How Do You Flirt With Indian Girls? Dating Women In India Explained

So how do you flirt with Indian girls the right way? Today I’m going to explain how flirting works with Hindu women. As well as tell you how to date women in India in general.

I’m also going to talk about where all the biggest problems come from regarding dating come in Bharat. (The country’s original Sanskrit name is Bharata)

I was inspired to write this while browsing rEDDIt. You see, about 9% of my entire website’s traffic is from India. And about 5% of my private coaching clients are guys who are in India right now. Or who live somewhere else but are of Indian descent.

Dating in India is culturally very different than in the western world, for which most of dating and seduction advice is geared towards.

However, I’m going to tell you once and for all, just as I tell each and every single one of my private coaching clients who are from India:

SEDUCTION IS ALL ABOUT EMOTIONS. And people everywhere, no matter if they’re from India or not, are susceptible to emotions. EMOTIONS AFFECT ALL PEOPLE IN SIMILAR WAYS.

So if you want to learn how to seduce women, learn about how to move them emoti0nally.

That’s why most of the same stuff that works on women in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asian countries or even Australia will work on Hindu women as well.

When I was studying in Sweden, I dated a couple of Indian exchange students. And it was no different than dating other girls from other countries. Everything that worked on every other girls worked on the girls from India.

So that’s the good news for all you guys who are Hindustani or live abroad now.

But now let’s get into the BAD news:

The Biggest Problems With Dating In India

When I see guys from India write about dating there, they usually make it out to be terrible and almost impossible.

In India, there’s lots of gender segregation. In many instances, boys aren’t allowed to talk to girls since childhood. There are also separate schools or separate sections in the same school for boys and girls. And in very strict schools, some guys are even suspended if they’re caught talking to the opposite sex.

Furthermore, in some rural parts of India, women don’t even have any rights at all! They’re treated like property, almost like slaves. So people grow up among extreme gender inequality and start believing it’s normal.

This is a terrible way to bring up children. Because when boys get isolated from girls from a young age, the concept of women becomes very alien to them later in life.

When these boys grow up, they have zero clue about who women actually are. They become like some creature from another planet who’s mysterious, difficult to understand, and hard to talk to.

What’s worse, apart from big metropolitan areas and biggest cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and similar ones, there are very few spots where both genders can hang out and socialize freely, without being judged.

Being isolated from each other from childhood is EXTREMELY HARMFUL for both genders. Because this makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to connect with one another on a deep, personal, emotional, and eventually sexual level.

sad, bearded Indian man thinking about all the problems with seduction and dating in India with Hindu women and girls

What do you think happens when a boy doesn’t interact with women until he’s well into puberty?

He gets EXTREMELY HORNY at the slightest sight of them because of his natural and normal urges. But then gets super anxious, afraid, insecure, and doesn’t know what to do about it. Because no one’s taught him how to handle these things.

When you don’t understand the opposite sex, seduction becomes extraordinarily difficult

I talk a lot about this in my article on why you should always try to connect with people emotionally, regardless of sexual attraction.

In that article, I mention that men who grow up with sisters usually have much better outcomes with women later in life than those who grow up without female siblings.

We can use the same logic here – if a huge part of boys in India grow up segregated from women – they will have MASSIVE problems with women down the line.

And who’s to blame for all this? Mostly, the outdated cultural traditions that are forced upon the population by old generation of people in power who failed to change and adapt with the times – so are still stuck in their old, irrelevant, ignorant, and barbaric ways.

That said, I’m not trying to badmouth India here and I don’t want to single it out. Because this problem happens in many other countries. Particularly in Muslim countries where Islam is taken to the extreme.

Boys and girls are getting separated and segregated and grow up without naturally getting to know the other gender. Boys only know what their elders/parents/caretakers/schools teach them. And girls only know what their elders and caretakers and parents and schools teach them. And what they teach is not how the natural world really works.

