What Type Of Girl Am I Attracted To Physically And Mentally?

If you’re wondering “What type of girl am I attracted to, both physically and mentally?” then I’ve got you covered.

This article is mostly for men who are unsure of what they find the most attractive and appealing to women. To help them figure it out.

There are many different types of women in the world. And men differ wildly in their preferences when it comes to picking out a partner or lover.

That said, most women fall into certain categories. Both when it comes to physical appearance and personality or character type.

So if you’re unsure and often ask yourself what kind of woman am I attracted to? Then it’s very useful to know about these different categories. And see which ones you’re into the most.

Also, besides all that, some men focus a lot on certain physical aspects of a girl. It can be the face, her hair, or even her breasts and ass. Some men even focus quite a bit on a woman’s feet, for example.

That’s why I’ll explain, among other things, what makes a girl’s face attractive. As well as her breasts and her bottom. I’ll also answer the question of why are women’s feet so attractive to so many guys. Which is also referred to as a “foot fetish.”

Whatever the type of woman you’re attracted to may be, you’ll find loads of interesting info and facts below. So keep reading!

What Type Of Girl Am I Attracted To?

Below are the main categories of types of women.

I’ll separate them by physical attractiveness, personality, and type. This will all come in handy for guys asking themselves “What’s my type of woman?”

In the physical category, I’ll go over the most attractive physical features of a woman that guys look for.

And in the personality category, I’ll show you all the different personalities women can have and what makes each one so special.

Physical types of women

Physically, women can be short, average height and tall. They can also range from skinny, average, curvy to fat and eventually obese. Not to mention fit or unfit.

Knowing these basic types, the answer to the question “What kind of girl am I attracted to physically?” depends highly on certain specific features you enjoy in women.

First: Are you an ass man or a boob man?

If you’re an Ass man, then you have five main types to choose from.

showing the 5 different ass/butt/bottom shapes of women

Do you like the Round type of ass, which is the most common booty type in the world? Or do you prefer the Square ass, which is when the line between the hip bone and outer thigh runs perpendicular to the ground. Something many fit and athletic girls have.

Maybe you even prefer the A-Shape, which means you like a pear-shaped ass on a woman. One that widens below the hips.

Another type of ass which is super popular with guys who like skinny women is the V-shaped booty. You’ll often find it on skinny women who have broader shoulders and slimmer hips.

Finally, the butt the majority of men find the most appealing and physically attractive on women is the “upside-down heart shape ass.” Sometimes it’s also referred to as an apple-bottom.

Think about which one you prefer and you’ll know a bit about what type of girl you’re attracted to physically.

What kind of breasts do you like on women?

Now, if you’re a Breasts man, then these range from small A-cups and B-cups, medium C-cups, to larger D, Double-D and even bigger ones.

Do you prefer small breasts on a woman, shapely and proportionate C cups? Or large and even huge breasts?

You see, besides the face and body type, different types of breasts and ass determine what type of girl you like physically.

For example, if you love huge breasts, then you don’t like skinny women. Because it’s almost impossible (without plastic breast augmentation surgery) for a skinny girl to have “huge tits.”

Conversely, the majority of larger women don’t have very small breasts. Since they depend a lot on a woman’s overall weight

Booty and breasts give a woman her natural curves. They’re pretty important for overall physical looks.

Oh and fun fact: DD, E and especially F+ size breasts are a NIGHTMARE to have for women. They cause all manner of back problems and women usually opt for breast-reduction surgery because of all the hassle.

Physical types of women most men prefer:

So what are the most attractive physical qualities in a woman? What do most guys prefer and look for in women?

The answer is pretty complicated because just like women, each man is different. And has his own set of wants, needs, likes, dislikes, preferences and so on.

That said, it wouldn’t be a lie to say most men prefer a fit and young-looking woman.

fat vs fit woman body type

But generally, signs of youth and general physical fitness is something very important to the majority of men.

That’s not to say men will never find average, fat or even obese women attractive. There are, as always, exceptions to the rule. So there are definitely guys who find plump women very attractive. There’s nothing wrong with that as it’s completely up to each and every man to choose what type of woman he wants in his life.

That said, as a general rule, fat and obese women, just like fat and obese men, are unhealthy. And usually live shorter lives than women and men who are fit. So there’s that to worry about.

In any case (and this is pertinent for BOTH WOMEN AND MEN) if you want to look physically attractive, then you have to become FIT.

This will solve most of your problems regarding looks and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Because women like fit men, and men like fit women, in general.

What makes a girl’s face attractive to men

Here’s what makes a girl’s face attractive:

  • Symmetry
  • Proportionality
  • Eyes and their shape
  • Small (or at least proportionate) nose
  • Shape of lips
  • Clear forehead and cheeks
  • Elegant, soft chin

Symmetry is attractive on any face, not just women’s. Because it shows good genes.

A proportionate face is also very attractive. This means all its parts like the forehead, nose, eyes, chin and so on have to make up a certain picture. For example, if your forehead’s too big, it will certainly stand out and some people will find it unattractive.

Proportionality, just like symmetry is highly dependent on genes. So it’s complete luck of the draw.

Regarding the eyes, men like all different colours. But mostly find blue and green as the most alluring. Many men also find larger eyes more attractive than smaller ones.

The nose is a huge issue for a lot of women. But as long as it’s not too big or crooked, then it’s going to be attractive.

When it comes to lips, most men prefer full and puffy lips to small ones.

