10 Times When To Start Calling A Girl Instead Of Texting Her

Many guys are wondering when to start calling a girl instead of texting her. And whether it’s better to call or text girls in general.

Well, I’ll be completely honest with you regarding the second point: Both texting and calling a girl will work just fine. And there’s no correct answer to this question because it depends entirely on the individual girl.

Some girls prefer texting while others love to talk on the phone and don’t want to text at all.

However, there are certain times when it’s much better to call a girl instead of sending her a text. Because you’ll always be able to convey much more emotions and express yourself better during calls rather than through text. As it’s easy to misinterpret text and extremely difficult to really convey emotions well.

That said, you should do whatever it is you want.

If you prefer texting, then do that and see how well she responds to text messages. If it doesn’t go as well as you want, switch up to calling her instead. It’s all about using the best tool for the job. And that’s just what a phonecall is – a tool to talk to a woman you like.

Here’s When You Should Call A Girl Instead of Texting Her

First of all, don’t text women too often and don’t send them multiple messages if they don’t reply to you. Otherwise you’ll run a huge risk of blowing it completely with the girl.

Sending message after message without getting a reply signals many negative things about you. Such as clinginess, neediness, and that you don’t have anything else to do with your time.

In fact, read up on how often you should text women to maximize your chances of success.

But now let’s talk about calling a girl instead of texting her.

Here are the top moments when it’s crucial to call women instead of sending them an SMS:

1) When you want to meet with her spontaneously

Let’s say you’re walking around town because you just got off work. You don’t want to go home because it’s a wonderful day and you feel like meeting up one of the girls you’re interested in.

This is the perfect time to CALL HER instead of texting her. Because who knows when she’ll be able to spot the text?

Many women and even many guys don’t check a text message right after receiving it. So it may take the girl like 5 to 20 minutes to see it. And then the same time to even reply to it after that.

So you might end up walking around for half an hour, wondering what to do.

So when you happen to become available and want to meet up with a girl right away, it’s much better to call her.

young man walking in town while texting a woman on the phone to ask her out

“Hey Jenny, I just got off work and it’s a lovely day outside. I’m actually in your area, come down and let’s go grab a coffee!”

Many women LOVE spontaneity, by the way.

2) If you make a big mistake and screw up badly

Another important time to call her instead of texting is if you make some huge mistake.

For example, if you forget about your date and end up standing her up. Instead of texting her, it’s much better to call her right away and apologize.

You need to own up to your mistakes when you make them if you want women to respect you as a man.

3) Call when texts don’t seem to do it for her at all

One of the best times to start calling a girl instead of texting her is when she doesn’t seem to be interested in texting at all.

Just as I say in the introduction, texting vs calling is a complicated subject. Because each girl is her own individual, with her own wants, needs, desires, likes, dislikes, etc. And for certain girls, texting just doesn’t seem to do it for them at all. They hate it and don’t answer texts at all or very quickly and with one-word answers.

When you notice this, switch immediately to calling this particular girl from now on. Don’t text her at all, unless it’s about something insignificant to which you don’t expect a reply. Such as texting her “Hey, had a great time last night. You’re amazing in bed by the way ;)” after a successful first date.

4) If you hate texting, give her a ring instead

Hey, let’s be completely fair here. If you also hate texting then by all means, you should never force yourself do it. To each his own, like I always say.

Don’t change your behavior just to please some woman. Unless you’re already in a serious relationship and texting is very important to her.

Otherwise, do whatever floats your boat and call when you want to meet her.

Personally, I call women most of the time when I want to set up a date. Because I prefer calling over texting. And if you’re the same, then just be yourself and do what YOU want. Because women RESPECT authenticity and when you’re being genuine. It’s one of the best qualities in a man.

5) Call women when their attraction and interest are fading

Let’s face it, texting can take a very long time. Especially if you run into a woman who takes forever to text back.

When you send messages back and forth very rarely, it’s a lot better to start calling her instead of continuing sending her texts.

young man pointing at the phone with a text above phone saying "Just call her!"

That’s because you can be much more charming and charmismatic over the phone. To spike her interest and reignite her attraction towards you.

6) When you want to tease her or tell her an awesome joke

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screwed up an otherwise amazing joke by texting it instead of calling and telling it.

Once again, it’s incredibly difficult to convey emotions when you can’t use your voice. Which makes it ridiculously easy to misinterpret jokes and bomb completely. No matter how many smiley faces or emojis you use to try and set the tone.

