Do Attractive Guys Get Approached At All By Women?

Men often ask me: “Do attractive guys get approached at all? I know I’m good looking. Women check me out all the time but they almost never approach me.”

Here’s the answer: Very few women will approach men, no matter how attractive they are.

That’s because there’s always been a certain double-standard in dating and seduction. The onus has always been put on men to approach women first.

That’s why most women will not approach a guy, no matter how handsome they look. Because of social conditioning that teaches women it’s men who are supposed to pursue them. And not the other way around. So the majority of women will wait for the guy to make the first move.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to beat yourself up for your looks if you’re not getting approached by women. You don’t have to put yourself down because it’s just what happens to most guys and we have to accept it. Women rarely approach men in general. And it’s rare to find a girl who has the “balls” to approach a guy and ask them out.

However, there are many different things you can do to invite women to approach you more. I’ll show you what you can do to become more approachable.

Finally, some women WILL actually approach men. And they’ll definitely approach someone they consider to be more attractive over a guy who’s not. But attraction doesn’t necessarily have much to do with your physical looks. And if you think you’re ugly, women will approach you less. Simply because you BELIEVE you’re ugly.

Attraction is very subjective. And while some people will find one person very attractive, others might not think of them as appealing at all.

So let me explain how it all works.

Why Do Attractive Guys Get Approached More Than Unattractive Ones?

Attractive guys get approached more simply because women consider them to be more appealing.

I’m sure you understand that we’d all like to have an attractive person next to us, as our lover, friend or even partner. And women are no different – they want to have an attractive fuckbuddy, boyfriend or husband as well.

That’s exactly why guys who make a great first impression will often be approached by girls more than guys who don’t. And as I always say, your looks have a massive impact on how great of a first impression you make. Even though they’re not the most important thing in seduction and being successful with girls.

However, you first have to actually run into a woman who’s used to taking life into her own hands and has no problem with approaching men herself.

That’s because if you ask women, most will say they’ll never cold approach a man just like that, on the street, at a cafe, the shopping mall, etc.

Women will definitely look at him or even stare at him. But they won’t make the first move, in the vast majority of cases. Because just like us, they’re afraid of rejection. And they’re even more afraid because most women don’t get rejected as much as men do, since men are the ones who tend to approach first.

Also, if the guy is ridiculously good-looking, women will be intimidated by him. They may think he’s gay, or taken, or too cool for her and out of her league.

However, if you do run into the few women who like and enjoy approaching men and aren’t afraid to do so, it still pays to look good. To do that, you can wear better clothes, groom yourself well, have strong and inviting body language, and so on.

As long as you believe that’s what makes you attractive and meet your own criteria of what you think an attractive man should look like – it will be fine.

Now let me show you what you can do to invite girls to approach you more.

girl approaches a guy and introduces herself because he has made himself approachable

Here’s what you can do to invite more approaches from girls

Finally, you should know that you can do certain things to invite more approaches from women. These help no matter how attractive people consider you to be.

Here are the top 10 things you can do to become more attractive at first glance, so others approach you more:

  • Have open and inviting body language
  • Smile warmly
  • Have a positive outlook and vibe
  • Look girls in the eye more confidently
  • Nod at and acknowledge women who look at you
  • Don’t look away quickly when there’s eye contact
  • Don’t fidget, avoid nervous ticks and habits
  • Relax and don’t be stiff, move your body fluidly and smoothly
  • Don’t turn away and angle your body towards the person instead
  • Beckon her to come over

As you can see, being approachable is all about what you do and not how you look. And all about the vibe you put out.

Cultivate the above habits and you’ll soon stop wondering if women approach attractive guys more.

Good luck!


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