No Woman Is Attracted To Me, What Do I Do?

I often hear guys say the phrase “No woman is attracted to me, what am I doing wrong!?”

I know perfectly well how thinking thoughts like this can be frustrating. So I’ll help you out!

That said, when guys say this phrase, 99% of the time they’re simply blowing things out of proportion.

I mean, have you APPROACHED and TALKED TO all the single and available women in your area? And got rejected by ALL of them?

Have you then went to the next town and did the same and got the exact same result? Have you then went all around your country and traveled the globe, only to hear that no woman is attracted to you?

Then stop with this bullshit whining and listen up!

You probably only approach a few women a day (if that many). So you probably haven’t talked to many women in your life and asked them out.

I’m assuming this because it’s the case with most men. They don’t approach and talk to nearly enough women in their lives. And when they get rejected by some, they start crying and whining that “NO WOMEN WANT ME!”

That’s a pretty bad self-esteem issue and shows massive insecurity. So it might actually be the answer to why no women are attracted to you in the first place.

But the main point is, almost no man in the world can say that no women are attracted to him legitimately and keep a straight face. Because that’s simply impossible, unless you’re actually a troll living under a bridge with zero social skills and abysmal looks. Even then, some woman somewhere will still find you attractive.

ugly green man

So let’s stop with the whining. Below, I’ll explain the main reasons why women may not find you attractive in general.

No woman is attracted to me, what’s wrong?

First of all, are you aware of what causes attraction between man and woman in general?

The answer is pretty simple: Your physical looks (for first impressions) and your personality (for pretty much ever).

Most men can take care of the first part by simply hitting the gym or doing other exercise regularly. To become fit and lose unwanted weight. This alone will significantly improve your first impressions and women will become more interested in you.

Seriously, when it comes to physical appearance, to be attractive to MOST women you need to become fit. Then groom yourself properly, become the best of friends with your shower (so you don’t smell). And then get some stylish, comfortable and clean clothes.

That’s pretty much it! These things will completely solve any and all looks issues for the vast majority of guys.

However, it’s your personality that presents a much bigger problem. Because unlike hitting the gym to become fit, there’s almost no reliable exercise to train or hone your personality to become super attractive.

An attractive personality requires a ton of work and effort to achieve.

However, in men, personality will ALWAYS beat looks on average. And there are a LOT of things packed into the concept of personality.

For example, you have to develop masculine traits and manliness. Then get rid of various insecurities and self-esteem issues plaguing you (best way to do that is to sign up for my newsletter, by the way!). And then learn how to become more charming as well as how attraction and seduction works in general… So you can charm the pants off the women you meet and find attractive.

Like I said, the answer is simple, but definitely not easy!

How to create attraction with a woman

Ok, so now that you know what causes attraction between man and woman, I’ll tell you how to create it the best way.

The answer to how to create attraction with a woman lies in your charisma. As well as how good you are at seduction.

You create attraction with a woman by becoming a charismatic person. Who knows how to behave around women in a very attractive way.

man with woman sitting in park woman about to kiss him

Charisma and charm are huge topics, by the way. For which I’ll create separate and very in-depth articles later. But I can still explain them briefly so you know what to do.

Mainly, charismatic people are magnetic because of various internal and external things.

The external things include powerful and attractive body language, expressive tone of voice. As well as use of gestures and facial expressions.

The internal things include great social skills (which anyone can develop with practice), the ability to read people and give them genuine compliments. As well as self-confidence, high self-esteem and a pinch of manliness and masculinity. Among other things.

Women love being around and with a man like that because he makes them feel alive. And a charming and charismatic man has lots of bad boy traits. But he isn’t a jerk or an asshole.

So the answer to how does attraction work for a man lies in charisma and charm. The ability to woo women with the help of your social skills and understanding of certain social dynamics.

How to make a woman attracted to you?

Something I also get asked very frequently is how to make a woman attracted to you.

To put this at rest once and for all, you can’t make someone attracted to you.

You simply become the best version of yourself and learn the necessary social skills. And then behave in an attractive way. So people around you like you and find you attractive.

That’s because you’re supposed to inspire attraction with your behavior. You can’t force it since it’s not logical but instead completely up to emotions.

I have a ton of articles on attraction and how to attract a girl for love on this blog. So check them out.

On the other hand, what attracts a woman to a man sexually is a whole nother story.

To attract women to you sexually, you need to know what sexual tension and chemistry is.

For example, if you go on a date with a girl and you have fun together but there’s zero sexual tension between you two. Then she’ll see you more as a friend rather than a lover. So she won’t want to sleep with you.

But if you know how to create and maintain sexual tension. And then do it throughout the date. Then the woman you’re with will feel arousal. And eventually, she’ll become horny enough to want to sleep with you HERSELF.

Final thoughts on what causes attraction between man and woman

So how does attraction work for a man? That’s pretty simple, it’s mostly visual.

But how does it work for a woman? The answer is really complex but mostly boils down to how great your personality is. And how good you are at creating and maintaining sexual tension.

Developing your personality will take years. But you’ll become better and better with each passing day. Especially if you take the time to work on yourself.

That said, what will make the biggest impact on your success with women is if you learn seduction skills. Like creating attraction, sexual tension, flirting and teasing women, etc.

These skills will pick up the slack if your personality is still lacking a bit. And along with your decent looks (if you’re not an idiot and hit the gym, that is), these skills will be more than enough to get some dates, get laid, and then find a girlfriend or lover. Or a few friends with benefits, if that’s what you prefer.

So read this blog for ideas and techniques on how to approach and talk to women. And when you’re finally able to get some dates, go here and get this book on how to get laid on the first date, virtually every time.


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