What Are The Signs She Is A High Value Woman? Get The Best Girlfriend!

So you want to find an awesome girlfriend, lover or wife and you’re wondering what the signs she is a high-value woman are, right?

That’s great! Because you definitely don’t want to spend a ton of time, energy and even money on dating a girl, only to realize she’s a really bad fit for you. Or even worse, she’s vile, malicious and likes to kick small puppies.

That’s why it’s important to learn early on what the signs she’s a high-quality woman are so you can look out for any early red flags and avoid women who aren’t suitable for relationships. Or those who are not compatible with you and your goals.

I’ll get to the point straight away, so sit tight. The signs of high-value women are just below:

Here Are The Main Signs She Is A High-Value Woman

Trust me on this, top quality women are difficult to find. So make sure to look out for the following signs so you can quickly spot someone who’s worth your while.

Here’s the quick list of what a high caliber woman is:

  1. She takes care of her health and appearance
  2. She has many friends and gets along with family
  3. She’s emotionally stable and has little to no baggage
  4. She’s fun to be around and has excellent social skills
  5. She is independent and can take care of herself
  6. She doesn’t look to others for happiness
  7. She’s emotionally intelligent, caring and kind towards other people
  8. She strives to grow and better herself
  9. She has hobbies and interests

That’s it, those are the ten biggest indications showing you’re dealing with a very high-value woman. They’re in no order of importance in these signs of a good woman.

is she a high quality woman or not?

That said, a woman doesn’t necessarily have to fit all these points to be considered high quality. Because meeting all these standards and more is incredibly difficult for a lot of people.

The main point is this: The more of these signs a woman fits, the more extraordinary she is and the better quality relationship you’re going to have with her.

Assuming you also fit a lot of these points, by the way. Because why would an amazing woman want a man who isn’t any of the things above?

Now let’s get a little bit deeper and explain what kind of woman does an “alpha male” want. If you still believe in “alpha males,” of course.

Health and appearance

First of all, taking care of your health is an absolute must!

No one wants to be with a person who’s too lazy to look after his or her own body. It just shows you lack self-respect and your will power is low, which isn’t attractive.

It really shows when a woman puts at least a little bit of effort into her appearance, her health, and her fitness, as opposed to women who don’t. And let’s not forget the fact that most men are very visual when it comes to noticing women!

People simply don’t want to be with others who are slobs and who put no effort into their appearances.

how do you find a high value woman?

Looks might not ultimately matter, but they’re still important. That’s because they’re directly tied to sexual arousal. And without that, you’ll have a much more difficult time maintaining an amazing sex-life.

Finally, let’s twist everything around. Here’s what you need to do to, as a guy: Make sure to groom yourself well, have good hygiene and hit the gym regularly. That’s all you need to be attractive to most women.

Friends and family

When it comes to family, this is pretty important as well.

That’s because if a girl can’t get along with her own family (barring very special circumstances where there are massive irreconcilable differences between family members) — then how will she eventually get along with the people in your life?

If she can’t get along with her siblings, parents or grandparents, it means she doesn’t put enough effort into mending and maintaining her relationships. And that’s a sign of a low-quality and low-value woman.

Regarding friends, it’s pretty simple. Who wants to hang around a complete loner? It’s draining and gets boring fast because you’re gonna be the only person in their life,

If you can’t get any friends in your life, there’s usually something wrong with you as a person. You’re either not fun to be around, rude, entitled, selfish and other similar things. Or you may even have some mental issues like crippling anxiety and are simply antisocial.

Often, people who can’t find friends also have low self-esteem.

None of these things are attractive, especially for women.

Emotional stability

One of the biggest indicators she is a woman of high caliber is her emotional stability.

If she loses her temper often, gets angry, yells a lot and is generally unruly like a spoilt brat, that’s a massive red flag.

Also, people who can’t control their emotions can often be violent and irrational.

When it comes to emotional baggage, that’s a whole nother story. People who have had multiple traumatic experiences, who suffered abuse and similar things will have an incredibly difficult time building and maintaining happy and healthy relationships.

I know, I know, sometimes this can’t be helped as bad stuff can happen to good people. But for your own sake, if you notice red flags of prior emotional trauma and you see that a person has lots of baggage from past relationships, it’s better to avoid getting into a relationship of your own with them.

Strive to hang out with people who don’t want to cause drama for drama’s sake. And people who can handle their own emotions.

Fun and social skills

The benefits of having great social skills are self-evident so I won’t go into this topic all that much. Suffice it to say that one of the largest signs she is a high-value woman is an ability to navigate many social situations with ease. Because building connections in life is incredibly important for success and fulfillment.

Fun, on the other hand, is very subjective but still super important.

If you can’t have fun while hanging out with one another, it almost guarantees you won’t have much in common so you shouldn’t even try to be together.

Fun is the quintessential ingredient in any romantic and platonic relationship. And if you can’t have any, you’re simply not compatible and should seek someone else to spend time with.

And guess what? It’s much easier to have fun with a high-quality woman than with someone who’s boring, uninteresting, etc. The same thing goes for me, once again.


What kind of woman does an alpha male want? The answer is independent.

Would you like a girlfriend or wife who can take care of herself or who always has to depend on you?

I know the answer to this question right away! Only a loser would say the latter, that they want a woman to depend on them. (Trust me, there are actually guys who want this and that’s incredibly dumb. They enjoy when a woman depends on them because it makes them feel superior, which is ridiculous.)

