How to pass any and all shit tests that women throw at you

We’ve all heard about shit tests and their importance in dating and seduction.

It’s something women do to test how sure you are of yourself.

They are neither good nor bad — they are simply there to test your resolve and see if you crack under the pressure. But it’s really important to know how to pass such shit tests.

Basically, women sometimes try to poke holes in your demeanor to test and see if you’re as strong as you are portraying to be. To see if you are congruent with your actions and words.

For example, you approach a hot girl in a club, and she promptly replies with “I only talk to hot guys!”, or “I don’t talk to short guys”, sometimes even if you’re taller than her.

What would most men do in this instance? They’d get discouraged and go back to where they came from, feeling rejected and frustrated.

But the girl didn’t really even mean what she said. What she really meant was “I only talk to guys who don’t get easily discouraged and run away at the first sign of any resistance”

So, if you went away with your tail between your legs – you just failed that little shittest and then crashed, and burned. Maybe you didn’t even know there was any sort of testing involved.

how to pass shit tests from women and girls

Shit tests are there to test your congruence!

I noticed that the more directly I approached women, the more shit tests I was getting!

This was particularly true when the girl was already interested in me, and I was interested in her, and all I had to do was say something like “Let’s get out of here”. In that case, I would nearly ALWAYS get some form of shit test. The girl doesn’t want to commit her whole evening to a pussy – she already has one, and wants to know that you’re a masculine guy who means what he says and does what he means.

Women value their time, just like you do – so they want to know if they’re not going to waste their time on you! They want to know that you’re capable of giving them the evening that they desire!

Also, imagine it from the hot girls perspective: If she’s in a club, she gets approached by like a hundred guys per night. She has no time, nor will, nor the energy to be able to deal with ALL of them – so she needs a quick and easy way to vet out the pussies.

And how can they find that out, whether you’re a pussy? Well, there are a lot of ways – but one of them is by shit testing.

And it’s not like women do this consciously. It’s not like they sit and plot and rub their hands together going “Muehuehue, time to test that fucker!”

Shit-testing behavior is so deeply ingrained that it’s simply a natural thing that many women do – to weed out the pussies, and end up with great men who are secure in themselves.

If you don’t know how to deal with shit tests from women, you’ll often be emotionally affected by them, and they may even bring out various psychological problems and insecurities in you. And man, if they bring out shame, fear, doubt, anxiety, and other similar bullshit in you – the rest of your interaction with the girl is going to be pretty shitty. For the both of you.

So, with that said, shit tests can be about anything!

Most often, they’re about your looks. It’s simply the easiest target because it’s easy to make fun of anyone’s looks – as it’s one of the biggest and one of the most frequent of insecurities that people tend to have.

If a girl says to you “You’re too short!”, “You’re too bald!”, “You’re ugly!”, “You look like a bum”, “You have moobs!”, “You’re so fat”, and so on and so forth – and you get defensive about it, or discouraged by it, or in any way negatively emotionally affected by any of it – you’re done, son! Seriously, you’ll get no respect – and respect is important.

Shit tests can also be about random stuff just to see how you’ll react. For example, when girls ask stuff like “What kind of car do you drive?”, they want to see if you’re going to brag if you have a good one, or if you’re going to be frustrated and sad if you have a crappy one, and start being defensive or depressed about that.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive – they just want to see if you’ve got your shit together and understand this fact! (Now, don’t get me wrong, there are women who absolutely 100% care about what car you drive, but that’s incredibly and ridiculously shallow – so you should be glad you got to find that out early and dodged a bullet there)

Women will shit test you because they want to make sure you’re the real deal, and not some poser.

That’s why it’s important to know how to pass any and all shit tests from women and deal with them once and for all.

Shit tests can be about ANYTHING

Seriously, I do mean about anything!

Here are some at the top of my head: “Oh, you must have a small dick”, “Oh, are you upset?”, “You’re a pussy”, “You must be a momma’s boy!”, “I bet you say that to all the girls”, “You must be desperate!”, “Want to get married?”, “Do you like me?” “Get lost, you’re too fat to talk to me!”, “I have a boyfriend!”, “Buy me a drink!”, “Why are you even talking to me?”, “You’re creepy and weird!” and so on and so forth. Literally thousands upon thousands of things, all depending on your situation.

So what do you do about them? How do you prepare for this and come out on top?

