What To Do When She Won’t Come Back To My Place?

Do you often have thoughts after your dates like this: “She won’t come back to my place, what am I doing wrong?”

If you struggle with this, then you’re not alone.

I know plenty of guys who can get many numbers and dates with women. But those dates don’t seem to lead anywhere. And the girl doesn’t want to come home with you after. So you end up alone date after date, which can be extremely frustrating.

Since many guys seem to struggle with this issue, I’m going to help you out today.

I’ll tell you the most common and crucial reasons why women don’t want to come back to your place after your date. I’ll also show you how to maximize your chances, so your date wants to sleep with you herself. So she accepts your invite to come home with you or even asks you to come with her to her place.

The Most Common Reasons Why She Won’t Come Back To Your Place

There are numerous reasons why a woman wouldn’t come home with you after your date. And most of them have to do with comfort, trust, and, most importantly, sexual tension and raw attraction.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to solve all these issues. So make sure to read everything carefully, because I’m about to drop some real knowledge on you.

1) There’s not enough physical touch

One of the biggest reasons why women won’t come back to your place after a date is lack of physical touch.

I say this as often as I can: Being physical with women and getting them used to you and your touch is one of the most important things you need to do, if you want to have a successful first date.

One of the biggest mistakes men make on a first date is never touching the girl they’re with. So the girl never gets comfortable with them, their touch, as well as their proximity and presence.

If you don’t touch a girl at all or do it very little, you won’t build much attraction. And if you then decide to kiss her out of the blue or invite her to come back to your place, she won’t want to do it. Because she WON’T BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOU.

And if women aren’t comfortable with you touching them of being close to you, they won’t accept your invites to come to your place.

2) There’s not enough sexual tension

Lack of any sexual tension is another reason why women often won’t accept your invite to come home with you.

That’s because if there’s no sexual chemistry, they won’t even entertain the thought of sleeping with you. As they won’t even be able to imagine the both of you in that situation.

So next time you’re thinking about why she doesn’t want to come back to your place, notice if there’s even the slightest bit of sexual tension going on. And if there isn’t, then that’s your problem. So you’ll need to learn how to build sexual tension to get over this issue.

3) Lack of trust is another reason why women won’t come home with you

She won’t come back to my place because she doesn’t trust me. She probably thinks I’m some maniac so she doesn’t feel safe.

I’ve had thoughts like that when I was starting my journey of seduction and was very green and had little experience. And honestly, these thoughts were pretty accurate.

Because how do you expect a girl to come home with you if she doesn’t even trust you?

So how do you get over this issue?

Simply by focusing on having fun with her on the date, without any ulterior motive. So she sees you’re a decent, normal dude and that you’re not there to only get what you want and dump her.

Focusing on having fun on your date is key because this will help the girl relax, get comfortable with you and trust you more.

This is because women are too used to men only helping them because they have ulterior motives. So when they see that sex is not the only thing you focus on, they’ll trust you much more. Unless, of course, you’re BOTH just in it to hook up.

4) She won’t come back to your place if there’s no emotional connection

Besides focusing on having fun with the girl so she relaxes and trusts you more, you need to also focus on connecting with her on a deeper level. As well as connecting with her emotionally.

I say this time and time again, you should always strive to connect with women emotionally if you want to get a girlfriend.

Not only will this build a lot of rapport, comfort and trust between you two. It will also help women see you more as their soul mate. So they’ll be very interested in coming home with you after your date, to get to know you better and to have sex.

Final Thoughts On Why She Doesn’t Want To Come Home With You

Now that you know some of the biggest reasons why he won’t come back to your place, you can change the outcome of your next date.

To recap everything in short, you should focus on the following things:

  • Physical Touch
  • Sexual Tension
  • Trust
  • Emotional Connection

When you make sure there’s enough physicality, chemistry, trust, and connection, you’ll rarely have to wonder things like “Why won’t she come back to my place” again! And women will often suggest themselves that you should go somewhere more private. Because they’ll find you much more attractive and will want to sleep with you themselves.

Good luck!


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