They’re taught that sex, sexuality, natural urges, and similar things are WRONG. So they grow up with a ton of problems.

When boys grow up around girls, dating becomes much easier

When you as a boy grow up around girls, you learn to understand that they’re exactly the same as you are, just with different body parts.

You get to see all the problems girls face growing up. You get to see all their issues with school, chores, work, money and survival – the same issues boys have.

But you also get to see their issues with periods, sanitation, infections, puberty, hormones, emotions, and so on and so forth. And you realize that it’s even MORE difficult for them than for boys.

When you see this, you realize that girls have the same desire to be respected by everyone around them.

Indian girls have the same wants, needs, desires, hopes, dreams, emotions, and ambitions to learn and grow, and live life. But most Indian guys, especially those who don’t grow up around girls, don’t see this at all!

Because of how they’ve been brought up, all these guys see is physical beauty.

They don’t see the angry, unhappy, depressed, sad, anxious, terrified, as well has happy, elated, joyous, funny, smart and sexy human being behind the skin.

As a result, they lack empathy for the opposite sex. Which makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to have a good dating life. As well as get into a happy, healthy and prosperous win-win relationship.

So it’s no wonder why I get tons of questions like “How do you flirt with Indian girls the right way because it seems impossible!?”

When men see women only for their beauty, they start objectifying them

When all you see and notice about a girl is her appearance and beauty and disregard everything else about her like her personality, you end up objectifying women. Which gradually turns into misogyny – a dislike, distrust, contempt for and inherent prejudice against women.

I talk a lot about this in my article about men who think beautiful women are out of their league and I urge you to read it.

gorgeous Indian bride in traditional dress remembering about dating, seduction and flirting with men in India
Gorgeous Indian bride in traditional dress

When you don’t grow up around girls, you end up putting beautiful women on pedestals. Because you only see their beauty and not who they are as a person. You end up dehumanizing them, which really screws up with your chances of dating and seducing them.


In fact, it’s the exact same problem I run into with some of my clients from the USA who come from an extremely religious and conservative backgrounds. Where they get to hear that natural sexual urges are a SIN. And where they’re guarded from girls because of fear of sinning, and so on.

They grow up repressed, afraid, timid and ignorant. As a result, they have no confidence, charm or charisma around women at all. And that’s pretty fucked up.

And I’m not even going to touch the subject of arranged Hindu marriage at all, which is another huge topic that’s a source of a ton of problems with dating in India.

So how do you fix this problem?

How do you start flirting with girls in India successfully? And how do you date in India at all for that matter?

Once again, all of the same core principals of seduction work on Hindustani women.

Flirting With Girls In India Is Very Similar To Everywhere Else

So back to the main point – how do you flirt with Indian girls the right way?

The good news is that sexually repressed people want sex all the more because of the repression.

People who are repressed want to experience those repressed feelings much more strongly than people who are free to do what they want.

When your parents keep you locked up in moralistic jails, your inner desire to break free will become stronger. This actually helps you as a seducer because even a small intimate interaction will make the girl want to experience the fun and the butterflies in her stomach even more!

Strict parents make for horny and rebellious children. In all races, religions and civilizations.

So Indian women LOVE and WANT sex as much as Indian men do. And I’d say they LOVE and WANT sex even more strongly than Indian men do. But they just don’t show it and always hide this fact for fear of being judged, expelled, shunned, and in extreme cases, even killed for their natural urges. Which is sad and disgusting.

But there’s also a bright side to seduction in Indian cultures.

And here’s the main thing you have to do for massive success with women in India:

You have to show you’re non-judgemental when it comes to sex and sexuality

The following important fact remains true as always:

To flirt with women in India successfully and to date and seduce a beautiful girlfriend requires one important thing: YOU MUST SHOW YOU ARE NOT JUDGEMENTAL ABOUT WOMEN’S SEXUALITY AND NATURAL SEXUAL URGES.

