’s just no one way that works 100 per cent of the time on all women.

Below, I’ll list some of the numerous female turn-ons, so you’ll see exactly what turns a woman on about a man and makes her want him sexually. Then it’s up to you to figure out which is applicable to the woman you’re seeing.

how to turn a woman on and make her wet

How to Make a Girl Wet.

Here’s how to make her wet

As you see above, there are many ways to arouse women. The most notable ones are to use your touch and physicality, words, facial expressions, the tone of your voice, and eye contact. And even your own thoughts and emotions.

The list of female turn-ons goes on and on. And believe me when I say that you’ll be surprised by just what makes some women horny and aroused.

Since every individual woman has her tastes, preferences, and, dare I say it, even kinks and fetishes, it can take a while to find out the specific things that make a girl wet before sex.

This is why the best advice if you want to make your partner wet, REALLY fast… Is to have an open and honest talk about your sexual fetishes.

Talking about all the things that turn you on sexually with your partner will take your sex life to the next level. Because you’ll each be able to do exactly what the other wants.

But this is mostly reserved for couples. If you’re just starting out dating or haven’t even slept together yet, talking about these things isn’t exactly very easy. Especially for people who don’t know how to make their conversations sexual without creeping women out.

But if you know how to build and maintain sexual tension on a date, there’s a way to lead the conversation to sexual topics. Although it’s not easy for beginners. And you should do it ONLY when you know she already likes you a LOT.

Otherwise, if you can’t talk about it and find out what makes your lover horny directly from the source, here are the main ways of turning women on and making them wet.

Here’s how to make a woman wet.

We’ll start with a more advanced way. But this is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a woman horny and aroused around you and make her wetter than a waterfall.

This way uses something called the Law of State Transference, which explains how emotions are contagious. How you feel affects everyone around you. It’s the natural ability to transfer a strong emotional state from one person to another.

To turn a woman on mentally, all you have to do is imagine her naked. Then imagine VIVIDLY all the many different sexual acts you’re going to do with her. And how you’re both enjoying it. While she’s right there in front of you!

This works perfectly when you’re on a date with a girl and you use it after you see that she’s attracted to you and likes you. When you’re both sitting right next to each other, you start to imagine her naked and think about all the things you’d like to do to her. Like how she’s going to suck your dick, how her ass is going to look from behind when you’re going to start pounding her, etc.

When you do that, you won’t be able to help yourself but feel aroused and horny yourself. And she’ll notice this in your mannerisms, facial expressions and the arousal you emanate!

At this point, it will create a lot of sexual tension and she’ll often feel flustered herself. Just don’t back down or apologize — because being unapologetic about your sexuality is one of the most attractive traits a man can possess!

And don’t make these thoughts explicit.

State Transference is a very real and incredibly powerful thing which helps you massively if you’re using it to your advantage around women.


However, when learning how to make a girl wet, you should understand that state transference also has a dark side.

If you feel too nervous, anxious and afraid, she’ll start feeling those things as well! That’s why being calm, relaxed and comfortable is incredibly important when you’re talking to women. Otherwise, they’ll label you as a Nervous Nelly or an anxious creep.

So, next time you’re alone with a woman and want to turn her on without any words or physical touch (although those will help you even more), all you have to do is imagine all the sexual things you’ll do to her, right when you’re talking to her.

You’ll start getting horny and aroused yourself, maybe your dick will even swell, and your subconscious communication, body language, eye contact, and other similar things will all change accordingly, and automatically. And your subconscious communication is like 90% of your success with all women.

She’ll notice you having that sly and knowing smile and a sexual twinkle in your eye and will start feeling aroused, wet, and horny herself. Even though she won’t know why! It’s one of the fastest ways of making a girl wet and horny around you.

She may even ask you “What are you thinking about?”, or a simple “What? What’s going on?” You can just answer with something vague yet alluring like “I’ll tell you later”, or “Oh, just thinking some stuff about you”, and chuckle to yourself. This will drive her even wilder, and she’ll get even wetter as these are some of the words that arouse a woman by teasing her.

Again, it’s the same thing that happens with other emotions you strongly feel. Like when you’re terrified of something and feel intense fear, most people around you will pick up on that and will also start feeling fearful as well.

This is because people are emotionally intuitive, which is an old survival mechanism. Even though that survival mechanism has nothing to do with what makes girls horny, you can still use it to your advantage.

When she perks up and becomes aroused herself, you can take that feeling wherever you want to. You can even physically pick her up and take her straight to bed if you’re at your place or hers.

Here’s how to make a girl wet…

With touch and through your physicality:

To turn a woman on or make a girl wet physically, using your touch, you eventually have to start intimately touching her. Most importantly, in ways and places that “just platonic friends” would never touch her. This is what separates someone from being an eventual lover to landing straight into the friend zone.

