Two Unique and Powerful Ways To Deal With Cockblocking Friends

A huge topic in seduction is how to deal with being cockblocked by friends when you’re interested in a girl who’s in a group. Most often in bars and clubs, but even at parties.

Dealing with cockblocks requires a bit of finesse. But I’ll show you two solid and unique techniques I personally developed that will GUARANTEE you’ll never be cockblocked again when you go out.

Although these anti-cockblock techniques work significantly better in large groups. They’re still doable if it’s only one or two people with the girl you like.

How To Deal With A Group of Cockblocking Friends In Bars And Clubs

Now, I bet you’ve heard this all before that in order to avoid cockblocks by friends, you should befriend the group first. And only then go for the girl you’re interested in.

But do you know HOW to actually do that?

In order to deal with cockblocking, most guys just start talking to everyone in the group, introduce themselves, tell some story, and hope for the best. Which is a mediocre approach at best because more often than not people are going to lose interest fast, especially in clubs.

That said, there are many ways to socially engineer the whole situation to your advantage and actually have her friends like you.

The foremost and by far the most powerful way to have the group instantly like you is to make them all laugh, feel joy, and have a good time with you.

But that depends highly on your sense of humor and ability to tell awesome jokes and silly stories that make people laugh. And if you can make the whole group laugh, they’ll like you forever (or until you do something stupid)

guy dancing in club surrounded by women after learning the anti-cockblock techniques to get rid of cockblockers

But apart from getting everyone laughing and enjoying your company through humor – which is not something that everyone can pull off – two of my favorite ways to deal with cockblocking are to either become an “insider” with the girl, or become “indebted” to the group.

The First Anti-Cockblock Technique – Being “Indebted”

Regarding being “indebted”, this may sound incredibly counterintuitive, but people will subconsciously defend and protect someone who owes them a debt or a favor, and root for them to succeed.

But you don’t actually put yourself into their debt per say, by borrowing something, etc. But by saying certain things.

So when you’re talking to the group of friends, tell them something like “Hey guys, I really appreciate how friendly you all are tonight – it’s not every day that I get to meet people who are so positive and fun! I really appreciate the favor because you’ve brightened up my whole day!”

You don’t have to say that exact line, but I hope you get the general idea.

You are thanking them for being awesome people in general (which is a huge compliment, but not a needy one), and for doing you the favor of brightening up your day with their positivity (or friendliness, or whatever).

Think of something that’s authentic to your personality and genuine to how you would talk to people. And thank them for being awesome people and spreading positivity and brightening up your day.

If you sound genuine while doing this – you’ll notice an immediate and HUGE difference in how they will treat you later.

You can then continue to talk to them, have fun, share some funny, interesting, or exciting stories with them.

Then, when the time is right (preferably when you’ve all enjoyed each other’s company for a bit) you need to say something like ‘Hey, so I really dig (the girl you want name) over here – you guys mind if I take her out for a spin? (pointing at the dancefloor)”

Or “Hey, your friend here (point to the girl you like) caught my eye to be honest, and I’d like to get to know her a little bit better – you guys cool with that?”

That’s pretty much getting permission from the entire group to get it in with her, and they will NEVER EVER tell you no at this point if you’ve just been a chill, fun, and cool dude. That’s because the person who says no would look incredibly socially inept, stupid, and buzzkill.

When they inevitably tell you “Sure, go ahead!” or something of the sort – just take her by the hand and go somewhere else. Like to the dancefloor, or just a walk around the club till you find a more private place – and then it’s game on!

Her friends will virtually NEVER cockblock you at this point because they’re all rooting for you and they know your intentions. And they’ve all given you the go ahead in front of each other (which in the offchance that one of them tries something funny you can later use to publicly shame them and they’ll back off, but that almost never happens tbh)

Man in hitting on two women know many ways how to get rid of cockblockers in bars nightclubs and parties

I’ve developed this technique myself after several years of going to clubs for 3-4 days every week when I was working as a bartender. It’s one of the best ways I personally found to deal with cockblockers. Since potential cockblocking friends will not want to look bad in front of each other when after they publicly give you the go ahead.