Relationships always work best when they are between two strong and independent people. Those who strive to raise each other up and who don’t depend on the other for happiness. As well as those who can spend time together, apart, and with each of their respective friends’.

Codependent relationships, on the other hand, are doomed to fail and are some of the worst imaginable. Because each person isn’t “complete” without the other one and is constantly looking for each other’s approval and validation. That can never end well.

Happiness is a huge sign of a high-quality girl

Same as with independence, you shouldn’t look to gain happiness from other people. You need to find it in yourself and don’t depend on others to make you happy.

This is a very long and complicated topic but finding happiness yourself and not depending on your partner for it is a huge deal. That’s why it’s also a great indicator of high-value women.

Truth is that people who feel unhappy and think they’ll be happy if they find a romantic partner will often still remain unhappy. And they’ll often even drag their new romantic partner down with them because of their issues.

high caliber women are hard to find

That’s why one of the biggest signs she’s a high-value woman is when she can be happy on her own, without anyone else’s help.

You may already guess where this is headed, but once again, the absolute exact same thing goes for men. Surprise!

Emotional Intelligence, caring, and kindness

I don’t think I need to explain what caring and kindness is and why these things are ridiculously valuable in any human being.

However, emotional intelligence is a little bit different and requires further explanation. Because it’s one of the most integral signs she is a high value woman.

Straight from Wikipedia, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is when people are able to recognize their own emotions and the emotions of others. To discern between different feelings and label them appropriately. And then use that EI to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals.

Doesn’t that sound super important? It sure does, and it is!

This is another massive topic, but very shortly, the four pillars of EI are the following: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management.

Finally, to be emotionally intelligent is to be empathetic towards others. Which is a really good trait in any person.

The four pillars above are all really huge indicators that she’s a high-value and quality woman. Guys would be lucky to have a girl like that in their lives.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but the absolute same thing applies to men as well.

Striving towards growth and betterment of oneself and others

Another one of the signs she is a high value woman is a penchant for growth.

Life isn’t just a goal, it’s the journey. And that journey quickly stagnates if you stop improving yourself and growing as a person.

People who understand that they need to improve themselves continuously throughout their lives are happier and more fulfilled. They’re also much more likely to succeed in various endeavors such as academia, work, creativity, etc.

Besides all that, women simply wilt when they’re in a relationship with a man who is stagnant and doesn’t strive to grow. Vice versa, men feel taken advantage of when women simply hang on them and never try to improve themselves and to have better lives.

This is why it’s really important to have a healthy growth mentality. So you constantly improve the quality of your life and show your partner you’re not some useless moocher and loser.

Hobbies and interests

A person without hobbies or interests is a person who has no life. And that’s massively unattractive, by all means.

You can compare this point and its importance to the one above about having friends.

If you don’t have hobbies or interests, there’s just not much depth to you as a person. You won’t be interesting, fun or exciting to talk to and hang out with. You’ll often bore people to death. And, most importantly, you won’t have passions in your life.

amazing women have hobbies and interests

Believe me, having a passion is very important if you want to be charming and magnetic with the opposite sex. And it’s also important for your mental health and well-being, to be honest.

That’s because having a passion shows you’ve got some fire under your ass and a glint in your eye. That you’re LIVING your life and not just subsisting and drudging along.

People without hobbies are often shallow, uninspired and uninspiring. And women without hobbies or interests are low-value.

Now for the twist: The same signs of high-quality women apply to MEN!

That’s right, I’ve made this a whole separate section because it’s just that important!

Don’t think that these signs only apply to high-quality women! They also apply for high caliber men as well. That’s because women of high caliber want to be with men who are the same.

Simply put, amazing women attract amazing men and vice versa. And that’s just the way things are in life.

So if you want many high-grade women in your life, you better make damn sure you’re a good enough man who can provide them with the companionship, love, fun, and growth they desire.

So let’s not start kidding ourselves as guys and think that you can get an amazing woman if you’re a loser.

You should also take care of your health and your body. You should also strive to have great social skills, have many friends, get along with your family and become an emotionally stable guy.

Other than that, you should be an independent man who can take care of himself financially, physically, and mentally. And just like the signs she is a high value woman show, you should be kind, caring and emotionally intelligent, as well as care about other people and be empathetic to their lives.

Finally, no man is complete with an array of hobbies and various interests, so he’s fun and interesting to hang out with. And he shouldn’t look for happiness in others, be content in himself and always strive for self-improvement.

As you can see, we’ve just covered the exact same points that high-quality women have. That’s not a coincidence!

So if at any point you ask yourself a question like “what kind of woman does an alpha male want?” then consider the signs of high-quality women above. And remember that those women expect you to be a man of quality yourself.

Oh, and by the way, I’m using “alpha male” ironically here since these days it’s laughable to even believe in alphas and betas since we no longer live in the stone ages.

Any last words about signs of a good woman?

Well, it’s no wonder why women of stellar quality and immense value are really difficult to find. Just as men are.

So next time you’re out and about, take a good look and notice all the traits above in women. (And not just the signs of a good woman I wrote above because, to be honest, they’re the basics of a great human being. I’m sure you have many other traits you prefer and value in women.)

The more a woman fits the indicators above, the better she’ll be as a person the easier it’ll be to have a wonderful relationship together.

That said, high caliber women like this don’t take bullshit from men. When you do get one’s number, you better make damn sure you know what to do on your date with her. Or she’ll tell you to get lost and pound sand!

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