This will open a TON of opportunities with women for you. But you have to use common sense, of course, and be a bit subtle about it, without being sleazy or thirsty.

Hindu man and woman on a date, talking about dating and seduction in India and Hindustan in general

You can’t just go up to women and declare stuff like “Hey I won’t judge you for your sexual urges and you’re safe with me!” Who the hell is gonna believe that?

Women will just think you’re crazy, weird, sleazy and have an agenda. No one’s going to believe these statements at face value!

No, to convey this properly, you have to SUBTLY imply, show through storytelling, through your actions, words, behavior and dialog that you’re a non-judgemental guy when it comes to sex and people’s sexuality.

I talk a LOT about how to do this in my Inner Game course as well as my book on How To Get Laid On The First Date. As well as in my article about what turns a woman on sexually.

When you can convey to women that you won’t judge them for who they are, they will open up to you. They become very easy to talk to, flirt with, have fun with and later seduce. They will WANT to become your girlfriends, lovers, friends with benefits or even wives. Because it’s rare to meet a man like that.

This is how you, as a mature Indian man, will set yourself apart from every other immature boy in India.

Everything else comes down to learning how to be charming, charismatic, witty and seductive. Which are social skills ANYONE can learn.

The practical aspects of flirting with Hindu women

You can legit flirt with random women in big metropolitan areas. And when you have a girlfriend, you can kiss her in public without issues.

Like I said, most Indian women secretly want to find someone for a fulfilling sexual and loving relationship. So you need to stop making excuses and start approaching.

But don’t do it in a direct, needy and desperate way, randomly hitting on some girl and making her uncomfortable, saying stuff like “You’re sooo BEUUUUTIFOOOL!”

That type of approach is definitely too much and you should instead rely on more subtle hints, eye contact, body language, playful flirting and teasing.

Unfortunately, there are many places in India, especially rural ones, where the crowd starts beating a guy when he hits on a girl. That’s why in those places you need to be indirect with flirting and more covert about it.

But no one will attack you for coming up to the girl and trying to connect with her on an emotional level first, as normal people do. Without commenting on her beauty and similar things.

Then, once you talk normally and spend some time together, she’ll see that you’re a good guy. And you’ll be able to arrange a meeting somewhere more private, away from prying eyes. Where you’ll be able to have a great interaction without any fear of judgment from others.

But out in metropolitan cities, things are very different.

People won’t beat you up for cold approaching women on the street, in shopping malls, at parties, clubs, bars, coffee shops, and similar places. That’s where all the same seduction and game skills from the western world will come in handy.

What should Hindustani men do when they feel invisible around women?

Since a lot of Hindu guys feel like they’ll get arrested or attacked if they randomly cold approach a woman – because of how they grew up – they feel lost. They feel like dating is hopeless because women treat them like they’re literally invisible and are cold to them.

Oh, and don’t forget this fact as well: Just because a girl is being nice to you, doesn’t mean she likes you. So you need to read up on the signals of attraction from women.

Sure, a warm approach through your social circles still works. But that can take months upon months to achieve.

So how do you seduce women the right way in India? And how do you flirt with Indian girls who are not a part of your social circle?

The answer lies in approaching them without having an ulterior motive in mind. And without seeming very thirsty, needy or desperate.

Here’s where true flirting comes in.

How To Flirt With Indian Girls In A Respectful Way

True flirting is the same with any person in any country, as I’ve been saying all along.

You have to be fun and respectful in a playful and non-creepy way.

When you can hang out with women without an ulterior motive and have fun doing it, they will like you. Sexual tension will come AUTOMATICALLY during your interactions if you’re both heterosexual people. And when you feel it coming on, you can then use certain techniques that raise sexual tension to make it even stronger.

Flirting is nothing more than bantering respectfully, having fun, teasing each other, ruffling her feathers in a non-mean way, being comfortable around the other person while staying within certain boundaries at first. But constantly prodding those boundaries playfully and with ambiguous sexual undertones.