Well, for starters – don’t try to learn how to answer some specific shit test.

Since the possibilities for shit tests are endless, you’ll never learn how to deal with every specific one.

Instead, I’m going to tell you THREE very effective ways that you can use to deal with ANY shit test that comes your way.

They work because they rely on the fact that shit test don’t mean anything and are only there to see whether you’re a masculine man who has his shit together, or a feminine pussy who gets emotionally affected by random stuff.

Here’s how to deal with shit tests from women:

Now, I’m not gonna lie – we all know that there are tons of ways how women test men, so there are a LOT of different ways to deal with their various shit-tests. Some ways are more effective than others, and I’m not even sure I know them all.

The following three ways are MY favorite. I use them pretty much all the time, to great effect, and they have never failed me pass any and all shit tests from women, when used correctly.

They work great for me, and for hundreds of guys who’ve already tried them and used them properly. During the last decade I’ve approached thousands of women and went on literally several thousand dates. After a while of that, you pretty much understand what works and what doesn’t.

1) Blow the shit test out of proportion!

Simply exaggerate the shit test in a funny or witty way and make it absurd.

You can make your reply short and sweet as you want, as long as it does the job of exaggerating what she said. Personally, however, I like to take it to the next level and really pile on the exaggeration, just for shits and giggles. It’s not necessarily better, but it’s funnier for me – and that’s the whole secret. Make yours genuinely funny for YOU.

When some girl tells me “You look like a total nerd”, I say, in a very playful, obviously exaggerated, and the silliest possible way, using my nerdiest voice, something like “Ohh yeah! I’m the king of nerds, baby! All I do is sit in my mom’s basement all day and night, playing komputor games, collecting my pokeemons and transformers, and only going outside once a month to stalk girls like you! Ooohhhh, I haven’t touched a girl in decades! Do you mind?!”

The stupider and the sillier the story – the more the girl will realize that you simply don’t give a fuck and are just having fun ripping apart what she said. And that’s always massively attractive, on so many levels. The words don’t really matter – say whatever you want, as long as you blow everything out of proportion and understand why I do it my way and why it works.

Also, long-winded, almost story-like exaggerations are great for when you’re sitting down on a DATE. In clubs, bars, and other high-energy venues – make it short and sweet because people don’t have the attention span when they’re too energized, and you won’t be able to properly articulate and play out the whole thing.

Her: “You’re too fat and ugly!” – You: “Yeah, when I go around town, the pavement starts to crack from my gynormous fat buttocks, and every girl in a 2 mile radius screams and runs away in terror at the sight of my ugly mug! Holy shit, why aren’t you running away yet? You must be immune to all the fat ugly guys!! That’s hot!”

I’m typing this at the top of my head – so I even added a random tease at the end, which will make this ridiculous reply even more effective.

Anyway, saying stuff like this may seem too cringy, or ridiculous to some, but that’s because you can’t really show your tone of voice and playful vibe in text. What matters is that it works great, and I can attest to it from both my experience, and the experience of hundreds upon hundreds of my students who field-tested everything to perfection.

In essence, you take the girl’s criticism and over-exaggeratedly or nonchalantly imply that it’s completely absurd by exacerbating what she said.

So you can either agree or disagree with the criticism, but then you amplify it to complete absurdity.

You can make it an obvious funny exaggeration, or say it completely deadpan and nonchalant. Both very effective ways to point out the absurdity.

Her: “You must say this to every girl you meet!” – You: “Nope, you’re the first girl I talked to in years, I used to be a mute. And after that, a mime for a decade.”

2) Ignore it, wave it off, and change the subject!

Here’s another great way how to pass shit tests. And this one’s even easier than the first one.

That said, due to my retarded sense of humor, I still prefer the first option since I can throw in a ton of teases by amplifying any and all shit tests into ridiculous absurdity.

But I also occasionally use this one, when I simply want to get it over with fast.

For example, let’s take a random shit test: “I have a boyfriend!”.

There are many ways you can ignore it and wave it off.

My favorite one is to ACTUALLY wave it off. Like literally give a dejected wave gesture with your hand, say something like “Ehh!”, or “Meh!”, and just continue talking to her as normal.

