5 Easiest Ways To Get Laid For Beginners

It’s time I show you some of the easiest ways to get laid very quickly, if your goal is to have sex tonight or as soon as possible.

Some of them include going out and hitting on and seducing women. And others are about hiring sex workers or even. Which is why you should also read my full guide on how to get laid so you’re able to pull women to your place when you go out.

Also, they’re perfect for when you’re traveling and don’t know anyone in the area. But they’re also great if you just want to switch up your strategy and finally get some action in your own home town.

So let’s get right to it!

The easiest way to get laid is to find girls who are looking for action

Now, the trick to getting laid very easily, especially in bars and clubs is to go and find girls who are looking for the same thing you are. Namely, to hook up with someone without much hassle and much talking.

You see, women love sex as much as men do, if not more. Since women usually enjoy the whole process of making love more than guys because it’s not just about the orgasm for them.

And trust me, there are a LOT of horny women around, so you just have to go to the right places to find them. And then you have to seduce them.

However, this takes some social and seduction skills – so if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll have a very hard time at such places.

That’s why I’m going to show you the 5 easiest ways to get laid if you’re a beginner and an average dude, guaranteed:

1) Go visit a sex worker and pay for it

Now, I’m just being extremely honest with this one. But the absolute easiest way to get laid if you just want sex is to go and find a sex worker and pay her for it.

That’s it, there’s no ifs buts and maybes about it. If you don’t care about who the girl is and just want to let off some steam and get physical, then get an escort and pay her for her time. There’s no shame in it and you might even learn a thing or two so you can pleasure other women better after that.

Anyway, it’s all valuable experience.

2) Go to a big wedding with lots of bridesmaids

This one may sound weird to some but big weddings are one of the absolute easiest places and occasions where you can hook up with someone. Even better than clubs, bars, and similar venues.

That’s because people will be partying and getting drunk and having fun. And love and romance will be in the air. And there will be single women who will fantasize that very same night about some intimacy with men. Because their surroundings will have a really strong effect on their minds and will drive them towards thinking romantic, sexual and intimate thoughts.

lots of single bridesmaids holding drinks and having fun with bride at a wedding thinking about men and intimacy

This setting is the perfect opportunity for hookups, as long as you utilize it correctly.

What’s more, even socially awkward people can easily get lucky at a big wedding because of the alcohol and the aforementioned romantic setting. Because single women’s guard will be down and their standards will become lower and they’ll want to hook up with someone, even if they’re not their ideal version of a man.

Oh and the bigger the wedding, the easier since there will be more single women and bridesmaids. And bridesmaids who are single are pretty much ALWAYS up for getting it on after or during the wedding.

3) Get into a singles cruise and focus on fun

Another really great way to hook up very easily is to go to a single’s cruise. Although it may not be cheap, so it’s not a great option for some people.

That said, when you cram a bunch of single people into a cruise ship and remove any way to get out of there – there will be lots and lots of fucking going on 🙂

The strategy is to just go and talk to all the single girls – without the goal of getting laid.

I know, I know, this sounds stupid and super counter-intuitive. But the point is that if your goal is to get laid no matter what – you’ll start acting weird and creepy.

But if you just start having fun with women, shooting the shit, getting to know them, letting loose and just vibing and having a good time – they’ll enjoy your company. And since you’re on a cruise and you WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN – they’ll want to hang out with you more and more.

Then it will be all about getting some drinks with one of them and going to your room. It’s a pretty easy way to get laid guaranteed.

4) Use online dating sites but invest in photos

The next easiest way to get laid is to go sign up for an online dating site that matches people who are specifically looking for sex and not a relationship.

However, to get any sort of success on such a website, YOU HAVE TO INVEST IN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOURSELF.

I’m not kidding when I say that you won’t get any action if you don’t have really amazing photos. Because online dating is all about first impressions and how great you appear to be.

So go find a professional photographer and get some really amazing pictures you can use for OLD sites and apps.

Personally, I tried this out and was a member of such a site for a few years when I was dating around. And after getting really great photos from a pro, getting laid was pretty easy there. Since I filtered for women who were also looking for the same thing.

5) Learn the art of attraction and seduction

Finally, the absolute easiest way to get laid is to learn and master how attraction and seduction works.

Basically, you can go from a sexless virgin loser to a guy who sleeps around with hundreds of women by dedicating the necessary time and effort to learn how to attract and seduce women.

Personally, that’s exactly what I did. And before finally settling down and starting a family with the girl I chose out of literally hundreds and hundreds – I’ve slept with more women than I can remember. Even though I used to be hopeless around girls and didn’t even lose my virginity until I was 20.

Luckily, I’m here to teach you how you can achieve results that are similar to mine, without spending years and years learning everything from scratch.

So go read my articles on how to approach and talk to girls – and then how to have a successful first date with them so they’ll want to sleep with you themselves.

If you get through all of my material and really practice and internalize it, you’ll be able to get as many serious or casual sexual relationships as you can handle. And that’s a promise.


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