Start out with completely non-sexual topics when you’re talking to girls in India. Talk about life, about various funny, interesting, exciting, silly, weird, ridiculous and entertaining situations.

Just show her you’re FUN TO HANG OUT WITH. Vibe with her like you do with your friends to build comfort and rapport.

Once there’s enough comfort between the two of you, getting a little sexual and more flirty won’t look creepy or sleazy. And it will come naturally and automatically, once you get enough experience doing so with multiple girls, as long as you don’t force it and aren’t a try-hard.

So your goal is to just talk to the girl to HAVE FUN and be respectful while doing so. Everything else will fall into place naturally if you both start to like each other after you spend some time together.

It’s nothing more complicated than that when you’re starting out.

Of course, the more you do this the better you get. And once you’re comfortable with flirting, you’ll be able to use some very advanced techniques to build attraction much faster and easier.

How do you flirt with Indian girls? Practice bantering respectfully with your buddies first

If you have friends who you can practice banter with, that’s great. If you don’t, or if your friends are misogynistic, sexist and see women as objects, then find new and better friends.

When you have fun with your buddies, engage in banter with them, joke around, shoot the shit and enjoy each other’s company. It’s the exact thing you should be doing with women. Except there should be a slight flirty and sexual undertone.

I always say that one of the best ways to behave around really beautiful women is how you’d behave with your really good and mature buddies.

Or, imagine that you’ve ALREADY SLEPT WITH THE GIRL. How would you behave then?

All the pressure would be gone. You’d stop trying to impress her, you’d stop being needy and desperate to please her. You’d stop behaving like a weird, creepy and sleazy immature boy. And the girl would have SIGNIFICANTLY more fun with you.

That’s how you flirt with women in India.

When you practice this and eventually become charming, charismatic and witty around women, they will love being in your company. They’ll want to hang out with you and be your girlfriend or lover and sometimes more.

When you can be respectful about girls when you’re hanging out with your guy friends and when you’re able to share good rapport. You’ll naturally tend to respect girls when you’re with them as well. That’s the key takeaway here.

All you need to do then is focus on having fun and getting along with the girl. And that depends entirely on you and your personality. Because faking your personality to get someone never works out in the end. Since they’ll eventually see the real you.

So you need to be yourself – be your genuine and authentic, true, self.

Final thoughts about flirting and dating women in India

Now you know how to flirt with women in India.

Remember, be more empathetic and try to see past the skin as much as possible.

Girls are usually more terrified of living and dating in India because THEY KNOW they don’t have the physical power nor advantage over guys. So if you truly want to be a better man, then instead of being misogynistic and someone without empathy or understanding of women, be a man around who girls will feel comfortable and safe with.

Stop with various rape jokes about women, stop with treating them as objects, and start treating them as real human beings. Who have just as much value as any man does. And your life will change significantly for the better.

And women will LOVE you for it.

Even if you encounter toxic women in your life. And believe me, there are a ton of TOXIC and tyrannical women in India, just as there are anywhere else in the world. Women who humiliate men and act in malicious ways.

Even if you encounter such horrible women, be respectful and empathetic. Kindness is a great solution to their crazy ways and makes them question themselves.

There are tons of malicious, abusive and toxic people of both genders on the planet. Don’t add to that. The best revenge is to show how empathetic of a man you turned out to be, regardless of their behavior towards you.

You can become a better man and find a great and loving girlfriend for yourself. If you take the time and effort it requires to better yourself as a person. And then learn through practice and theory all you can about social skills. Although practice is 10x more important than theory. So you have to approach and talk to women in India and everywhere else in the world, any chance you get.

TALK TO PEOPLE AND MAKE FRIENDS. And some of them will be female. And some of them will find you attractive. Then some of them will want to have sex with you and get into a relationship with you.

And if you want professional help, hire me as a personal coach and I’ll change your life 😉

Learning everything on your own often takes years. With help, you can do it in months or even weeks.

Good luck!


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