It means you have to progress your touch from simple hand-holding or holding your arm around her, to something more intimate. Like touching her thighs, putting your hand on her leg, around her waist, or neck area. Or anywhere else where a random person without any romantic connection would never touch her!

Physicality is one of the most important things when it comes to being successful with women in general. So knowing when and how to touch a girl to turn her on is a crucial thing to master. If you do it right, it’s one of the things that makes girls really horny very fast.

turning a woman on with touch

To put it simply; you escalate, escalate and escalate, until she’s comfortable with your touch, and it gets more sensual and intimate. You do this gradually, of course, so as to not freak her out or be too forward and brash if she doesn’t like you yet.

That’s because a lot of men make the following mistake: They refrain from touching their date the whole evening, and then suddenly become very physical at the end. The girl FREAKS OUT because it was all so sudden and thinks that you’re being creepy.

That’s because you didn’t touch her at all until then, and your sudden onset of physicality will be very out of character. Things won’t go well after that, usually. She might have been giving you signs that she likes you and wants you to make a move, but if you didn’t touch her at all during your date, your move will usually fail. That’s very counter-intuitive, I know — but it’s how it all works regarding what makes girls horny.

Which brings us to the most important step of turning a woman on with your physical touch: You have to first gauge how much she likes you, for it to succeed!

Know how much she likes you first.

This is important when you’re figuring out how to make a girl wet because if she doesn’t feel attracted to you yet or doesn’t even like you — no amount of touching will help you. And if you touch her intimately when she obviously isn’t attracted to you, she may even slap you, call you a perv, or feel threatened and then hate you for it.

So, how do you do gauge if she’s ready to be touched then? Easy, you simply put your arm around her in an offhanded manner, or touch her hair, or neck, or something similar, while talking to her. And then take notice of her reaction.

If she likes it, doesn’t move away, doesn’t say anything bad, or doesn’t do anything negative at all – it means she’s already comfortable with your touch. You can then start to gradually take it to a more intimate level.

However, if you put your arm around her, on her shoulder or even around her waist and she stops you, moves away, puts your hand off, says something negative or otherwise implies through her facial expressions and body language that she’s not comfortable with you and your touch yet. It means you still have a long way to go and she isn’t attracted to you yet.

It just means you have to work on building that attraction and should not proceed further or you’ll risk being labeled a creep.

In any case, touch is very important, and you must gradually build it up during your date and your interaction, in a natural way. So she becomes more and more comfortable with it and is used to it and your physicality.

When she’s very relaxed and comfortable with your touch and doesn’t move away from you — she’s ready to be touched in a more intimate manner. Because then she clearly already enjoys your physicality and sees that you’re a physical guy! (Which is something women love and one of the things that makes a bad boy so attractive)

How To Make Her Wet With Words That Arouse

I’m here to teach you how to make her wet. So what do you say to get her in bed with you?

Well, there are no magic words to make women instantly like you and want you sexually and to suddenly make them super aroused and horny around you. You’re not living in a fairy-tale or a sexual fantasy.

I know, this will shatter someone’s illusions, but I’m going to say it again and again. There is literally NOTHING you can say to a random woman, unless you’re a handsome movie star who she specifically wants to have sex with, for her to become so aroused, horny, and wet that she’ll want to jump on you, rip your clothes off, and have her way with you right then and there. Which means that whoever tells you they know magic words to seduce a woman instantly is lying to you.

But don’t despair because of this information. It just means you first have to spend some quality time with her for her to like you, and at least become somewhat attracted to you for any of this to work. And besides, even though there are no magic words to seduce women, there are indeed words that arouse a woman by piquing her curiosity for sex and for you as a lover.

So when you’ve already spent some time together and clearly like each other, you can turn a woman on with your words by eventually taking the whole conversation onto more sexual topics.

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Why talk about sexual topics with women?

You need to talk to women who like you about sexual topics. Because when you start talking to a woman about sex and sexuality in general, she won’t be able to help herself but to associate these thoughts with you. She’ll then start to wonder what it would be like to have sex with YOU! And that’s just the frame of mind you want to put her in when you’re learning how to make her wet.

And, when a woman starts to think about sex while she’s talking to you, provided she already likes you and is at least somewhat attracted to you, she’ll start thinking of the two of you in an intimate way.

If she likes what she’s imagining, this will turn her on and make her wet, and possibly very horny.

Arousal is a wonderful yet tricky thing, which is why it’s quite difficult to quickly learn what makes girls horny. But mostly, when two people who like each other start to think about and then talk about sex, they will more often than not end up sleeping together as well.

