How To Attract A Girl For Love In 3 Simple Steps

Today I’ll show you exactly how to attract a girl for love if your goal is to have a serious and long-term relationship with her. And the answer to this might really surprise you.

Below, I’ll explain everything that needs to happen for girls to fall in love with you in a short time. Then show the three critical steps necessary for doing so. And also mention the things you need to do to ensure the relationship lasts and doesn’t crumble after the initial “honeymoon” period.

Learning how to attract a girl to love you so she actually stays with you is one of the most important things a man must do. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble with keeping women around and they’ll leave you when they realize the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Here’s how to attract a girl for love successfully

There are three crucial steps to follow when your goal is to attract women for love successfully. And then keep them around for a long time in a wonderful and mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Meet and seduce her
  2. Connect on a deep level and see if you’re compatible
  3. Show her you’re manly and have potential

I’ll go over all three steps in great detail below so you know how to do each of them and understand why they’re massively important for your success.

how to attract a girl for love

Step one – Meeting and seducing her

This step is usually the most difficult for beginners. Because not many guys know how to approach, talk to, have fun with, attract and then seduce girls successfully.

However, this is something every single guy needs to learn how to do properly. Because to find the right woman for you, you have to date a lot of women to get some life experience and figure out which ones are right for you and which aren’t. Until you eventually figure out your preferences and what you’re really after and then pick one who’s compatible with you and who’s right for you.

That’s because one of the biggest mistakes in life a man can make while figuring out how to attract a girl for love is to settle down with a woman who’s not right for him. Entirely out of desperation and because he thinks he won’t be able to find someone better. Usually, it’s the guys who struggle with women the most and don’t get laid much who end up in bad relationships.

Luckily, I know exactly what to do about this and I’ll tell you right now how you can seduce nearly every girl you meet successfully. Which is the first and essential part of how to attract a girl to love you eventually.

First, fix all external and internal issues plaguing you.

If you’re not attractive enough, get off that lazy ass and hit the gym or do other forms of exercise. It’s the absolute best thing any man can do to drastically improve his appearance as well as health. Which is always massively attractive to women.

Then, take care of your grooming, get a decent haircut, some nice-fitting clothes and a pleasant cologne.

That’s more than enough to take care of looks and appearance for most guys so women won’t find them repulsive.

You don’t need to look hot, you just need to look like you take care of yourself.

After that, fix any problems you may have with bad body language, your tone of voice, eye contact, as well as issues such as nervousness, fear, hesitation, bad attitude, etc.

Obviously, that’s easier said than done but you must do it. Because if you’re a shaky, wimpy, nervous mess when you approach women and can’t even talk to them without your voice breaking, you won’t be able to seduce them successfully.

Women love fit guys

So before you even go about learning how to attract a girl to love you forever, it’s crucial to take care of these and similar issues.

Because the hard-to-swallow truth is, half of the seduction process lies within YOU.

You have to first get yourself in order before you even approach the girl. Then half your battle will be won before you even talk to an attractive girl and try to seduce her to love you.

Bottom line is: No woman in her right mind will want to be with a fat, lazy and unmotivated slob who doesn’t take care of himself at all. Remember this crucial point when learning how to attract a girl for love.

Second, approach her, have fun with her and get her number

This step is pretty simple and straightforward, but definitely not easy.

You simply go where lots of attractive women are, like a bar, club, party or even a busy street , beach, park or shopping mall.

Then, find someone you find attractive, approach her, introduce yourself and talk to her like she’s a regular human being. To find out who she is, see if you like her, maybe see if she likes you, etc. And then flirt a little bit, tease her very lightly and maybe even have some laughs together, so you get her number to hang out together again at another time and move things forward.

I can’t explain it all here in great depth without getting seriously off-topic. So your best bet is to read my other, very in-depth article on how to approach women and get their number.

Once you read that article and practive what’s in it and you’re able to approach and get her number, you can get back to learning how to attract girls for love.

Third, have a successful first date and seduce her

This is by far the most important part of the equation and the place where you actually go about attracting a girl for love. The keeping her in the relationship part comes later.

Basically, after you get her number and ask her out, you meet her for the date. On that date, your ultimate goal is to have fun with her and to get to know each other. Because to seduce her, she has to see you’re a great guy.

Then, you need to flirt with her, tease her even more and challenge her. All while maintaining strong eye contact with her, touching her and showing your physicality, telling her various interesting, fun or exciting stories from life experience, etc. So she starts feeling a gut-level attraction towards you.

This is how to attract a girl to love you forever

Hopefully, you know how to do this the right way because this is the part where the majority of men screw up and fail. Never to hear from the girl again and ending up at square one.

Because not many guys know how to flirt, tease and challenge women properly so they like you, find you attractive, want your validation and crave your touch. If you’re also not sure how to do all that very successfully, look for an answer to this very shortly, just below.

In any case, after she’s attracted to you, you need to build some rapport and a deeper connection with her. So she feels comfortable with you and trusts you.

Finally, you need to create and maintain sexual tension to make her wet. So she feels aroused and horny and wants to sleep with you. Which you do by gradually making you touch more and more intimate, as well as moving your conversations unto increasingly sexual topics and making her think about sex in general and with you.

If you do that successfully, either on the first, second or whatever date, you then take her somewhere private and sleep together.