And by clear forehead and cheeks, I mostly mean acne or other types of pimples and scars. Men like fair and clear skin. And the forehead and cheeks are where pimples stand out the most.

Finally, many men prefer a soft chin over a “sharp” or large one.

Mind you, all these things are simply preferences and marks of “conventional beauty.” By no means does it mean that a woman who doesn’t have the perfect face won’t be attractive?

So think of what type of face you like the most on women. You probably imagine fair, clear, symmetric and proportionate. That’s the kind of girl you’re most attracted to then.

Why are women’s feet so attractive to some men?

Now let’s talk about women’s feet and why some men find them so irresistible.

We all know foot fetish is a real thing. But it’s pretty surprising just how many men around the world have this particular fetish.

So why are women’s feet so attractive to certain men, almost to the point of obsession?

It’s pretty difficult to answer this question in only a few words. But if you actually go and ask men who have a real foot fetish, most of them will have a different story. However, a lot of them will say it began in their childhood.

For example, a lot of men say when they were little, they mostly saw the feet of adults around them. And they found feet fascinating, beautiful, weirdly alluring.

man kissing woman's feet has foot fetish

Some men even like the smell of feet.

Also, a lot of submissive men like feet. Because it has to do with women dominating them. And a foot on your head or other body parts screams dominance.

There are legit scientific explanations why foot fetish exists. But as a rule, fetishes generally develop when a person has a sexual awakening from a sensory experience.

The biologist Forrest Valkai explained it like this:

Foot fetishes occur due to the part of the brain called the somatosensory cortex, which is the area that makes ‘you feel things.” You can see that your feet and your toes are right next to your genitals on your brain.
It’s so easy for these wires to get crossed because they’re literally bumping up against each other. That’s why foot fetishes are the most common fetishes

Types of Women’s Personalities Men Find Attractive

The next step in the equation of “What type of girl am I attracted to?” is personality and character.

This subject is pretty huge so I won’t go over it in very huge detail. Because it would probably take several large books to talk extensively about women’s different personalities.

I’ll just mention each big personality type and talk about them briefly, explaining how they affect a woman’s character. So you have a clue about what this is and what type of girl you are attracted to mentally.

Just like men, women have several main personality types. They are Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism

These aren’t mutually exclusive, and all women have a certain degree of each of these personality types.

Women who are high in Agreeableness are usually friendly, empathetic, approachable and warm. They make for good wives, girlfriends and long-term partners.

Conscientious women are industrious. They’re often independent, strive to make a good career, have high self-esteem and do well at work and in school. They make for great partners because they don’t rely on the man to “complete them” or pay their way everywhere.

Women who are Neurotic are often anxious, and fearful and sometimes tend to have various self-esteem issues and insecurities. If they’re gorgeous, extroverted and neurotic, they’re the “crazy hot women” you often hear about. Who party hard, don’t have plans towards the future and often want men to support them.

Extroverted women are social butterflies, enjoy talking to anyone and everyone and like to be around people.

Lastly, Open women are open-minded, imaginative, creative and insightful. They enjoy art, self-actualisation through other means than material, and so on.

There’s too much to talk about on this topic, so you should look up these personality types online. If you want to delve deeper into understanding people in general.

women with different types of personality

The personality type most men prefer

When it comes to personality, the most attractive qualities in a woman are a certain mix of the above personalities.

The vast majority of men like and go for women who are high in conscientiousness and agreeableness. Low to medium in industriousness and low in neuroticism. When it comes to extroversion or introversion, men prefer something close to what they are. So if you’re more extroverted, you’ll prefer extroverted women as well. And vice versa.

These women are often very secure in themselves, loyal and loving partners and make great wives and girlfriends.

As men, we know we want as little drama as possible in our relationships. And women who have this mix of personality types usually don’t cause much unnecessary drama.

Also, while most men traditionally prefer women who are low to medium in industriousness, it highly depends on your values. And how much you believe in equality.

You see, traditional masculine men are supposed to be breadwinners and providers. That’s why they prefer subservient women who are housewives.

However, the world’s changing, and it’s changing for the better. More women around the world are becoming more empowered by equality. And more and more women are becoming increasingly industrious and independent.

Personally, I prefer a woman who can take care of herself. And I know plenty of men who prefer the same.

Final thoughts on what type and kind of women men like

Now you should know the answer to the question of “What type of girl am i attracted to?”

If you’re a woman reading this and you don’t happen to look as perfect as I have described in spots above, don’t despair.

No one is perfect, and men are no exception. The points above are just something men find attractive in general. Sort of a “perfect scenario,” like when women describe they want a “tall, dark and handsome man.”

In any case, the most attractive physical features on a woman are proportionate body parts and face on a fit body. And that’s the kind of girl most men find physically attractive.

With emphasis on a fit body, of course. Because a few disproportionate or not symmetric parts are easily overlooked.

That said, personality is even more important. Because looks fade.

So if you’re a guy who’s wondering “What kind of woman am I attracted to in general?” then I suggest you put more stock into personality. Because that’s what you’re going to be stuck with eventually when you’re both old and weathered.

Stick to women who are kind, compassionate, loving, caring and emphatic. But also make sure they’re independent, confident, can stand up for themselves and aren’t afraid to have their own opinion.

Now, when you finally figure out what type of woman you like, you need to know what to do on your date once you finally meet and talk to her. To maximize your success so she becomes your girlfriend or lover.

Here’s a full guide on what to do on the first date.


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