This is doubly true if you want to tease the girl to spike her attraction and interest towards you. Because it’s super easy to misinterpret fun and lighthearted teasing for a mean and disrespectful jab. And I personally blew my chances with several girls when trying to tease them over messages and them misinterpreting everything in a very negative way.

7) When your first date or meeting was very short and lukewarm

Sometimes it happens that you have to cut your meeting short, for one reason or another. And that’s the perfect time to start calling a girl instead of texting her. Because if you leave it at that, chances are she’s going to lose interest in you altogether.

So when the date is cut short or is very lukewarm, you can and should pick up the phone at the first opportunity and talk to her. And then basically continuing the date over the phone.

If this happens, it’s in your best interest to spice things up somehow. By being fun over the phone, teasing her, challenging her, telling various jokes and stories. To engage with her emotionally and see if you’ll vibe well. To give her a reason to remember you and want to go on another date sometime later.

8) When it’s safer and easier to explain something over the phone

Let’s say you want to meet at some party but she doesn’t know the way there. Instead of texting her with some vague directions, pick up the phone and call her! Or better yet, send her the location through a map app.

If you decide to meet up in the evening, but you’ve been texting back and forth for hours without agreeing anything concrete, then just call her.

If you’re driving around in your car but you haven’t decided on your date and are texting back and forth. Then you best start using some common sense and start calling her instead of texting. Because texting and driving can literally kill you.

Maybe she wants to go to the movies but you want to go to a party with her. Or you want to go to the beach but she’s more interested in a picnic or a walk in the park. And after dozens of messages you can’t seem to agree on anything. In that case, instead of wasting time and waiting for each other to reply and decide, pick up the phone and call her.

9) When she stands you up several times, buzz her

One of the best times when to start calling a girl instead of texting her is when she’s acting flaky and stands you up. Especially if she does this more than once.

If you wait more than 5 to 10 minutes and she’s not there, THEN PICK UP THE PHONE and call her. Then let her explain herself.

If she doesn’t have a good reason for being so flaky, then you need to stand up for yourself, set some boundaries and next her.

10) When you haven’t met for a long time

Let’s say you had a wonderful first or second date but then had to go on a business trip for a few weeks. Or even several months, for that matter.

When you get back in town, it’s much better to call her instead of texting her. Because hearing your voice will stir up much more emotions in her that reading a text from you.

This would also be the perfect time to use some call-back humor or tease her. Or do something else that will engage her and connect with her emotionally even more.

BONUS) When she’s taking too long to respond and doesn’t seem enthusiastic

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, waiting like 5 or 8 or even 12 hours for a reply sucks.

Especially when you have great chemistry in person or over the phone. But her replies are boring, bland, vague, uninspired, etc.

If I know a girl takes forever to respond to my texts, I lose a lot of enthusiasm myself. Because it’s difficult to keep your enthusiasm for someone for hours. So I’d rather start calling her instead of texting to talk with her directly.

busy business woman talking to a man on the phone while looking at her watch

However, there are some women who are simply extremely busy in their day to day lives. Either because of work, studies, family, friends and similar things. They just don’t have the time or the opportunity to be near their phones to text you. And when you call, they rarely pick up the phone because they don’t see your call.

If that’s the case, here’s a great tip for you:

Send her a text, and as soon as she replies after several hours or however long it usually takes her — call her right away!

That’s because when she sends you a text reply, you know she’s got her phone on her. So she’s going to see your call and answer you most of the time.

Pro tip for when to start calling a girl instead of texting her

Now that you know when to start calling a girl instead of texting her, I’ll give you a sweet pro tip:

When you call a woman you’re interested in and she doesn’t pick up – buzz her again immediately!

That’s because when most people receive a second call from the same person, they believe it’s IMPORTANT. Otherwise you wouldn’t be calling a second time and would just give up after the first.

It’s a psychological thing and it really works when doing a telephone call. People are prone to pick up when you call again right away because of phone etiquette. So use this to your advantage when calling girls, especially flaky ones.

That said, DO NOT RING HER a third time. Because just like sending too many messages without getting a reply, it signals neediness, desperation, stalkish behavior, and other negative things.

After the second phone call, you can send a simple and casual text saying why you called.

Something like “Hey I’m in town and doing (some awesome, interesting thing she’d probably like to do as well) and I thought you should join me. Gave you a call but you weren’t there. Can’t talk anymore but text me if you want to join because I’m already going.”

More often than not, that will work well to spike her interest and get a date.


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