Seriously – it’s that easy!

how women test men

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how women test men because this is the easiest way to deal with them. There was a time when all I did was say “Eh!” and wave my hand, to any and all shit tests. And guess what? After women saw that I simply ignored and didn’t give a shit about their random shit tests, they stopped giving them since they knew my answer is always gonna be a random wave of the hand and a “Mueh!”.

However, you REALLY have to be congruent with it. You really have to not give a single shit, or it will not work and they’ll see that you don’t actually mean it and are using it as some sort of “technique”.

A couple of times I got asked: “Why are you always dismissing everything I ask!?”

I just say “Sometimes you ask silly shit”. That’s it.

Another good way to ignore the shit-test is to say something like “That’s cute… … Anyway, blah blah blah” and continue talking about what you were going to talk about.

You acknowledge her shit test, then promptly ignore it and change the subject. It pretty much implies that her silly shit test isn’t even worth addressing.

However, there’s one little caveat with outright ignoring shit tests. While it works wonders with people who you’ve already talked to and established a conversation with – it can sometimes fail miserably when used with a completely unknown person right at the start. It really depends on the person you ignore – and how stubborn they are. Some just can’t let things go and will continue to press you with the shit test until you actually address it, or they’ll even just walk away.

So use this one with caution.

3) Just laugh!

Seriously, it’s as simple as that. It’s also the easiest way to deal with shit tests. You can eventually get to a point where whenever you hear a shit test – you instantly recognize it for what it is, and know that it’s something irrelevant and ridiculous – and you genuinely laugh, ignore it, and just continue with things as normal.

That’s it. That’s what people who have their shit together do. They don’t get hung-up on random comments from random women, they realize that there’s a certain “seduction dance” to be played and that shit tests are inevitable, but ridiculous at their core – and don’t get emotionally or psychologically affected.

Some Final Thoughts

When starting out, I used to do other stuff to deal with shit tests, like re-frames, misdirection, “pressure flips”, and other similar bullshit. But it simply got too tedious in the end, and wasn’t as fun. I wanted to know how to pass all shit tests, and I found that stuff very effective. But the more I used it, the more I naturally settled on something less gimmicky.

Once you get to a certain point, you simply start to not give a fuck – and it shows. Seduction takes less and less effort, until it becomes effortless, low-energy, but super effective. You get much more by doing much less.

But that’s another topic for another time.

Until you get to that point, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with certain fundamental problems – If you truly want to be successful with women, it all starts with dealing with various insecurities and self-esteem issues.

Every little thing you learn gets you closer to success and gradually and naturally helps you become a more masculine person.

In any case, shit tests are an inevitable part of dating, and if you’re not getting them – you’re either not talking to enough girls or are Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, or some other super-famous dude that all girls will bang without them having to put in any effort.

But for us other mortal men, especially those who didn’t have a chance to get their shit together and develop great social skills while growing up – we have to work on it 🙂

Oh, and here’s the real kicker – even guys have shit tests. I have a couple of gay friends who frequently encounter them.

Basically, it goes something like this: Whenever there’s an interaction between a masculine and a feminine person – and the masculine person’s interested in fucking the feminine one – there are going to be shit tests involved 🙂 The feminine person wants to see if you’re truly masculine before they give themselves over to you, so to speak. That’s why it’s also important to learn how women test men so that you can better prepare yourself for these inevitable moments.

And incidentally, if you’re not getting any shittests because you can’t get enough dates – read How to Ask a Girl Out and Get a Big Fat Yes!

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Good luck, Stay tuned for more, and comment your thoughts down below!

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  1. rose
    November 14, 2019

    if i told a guy i had a boyfriend to try and get him to back off, and he kept aggressively pursuing me, i would absolutely mace him

    • saulisdating
      November 14, 2019

      Yes, you’re completely right to do that to overbearing and aggressive guys who can’t take a hint.
      However, this article is totally not about that so you’re arguing an unrelated point.

      • Wan
        March 30, 2023


        It is strange that no women admits to using this sentence as a shit test. But I have had this shit test “I have a boyfriend ” from atleast one girl, only to later find out that she was into me.

    • saulisdating
      November 14, 2019

      Yes, you’re completely right to do that to overbearing and aggressive guys who can’t take a hint.
      However, this article is totally not about that so you’re arguing an unrelated point.

  2. Erika Gloss
    May 5, 2020

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts

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    Really sexually-socially-emotionally educational, your awesome man✅💯🤝.

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