Did you get all that? Again, I make it sound so easy, but it’s actually the most difficult part of the whole process. So to make things significantly easier for you and show you how to always have amazing dates which pretty much always end up in sex, I urge you to go and check the following message in the link below:


With the knowledge from the message just above, you’ll nail the hardest step of the whole seduction process every time and will have no problems getting a girlfriend.

Then, when you’re able to seduce as many women as you want, you can finally focus on using the knowledge of how to attract a girl for love from the following two steps.

Step Two – Connecting on a deep level and checking for compatibility

Now that you’ve got a girlfriend, a few friends with benefits or something similar who you’d want to pursue a more serious relationship with, you need to take care of this next critical step.

This part of how to attract a girl for love is about figuring out if you both can actually have a healthy and happy long-term relationship with each other that’s also beneficial for the both of you. Of if you’re completely wrong for one another and shouldn’t pursue things further because it’ll end in disaster.

This involves having a heart-to-heart, serious, brutally honest and genuinely vulnerable talk with one another. To figure out what makes you both tick, what you want from each other, from life in general and from your potential relationship.

Yeah, it’s exactly as scary as it sounds. But it’s absolutely necessary if you actually want to live together, maybe have kids, build a home and a family, and grow old together.

Figure out what you both want

Every person is their own individual — and your potential partner is no exception.

She’ll have her own unique worldview as well as personal wants, needs, values, desires, goals, aspirations, ambitions, plans, ideas, opinions, etc.

She’s just as complex and unique a person as you are, and you need to respect your differences and find common ground if you both want to stay together.

So, you need to ask her very personal questions and she needs to do the same to you as well. Questions which are sometimes very difficult to answer truthfully. But they’re entirely necessary when trying to figure out how to attract a girl to love you in a long-term relationship.

Have a serious talk with a girl you love

You don’t need to have this super serious talk right away, especially when you’re just starting out dating. Because it’ll be too soon and you’ll only scare her off.

Hoever, this conversation needs to happen eventually and sooner rather than later. Because the longer you drag things on, the messier and harder on the both of you the potential breakup will be. Since time spent together strengthens attachment and emotional connection.

But break up you must, if you realize you’re both not compatible and don’t have a future together. Because the worst thing you two can do is have kids and build a home before you realize you can’t have a happy future due to irreconcilable differences. So many homes have been ruined by this that it’s not even funny.

The important questions to ask her

Hopefully I didn’t scare you off with the above. But trust me, it’s better to figure these things out early on than much later when .

In any case, what are the questions you should be asking her to see if she’s compatible with you?

Well, I can’t tell you that because you have to figure it out for yourself.

Ask her about the things that are genuinely important to you as a person to find out about her. Ask her what you actually CARE about knowing.

These can be just about anything, really. Whatever pops into your mind that’s important to you.

I’m guessing you’d maybe want to figure out her stance on various things in life that will affect your mutual relationship. Like work, play, health, food, politics, religion, children, education, travel, goals, aspirations, and other things.

Then see if your worldviews align or not. And if they don’t, what you can both do to compromise. See what she wants out of life and out of you as a partner. Figure out what her views on your hobbies, your friends and family are.

Don’t skimp on your questions and ask her anything and everything you deem important to you. And then urge her to do the same and ask you about what’s important to her.

Remember, a happy, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship is a two-way street. Where two independent individuals come together in mutual trust, respect, understanding, attraction, and love. And then try to make things better for both of them.

Only if you figure out if you’re both compatible with one another will you make your relationship succeed. This is the main point of how to attract a girl for affection and devotion, and avoid lots of drama and an eventual breakup in the future.

The next part is even more important because it has to do with keeping a girl’s love going strong for you until the end.

Step Three – Show her you’re manly and have future potential

Out of everything else, this is the part that ensures her love endures for you and doesn’t fade.

Showing her you’re a manly man and that you have the potential for greatness is the most important part of understanding how to attract a girl for love if you actually want to be with her until the end.

So how do you do that?

Well, I’ll explain what manliness is in a separate article. Because it’s a massive topic in and of itself and will require a huge and separate write-up.

That said, I’ll still give you a big clue as to what it is below so you know what I’m talking about.

All girls love a manly man

Basically, manliness is the ability to use all your faculties, experiences, masculine traits and other qualities to make things happen in life.

This includes things like assertiveness, ambition, dominance, passion, integrity, authenticity, independence, physical, mental and emotional strength, responsibility, decisiveness, leadership, confidence, and so on and so forth.

There are very many qualities that make a man manly and the more he possesses and embodies, the more attractive to all women he will be.

Basically, women desire men who are manly and will stay with a man who maintains his manliness. Because it shows women he has enormous potential to achieve all his goals and ambitions.

That’s why after learning how to attract a girl to love you, only through manliness can you actually keep her. Because she won’t want to leave for someone else that way.

Final Thoughts on girls and love

Now you know the exact three steps of how to attract a girl for love and then encourage her stay with you until the very end.

The first part may seem to be the most impossible one, but it’s seriously not that difficult to learn how to seduce women efficiently.

Again, go and learn how to have a great first date and get laid every time to get this step handled quickly and efficiently.

The second part is very necessary because you want to make sure you’re both compatible.

It’s the third step that’s actually the hardest. Because developing your manliness and maintaining it is a life-long process. Not something you do once and forget about, but something keep doing until the day you die.

And the best time to start is always right now. Peace!


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