Why Does She Take So Long To Reply To Text Messages?

So when you text a girl, why does she take so long to reply to your messages sometime?

Well, there can be many different reasons for this – but the main one is that she is probably just BUSY.

You see, if a girl takes forever to respond but seems interested, then you shouldn’t jump the gun and assume that she’s playing games with you. Because there are plenty of legit reasons why she’s taking so long to reply when you contact her.

Too many guys out there start thinking the worst and ruin their chances with women by being becoming too needy and desperate to get them to write back. So let me tell you what’s going on and what you can do if this happens to you.

Most Common Reasons Why She Takes So Long To Reply To You

Ok, first and foremost, I don’t know what age you are and whether you go to school or college or work a job. So I can’t say specifically what age range you date in.

But the most common reasons why girls take so long to reply mostly have to do with work and studies. As well as various daily responsibilities.

Point is, most people have a varied and complex life. And most girls who are doing something with their lives and trying to achieve their goals have a ton of responsibilities. Including work, studies, taking care of someone, housekeeping, shopping, groceries, various chores and so on and so forth.

I’m sure you’ve had plenty of days yourself where you’re just SWAMPED with stuff you need to do. So you barely have time to reply to a friend who texts you.

What’s more, if you’re like most busy people – you get a text from someone, and in the course of the day you FORGET about that text completely. So it takes so long to reply simply because you remember about that text late in the evening or maybe the next day.

So as long as you don’t get one word replies from her when she does text you, you’re golden.

man looking at his phone with anxiety because a girl takes forever to respond but seems interested

If a girl takes forever to respond but seems interested, just chill

Point is, if a girl takes forever to respond to you but still seems interested in you, then JUST CHILL.

As long as it doesn’t take her weeks to respond to you, it’s fine. So don’t think you need to double-text her just to remind her to text you back.

I’ve forgotten about texts and messages from my friends and the girls I’ve dated quite often and for several days or more sometimes. And if someone sent me angry texts because of that – I’d simply stop hanging out with that person. So don’t do the same if a girl does this to you when she seems interested in you.

Also, if you’re just starting out dating, don’t text her every day as that will often turn her off of you and you probably won’t be getting laid anytime soon 🙂

That said, you should definitely find out the reason behind why she takes so long to reply, as soon as you get the chance.

So, next time you meet with her face to face, simply ask her about this. Say something like “Hey, so I noticed that when I message you, it sometimes takes you days to reply. Are you often this busy or something?”

You can even make a joke about it and say something like “Hey, it usually takes you so long to reply – are you like some kind of supervillain who’s planning to take over the world or something and are too busy with your scheming and your evil plans to reply to little old me?”

Teasing women like that is really fun and can make them even more attracted to you, by the way.

When you ask her about what’s going on, she’ll simply tell you. And I bet she’ll say that she has a lot going on in her life and sometimes forgets to text back quickly.

So what should you do if it takes her forever to reply?

Well, next time when you meet her, simply tell her that you’d appreciate it if she replied to your texts or messages faster.

You can even tell her why, if you have a legitimate reason for it. For example, if it makes you feel like she’s not into you – you can say that. Something like “Hey, when you don’t reply for several days it kind of looks to me that you’re not that into me and don’t want to hang out.”

Calling her out like that will usually make her realize how her texting you so slowly makes you feel. And usually she’ll adjust accordingly, if she’s really into you and wants to keep you in her life.

Basically, LEARN TO COMMUNICATE honestly. It’s not that hard 🙂


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