Plus, there are many innocent words that turn a woman on and arouse her sexuality during normal conversations. You can occasionally sprinkle them into your conversations to spike a woman’s emotions and even make them horny.

That’s why things like sexual innuendoes, double entendres, sentences which can seem innocent yet can easily be taken out of context, and other similar stuff work wonders when your goal is to turn a woman on, both consciously and subconsciously.

how to make a woman wet

Why you should be subtle with sexual talk and not explicit

Most women don’t want to be seen as sluts because slut-shaming is still a real and very fucked up thing. That’s why most women will respond much more positively to sexual remarks and your words when those words simply SUGGEST having sex while not really stating it explicitly.

That’s exactly why people shouldn’t be learning specific statements and what to say to get her in bed with you. And instead, learn how to be more subtle about it and IMPLY these things.

For example, rather than simply telling her something like “I want to rip off your clothes and fuck you right now!” (a statement of clear sexual intent which will sometimes work very well, depending on the circumstances and on how good you are), you saying something like “I wish we weren’t out in public . . . ,” her asking “why?” and you replying with “Oh, maybe you’ll find out later . . . if you’re nice enough . . . ” while smirking slyly will do a much better job of turning her on and making her very horny. Without having to learn specific lines and what to say to get her in bed.

This is an indirect way of saying that you want to bang her brains out, but it’s not crass, creepy, brash and is instead very alluring and mysterious. Because she can’t be sure about what you actually mean.

Of course, if you say something like this in the wrong tone of voice, body language, and facial expression, she may think that you’re a serial killer 😉 That’s definitely not how to make a girl wet because you don’t want them to misconstrue what you mean to say.

Even saying silly and ridiculous things work if they’re subtly sexual

Even saying ridiculous stuff like “Ever since she showed me what to do, I just loved tossing her salad!”, after you tell her a story about how some girl showed you how to prepare a delicious bowl of salad, will do a much better job at making her think about sex and you “tossing her salad” than something that explicitly states that you like eating women out.

I’m sure you can think of other silly euphemisms that you can use in a similar way. Like “having a hot beef injection” or “filling the cream doughnut” or something as ridiculous as “doing squat thrusts in the cucumber patch.”

The sillier the phrase is, the better. Because if you make her laugh at the same time, while also making her think sexual thoughts, it will be a powerful combination. As it’s all about making women feel various emotions when they’re around you.

So, when trying to turn a woman on with words, remember that it’s more about IMPLYING sex than flat out stating it.

Just make sure that you’re deep into your date and she already likes you a lot before you try to take your conversation onto sexual topics and start talking about stuff like that. Because if you start saying various sexual words that arouse a woman too soon, she’ll feel weird. Or think you have an ulterior motive.

Your tone of voice has a powerful effect on women

When learning how to make a woman wet, do not underestimate your tone of voice!

Slow down when you talk, so as not to seem nervous or in a rush.. Because if you talk very quickly, women will think that you’re trying to pull a fast one on them. Or that you’re extremely nervous and not used to what you’re doing.

Also, adjust your pitch to not sound squeaky because a squeaky voice is very unattractive. Women associate it with kids and teenagers.

Next, make sure to talk through your diaphragm so as not to sound nasally. To talk through your diaphragm, you must breathe deeply and fully. This will allow you to access your most powerful voice and will also calm you down at the same time.

A quick trick and tip to make sure you talk from your diaphragm is to first hum a bit internally, deeply, without opening your mouth. Like MMMMMMMMM, and then talk the same way you were humming. This will make your voice deep and smooth.

A masculine voice is a deep one, with lots of inflection, intonation, and enunciation. Women react very positively to it and become more attracted and then aroused by you.

When you talk to women about sex, they will shittest you

One very important thing to remember is when you start talking to women about sex, whether openly or in a more fun and discrete way, most will give you a shittest. To see whether you really are a guy who is open about his sexuality and has no problem talking to women about sex. Or if you simply do this to be “edgy” and to get her to want to sleep with you.

When you learn how to deal with eventual shit-tests, those women will like you even more and will find you substantially more attractive.

When learning how to turn a woman on and make her wet, you’ll run into a LOT of shit-tests. Because women will nearly always test a man’s character if they are physically attracted to him and want to sleep with him. To be sure they’re not making a mistake.

Passing shit tests is extremely important, especially with really beautiful women of high quality. 

Shit tests are simply a natural defense mechanism women have developed to filter out the weak-minded men. So make sure to read the above linked post in this section to find out how you can EASILY pass any and all of them with flying colors!

Here are some great questions to ask a girl or woman to turn her on

When you’re already talking about sex or sexual topics, these are the main words that arouse a woman’s sexual curiosity:

Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed?

What do you think you look sexiest in?

Have you ever made out with a guy just because you were horny at that time?

