Do Girls Like Being Called Cute? Get The Answer!

A lot of men are wondering, do girls like being called cute when you hit on them?

The answer, as you probably suspect, is “It depends on many things!”

Some girls will like being called cute and others won’t. And that will depend on many different things. Such as your approach, attitude, how you carry yourself. As well as on how much they like you already.

You see, if the girl doesn’t like you, she won’t like being called cute by you. As women don’t like to be hit on by guys they don’t find attractive.

However, if the girl is showing you signs of interest and if she likes you at least somewhat, then she’ll enjoy it when you call her cute.

Furthermore, some women will really hate it when you call them things like adorable, cute, sweet and so on. Because they consider themselves to be beautiful, gorgeous, hot. And will think that being called cutesy by a guy is beneath them. Since they take themselves and their looks too seriously.

That’s why this subject is such a minefield. So let me help you navigate it, so you know when it’s appropriate to call women cute. And when it’s definitely not good to do that.

Most Girls Like Being Called Cute When They Already Like You

Like I said before, the biggest sign if a girl will like it when you call her cute is how much SHE likes you.

Most people know that hot guys can get away with saying almost anything to a girl. And when a guy who isn’t handsome says that same thing, the woman will often not like it.

Although that’s not really true. Because both a handsome guy and a not-so-handsome guy can say the same thing and have it work really well. It’s just that most guys who aren’t good-looking don’t really trust themselves much, so they give off the wrong vibe.

Here’s a great meme to demonstrate if girls like being called cute 😉

meme about hot guy saying "you're cute" to a girl and getting a good response and a nerdy guy saying the same thing and getting a bad response

Although this meme is pretty funny, it’s not really truthful.

What it fails to mention is that the guy above is not just handsome. But that his body language, attitude, mindsets, eye contact, confidence levels and the way he talks are ALL ON POINT. He probably embodies many attractive traits men have.

And the guy below most likely has lousy body language, bad eye contact, doubt in his voice, not much confidence, and the attitude of a loser. Which is exactly why the girl he calls cute doesn’t like it and reacts in a negative way.

Remember, looks aren’t that relevant in pickup, dating and seduction. They’re only great for first impressions. And too many guys think they’re ugly and believe that’s why they aren’t successful with women. But their success nearly always doesn’t have anything to do with how they look. They simply lack social skills and seduction ability.

Now you know the main reasons why some women like it when you call them cute and others don’t.

Here’s what to do so hot girls like it when you call them cute

Now I’ll tell you how you can get better results with women who are gorgeous. So they won’t take it the wrong way when you call them adorable.

You see, the word “cute” is really vague and broad. Some people mean to say that the girl is sexually attractive and good-looking when they call her cute. While others mean she’s appealing in a pretty or endearing way.

So which is it, exactly? Because some women will really appreciate it when you call them sexy and attractive and hate it when you call them pretty and endearing. While other women will do the complete opposite and prefer the latter to the former.

Well, this all depends on how highly the girl thinks of herself. As well as on things like her status in society, fame, social circle, and similar things.

You see, it all has to do with a person’s ego. And some women really hate it and take a huge hit to their ego when you call them cute. If they consider themselves to be “elite” and “high class” and “out of your league.”

a gorgeous high-class woman holding a drink, looking at the camera

So, if you see a woman like that, you can get away with calling her cute if you do it in a way that teases her playfully. Because then it will work like a “neg” on her. Which will raise her attraction levels towards you if you do it right.

Personally, I’m not much into “negs” because they’re manipulative and often mean-spirited. But they do work on certain women really well, especially “princesses” and spoiled hotties who think too highly of themselves. Since a neg is an insult to undermine someone in an attempt to diminish their self-confidence, to make them more receptive to sexual advances.

It’s a pretty advanced tactic, so use with caution.

Final thoughts

I don’t really call women cute very often simply because it’s too vague. And right now, calling them this work is overused and they hear it way too frequently from hundreds of guys.

Instead, I like to compliment women on their looks and tell them they’re beautiful in a way that isn’t creepy. By being more specific about what I like about them and what makes them stand out.

You should really learn to do the same, because it gets much better results than a generic “cutie pie” compliment. Which will often make women show signs of disinterest if you deliver it like most guys do.

So remember, if you meet a high-value woman, it’s better to be more specific and genuine with your compliments. Because they’re heard it all a million times and you want to stand out. So they often won’t like being called cute by a man.

However, girls who are shy and don’t have much experience with men will really enjoy it when you call them cute. Especially if hot guys tend to ignore them and they don’t get compliments very often. So if you run into a shy girl and call her pretty and endearing, she’ll like it and starts showing you signs that she’s into you. So take notice, since it’s usually a bit difficult to notice signs that a shy girl likes you.

Now you know the answer. Good luck on your seduction journey!


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