How To Arouse A Woman By Touch – Turn On A Girl Physically

It’s time you knew how to arouse a woman by touch so you can get more sexual action in your life. Because a lot of men don’t know how to advance sexually onto a girl so she enjoys it and is eager to sleep withy ou.

Below, I’ll show you the exact techniques I use so you know how to turn on a girl physically when you bring her home. I’ll also mention where to touch a woman to arouse her specifically since not every kind of touch is arousing.

I’ll also mention some huge mistakes that men make which kill attraction and arousal instantly, like being touchy-feely too soon and too hard. Because believe it or not, plenty of guys go a little too far and get carried away after learning how to turn a girl on with touch, thinking that they need to do it as much as possible.

So let’s dive right in!

How To Turn A Girl On With Your Touch And Arouse Her Physically

First things first, do not try any of these techniques below if you’re not sure the girl already likes you a lot and finds you attractive.

That’s because if you start touching women too soon and do it way too much, then you’re only going to freak her out. She’ll start calling you weird and creepy and instead of becoming aroused, she’ll become afraid of you or find you repulsing.

So make sure you actually know how to create attraction first when you’re on a date, before you even think of trying to learn how to arouse a woman by touching her. Otherwise, things may end in disaster and she’ll never want to see you again.

This next part is super important as well:

Make sure the girl is already super comfortable with you and your touch.

You accomplish this by being physical with her throughout the date. Touching her gently at first in places where it’s normal for acquaintances to do so. And then, as the date progresses, increasing the intensity and the frequency of your touch. So that she gradually becomes used to it and to you being close to her.

Learn about how to turn on a girl physically at home

Another important point is PRIVACY.

Do not start touching women all over their bodies if you’re in a very public place. Because most of the time, they won’t like it. For best effect, take them somewhere private, where they can relax and know that you’re away from prying eyes.

Now that we got these critical parts out of the way, here’s how to get arouse a woman physically:

How To Arouse A Woman Instantly With Touch

So let’s say you had a great date and the girl likes you now. There’s undeniable mutual chemistry and attraction.

A great way to arouse her instantly using your physicality would be to pin her against the wall.

This may sound a bit cliche or corny, but it’s one of the absolute best ways of how to turn on a girl physically and do it really quick. Especially when she’s back at your place.

I do this very frequently when I bring a woman home and see that she’s already into me and ready to sleep with me. I just say “Come here…” and either pull her in, spin her around and gently push her against the wall. Or, if the mood is right and she’s someone who appreciates dominant men, I simply push her firmly against the wall. (But not too hard to actually hurt her!!!)

This creates massive arousal and is the best way of how to arouse a woman fast.

Another way you can do this if you don’t like to pin women against the wall is to pick her up in your arms. And then walk up to a wall and lean her on it. It works just as well and there’s no actual pushing if you’re against something like it.

The important part of all this is the following:

To turn a woman on physically with your touch, you must show DOMINANCE and CONFIDENCE.

Dominance and confidence are the two secret and most important ingredients of how to arouse a woman instantly and make such a move work. You can’t be wishy-washy about it, showing discomfort or hesitating because then she won’t get aroused by your action. And you have to be firm.

Other techniques for how to arouse a woman by touch

Besides learning how to turn a girl on with touch by pinning them against the wall, there are several other ways to do it.

One of them is the following and you can do it on your date when she already likes you:

  1. Get close to her or draw her in close to you, so you’re sitting side by side.
  2. Put your arm around her and let it stay there.
  3. Look into her eyes and maintain eye contact. Give her a sly or wicked little smile, like you know something she doesn’t.
  4. Take her hand into your other hand and hold it.
  5. While in this position, you can do a lot of things to turn her on physically. Like massaging her hand. Caressing her face, neck or hair. And running your hand over her thigh gently to create goosebumps.
  6. When you see she’s really into it, take her hand and guide her to sit on top of you.
  7. Start making out while you caress her with your hands.

All these actions will create an immediate effect on her. That’s because she’s already attracted to you and is sitting very close and your arm is around her. She’s waiting for you to make your move and do more, so start off gently and ramp it up.

I use this a lot on my dates and it works really, really well.

How to arouse a woman by touch when you're on a date

Here are a few other tips to quickly turn women on physically and make them melt with anticipation:

  • Hug your girl from behind and gently kiss her neck.
  • Gently touch her earlobes with your lips.
  • Put your mouth between her neck and ear and take a deep breath as if to smell her scent. This drives women wild.
  • Run your fingers gently behind her head through her hair or grab firmly.

More ways how to turn on a girl physically

Other than using specific techniques to quickly turn a girl on physically, there are many other things you can do.

In fact, if you’re wondering where to touch a woman to arouse her, then know that there are many different erogenous zones on a woman’s body. And I’m not just talking about her breasts and her groin.

For most women, the neck and the neckline are the most important erogenous zones for quick physical arousal.

You can gently run your hands on her neckline when you’re close together. For better effect, you can even run your lips ever so slightly so she gets massive goosebumps. Because it’s one of the best ways to make her wet before you proceed to having sex with her.

Other places where to touch a woman to arouse her include her inner thighs, her ears (yes, the earlobe has a ton of very sensitive nerve endings), her stomach, her butt, as well as her mouth and lips. For some women, it can even be their eyelids, forehead and cheeks, as well as wrists and knees.

Do not underestimate the sensitivity of these areas if you want to arouse a woman by touching her. Some women even love it when you touch their feet gently and run your fingers through their legs up to their inner thigh and eventually groin. But for that, you’d have to already be somewhere more private.

Each woman is different so make sure to experiment

The final important point is that there are simply too many erogenous zones to list that are sensitive for a lot of women.

Pretty much all women respond very positively when you try to turn them on physically by touching their breasts, nipples, vulva, neck, earlobes, and ass. But when it comes to the other erogenous zones, you have to actually experiment to find out if your particular girl is sensitive to them.

It's important to learn where to touch a woman to arouse her fast

That’s because virtually every single part of a woman’s body can be very sensitive to the touch. And for each girl it’s very specific and very different.

So the best advice of how to arouse a woman by touching her would be to try everything you can think of and see what she responds to the most.

So get somewhere more private with her and simply explore each other’s bodies. Cuddling is perfect for learning what erogenous zones your girl has apart from the very obvious ones.

Don’t be afraid to run your hands or your lips, very gently, over various parts of her body when you’re at your place or hers and are about to have sex. Women will appreciate this greatly. Especially if you happen to stumble upon and find some very sensitive places that arouse them.

Final thoughts on arousing women physically

Now that you know how to arouse a woman fast by touching her in various places, make sure to practice.

I just gave you the basics so you can move things towards sex. However, don’t stop with just these examples because there are tons of other ways to turn women on physically. And the more of the you discover, the more confident you’ll be around women.

Just imagine how cocky you’d be if you knew you’re able to arouse a girl simply by touching her in various places, without even saying a word. But just like with everything else, this takes lots of practice with different women.

And there lies the problem — not many men know how to seduce women the right way so they can have many casual sexual relationship (or even one serious relationship if that’s your cup of tea).

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