If there’s one place a guy should touch you to make you horny, where’s that?

Have you ever watched porn? What part do you enjoy?

Do you like rough sex or gentle?

What turns you on the most?

What is your hottest sexual memory?

Would you enjoy a threesome?

Have you ever tried to picture me naked?

Do you like your hair pulled?

Do you like biting?

What’s your favorite position?

Do you like scratching?

If we’re out shopping for clothes, would you sneak into a fitting room with me?

Have you ever done it in a public place?

This is what to say to get her in bed with you, or at least get her to start thinking about having sex in general.

Those are just a few examples; there are tons of other ones that increase sexual tension and are great for understanding how to make a girl wet. Just use your imagination and see what type of questions she responds to and you’ll go far.

You can ask her all these and similar questions in person to turn the conversation sexual. Or you can even use them as a base for learning how to turn a woman on through text as well. Because they’ll work just as good there if you already know that she likes you and is very attracted to you.

Here’s how to make her wet and turn girls on through eye-contact

Another very useful and effective way that makes most girls wet and aroused is deep and strong eye contact.

There are various studies which show that when you hold strong and powerful eye contact with women, it creates passion, attraction and strong feelings of closeness and intimacy.

In fact, mutual gazing into eyes is one of the best ways to really connect with a person. Because it shows true vulnerability and people feel more understood.

Have you ever heard the saying that eyes are the window to the soul? Well, that saying is there for a reason — it’s something that still holds up and will continue to be a powerful and necessary tool for socialization in the future.

How do you use it to build attraction and make women horny, arousing their desires?

You learn how to hold steady, relaxed and intimate eye contact.

Practice holding eye contact with women without looking away first. Because if your eyes meet with a woman’s eyes and you appear to look away in shame, or look down, that is a huge sign of submission. Which is never attractive, just so you know!

In fact, eye-contact is a powerful tool to find out who’s more dominant and who’s submissive. Because dominant people will not look down and will keep eye contact until the other person looks away.

However, when you’re already on a date, the point of eye-contact is not about using it to show dominance. Save powerful and dominant eye contact for GETTING dates and for just before taking the girl to bed.

But when you’re sitting there with the girl you like DURING the early stages of the date, eye contact is all about being suggestive, calm, relaxed, deep and intense, to connect with her better.

You’re not there to scare the girl or show your dominant presence just yet. You’re there to make her feel lost in your eyes and create feelings of intimacy and closeness.

So look longingly into her eyes and be in the present moment with her. She’ll appreciate it greatly.

What does it mean when a girl is wet and wants you?

The answer is pretty straightforward. When a girl is wet and aroused around you, she’s ready for sex and will usually want to go somewhere private with you.

Now it’s up to you to invite her in or see if you can entice her to invite you to her place. Then, when you’re at your place or hers, take the lead by taking her by the hand and leading her into the bedroom. Where you can have some fun under the sheets.

If you’re good enough at building sexual tension and making women horny on your dates. Then you can even get away with going to the venue’s bathroom for a fun quicky. But some girls will be vehemently against this kind of stuff. Although some women will really be into it. It all depends on how spontaneous and sexually adventurous they are. Or how well you can bring out their wild and sexual side 😉

In any event, these are just some of the main ways that explain how to turn a woman on and how to make her wet when she’s around you. There are, of course, many other ones because you should never forget that everyone has some specific likes and dislikes as well as fetishes.

So, when you’re learning how to make a woman wet, or how to turn her on with your words, touch, and your mind, you have to actually practice what I demonstrate above.

See which ways work best for you and which ones your date responds to the most. As with any skill, there’s no way to succeed other than taking positive action and learning by doing. Eventually, you’ll figure it out and become much better at turning women on, making girls really horny. And then sleeping with them.

This article is just a refresher on the several ways of how to sexually arouse a woman fast when you’re on a date with her. But by no means is it a complete and exhaustive explanation on the whole topic. For that, get my book.

Final thoughts and a warning!

Just remember one crucial thing though, If you escalate sexually – either physically or verbally – on a girl that’s not in the mood or isn’t already attracted to you, you will not go very far!

That’s why calibration and intuition are important. And you can only develop these through action and getting experience with women.

So, if you constantly feel that the girl you’re out on a date with is not very attracted to you and that it’s never a good time for you to take the conversation onto sexual topics, so she becomes aroused and horny quickly. Then you need to read how to create attraction through teasing and flirting which will teach you more about how to sexually arouse a woman fast.

For a full course on how to consistently get laid using these and similar concepts, click the image below and transform your dating life by getting lots of friends with benefits or even a serious relationship.

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And if you want updates when I post more content on dating and seduction. Then you should follow me on Facebook here.

Good luck!




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