Getting One Word Replies From Girls? Do This!

Fact is, getting one word replies from girl online and on various dating apps is frustrating and drives men crazy.

So what’s going on? Why do girls give one word answers and what should you do when you get them?

The most common answer is “low interest.” Meaning the girl just isn’t that very interested in you, so her replies are short, low effort and often using just a single word or short phrase. Like “lol” or “ok” or even an emoji. And she’s ESPECIALLY not interested in you if you just get a solitary, brutal “k” as a reply.

So if you’re sensing she’s not interested in you, it means she doesn’t find you attractive just yet. You have to either spark her interest quickly with a clickbaity text that’s very attention grabbing and forces her to reply with more than just one word. Before you lose her attention completely. Or you can just leave her be and next her, if you don’t think she’s worth the effort.

That said, there can be other good reasons why women online reply to you with just one word. And some of them are legitimate and you can do things to make the conversation go smoother.

So, let’s go over them and see how you can make the situation better.

One word replies from women can mean several different things

Apart from her simply not being into you, the most legitimate reason for one-word answers is because she’s an awful texter.

You see, some people are just naturally HORRIBLE at texting others. They prefer calling and talking over the phone as well.

So if you’re getting one word replies from girl, you should consider calling her instead and talking with her on the phone.

Ask her if she prefers to talk because you’d rather do that instead of sending her messages. And chances are huge she’ll reply with something positive and you’ll salvage the whole situation.

She may just be a very shy girl

Another legit reason why I used to receive one-word messages from girls is because they were simply too shy.

It’s pretty difficult to know if a shy girl likes you, especially when you’re texting each other. But there’s one reliable way to get her to text more than just one word replies. And that is by asking her OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS that are extremely difficult to reply to in just one word.

For example, if you ask a shy girl “Where did you study?” She may just reply with “MIT” and call it quits.

But if you ask her “Where did you study and WHY did you choose that place over others?” It’s pretty impossible to reply with just one word.

Funny, enough, many guys are afraid they’re going to run out of things to say to women. But when you’re talking to a shy girl, it’s the other way around – you have to learn how to make her invest in the conversation herself and start asking YOU questions.

Then you’ll stop getting one word replies from girls you text with.

She may not be a good conversationalist

The third reason, although a pretty rare one, why she won’t write much in her replies is because she’s not very good at making conversation.

I met plenty of girls who don’t know how to communicate with guys. Especially when I was younger and used to date 18 and 19-year-olds.

They expect the guy to carry the whole conversation and see no problem with giving just one word back.

I usually don’t want to deal with girls who are horrible at communicating. So I let them go and then talk to someone else instead.

If they message me asking “What’s wrong, why aren’t you talking to me anymore?” which happens occasionally – I simply call them out on their bad communication and say that it’s not fun talking to them over text. So I say I’d rather talk to them in person.

This can land you a date from time to time.

So now you know four reasons why you may be getting one-word responses from women and what to do about it in each case.


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