The Second Way Completely Negates Cockblockers In Advance

The other way of handling cockblocks, the “insider” way, is similar in the way that no one will dare to cockblock you, but the beginning is very different.

Instead of getting in their debt somehow (and there are TONS of ways to do that – the compliment way and them doing you a favor by being awesome is just one little example) you can become an insider of the group by pretending you’ve known the girl you’re interested in for a very long time.

However, this requires you to actually talk to your target for a few seconds BEFOREHAND – before you meet her group.

Before you go up to them and she introduces her group to you – say to her something like “Hey, who are you here with? Let’s play a little joke on them! Let’s pretend we’ve known each other for 10 years (or whatever bogus number you choose) and have a little fun with them!” Say this in a playful yet conspiratorial tone, like wink wink, nudge nudge kind of way.

Most girls will be really into this because it’s fun. It’s like a little lighthearted roleplaying scenario that women love to be a part of.

You can then go and have fun with her and her friends and they’ll never bother cockblocking you. Because they’ll think you’re already friends and will stay out of your business since being a cockblocker would be incredibly rude at this point.

What’s more, if you can set up a roleplaying situation like this before-hand – you’ll build MASSIVE amounts of attraction this way. And will most likely get laid by the time the night is over. But this is going into some really advanced shit right now.

Anyway, to set up a roleplay situation, you can tell her after your plan to have some fun with her friends something like “Let’s pretend I’m (think of some fun scenario) a Russian lion tamer called Ivan Ivanovich, who you used to date right after high-school, and I’ve been away for a long time. But don’t laugh, or you’ll lose! Try to be as serious as possible! Come on, let’s do this!” (in a conspirational tone)

Or whatever – think of something stupid, silly, ridiculous, yet DIFFERENT – this example is just at the top of my head, but dude the sky is the limit here.

Setting Roleplaying Scenarios Will Get You Laid In Clubs

This technique doesn’t just help you deal with cockblocking groups and friends. It also helps you get laid.

When you learn how to start similar roleplaying scenarios with women, you’ll never be seen as a boring man again!

Just make sure to say that last part, no matter the scenario “But don’t laugh, or you’ll lose!” Because it sets up a CHALLENGE for her and makes sure she doesn’t come clean to her friends later.

Then you can both have your little conspiracy together, which is super important here. And if she happens to laugh, she’ll later feel more inclined to go somewhere with you. Because you can call her out on it like she lost a bet and say something like: “Hey, you laughed! Now you get to see my stamp collection!” (which is a great excuse to just pull her home later.)

Anyway, I don’t wanna expand too much on this since the examples of similar roleplay scenarios are endless. Women love them just as much as they love when you tease them the right way.

Suffice it to say, these are two techniques that will completely remove cockblocks if you pull them off right. And the role-play thing is the best way to use her friends to get laid with your target. Because you pretty much get to do any shit you want with her “all for the sake of your conspiracy.”

You can even make out in front of her friends right away using this. Because she’ll be committed to your story by then. Like “Oh yes, my name is Ivan and we used to date. Come here darling!” and just pull her in, and huge makeout.

Setting up a conspiracy roleplay which uses her friends is pretty much the biggest lifehack to get laid in clubs lol. It’s one of my secret weapons because it builds so much comfort, trust, sexual tension and even rapport it’s ridiculous.

Final Thoughts On Cockblocking

Now you know how to deal with cockblocking friends the right way.

Of course, there are many more ways, some better some worse. But I’ve tried dozens of them in the field and these two work the best and most consistently for me personally. Since they gel very well with my personal style of seduction, which is being humorous, teasing, brash and sexy.

If you’re more of a dominant, macho dude then the first technique will probably not work well for you. Since it wouldn’t be congruent with your overall behavior. Since you probably wouldn’t naturally thank people for brightening up your day and so on and so forth.

But the second technique works pretty much for every style of seduction. It’s so powerful in helping you deal with cockblocking simply because you can pretend to be whatever you want during roleplay scenarios. And women really love that.

Finally, when you’re able to do these things right, you’ll get tons of numbers, maybe even same day lays, but most definitely a lot of dates. And when you finally get tons of dates, you better make sure you know what to do on them so the girls want to be your girlfriends and lovers.

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