How to get girls to notice you and give you attention

I’m sure you’ve had this terrible experience before: You’re going about your day and minding your own business, doing various chores, studying or even working . . . and you cross paths with many different and attractive women throughout the day. But for some reason, all the girls seem to ignore you like you’re invisible. Especially the girls you find attractive and really like . . . Which is really frustrating and sad, isn’t it? And that’s why I’ll show you how to get girls to notice you more, so you don’t have this problem anymore.

Being ignored by women is a very common experience for a lot of guys. Which is why learning how to get a cute girl to notice you more than other men is something that’s going to help you a lot in your dating life.

Because it sure sucks when it looks like every other guy is getting attention and you’re always being left on the side, overlooked and passed over. Like there’s something wrong with you or you have a stamp on your forehead that says “Stay away!”

So screw that feeling and listen up: Make sure to read every word below because I’ll reveal the best ways of getting women you find attractive to notice you when you go about your daily life.

This will help you get more opportunities to meet women. And some women will even start approaching you and introducing themselves to you instead.

The secrets of how to get a girl to notice you are in your body language

I’ll get straight to the point: If you want women to really notice you, you need to develop strong, confident and attractive body language.

And after women start noticing you more, you need to use your eye contact in specific ways. To make it known you’ve noticed them as well and to invite them to come over and talk to you. Or to let women know you’re going to approach them yourself to start a conversation.

Below, I’ll explain how to do both these things very successfully. So that you know both how to get women to notice you and also what to do about it later.

That’s because getting them to notice you is just the first step. You must actually do something about it or it won’t make any difference at all and you’ll get no dates out of it.

Oh, and I’ll also cover stuff like wardrobe, attitude, looks and similar things. Because they also have a small role to play in how women see and perceive you.

Yes, I say small role because your body language is way more important than your looks or the clothes you wear when it comes to girls noticing you.

How to get attention from girls using body language

So the key of how to get a hot girl to notice you is to have attractive body language. Which is really wonderful news, to be honest! Because pretty much anyone can develop body language which is powerful, confident and attractive to women.

So here’s the first step to developing this attractive body language:


This one’s really important. Because girls won’t really acknowledge you if you look like a goblin and slouch all the time. Or if you have really weird and bendy posture that’s just unattractive to look at.

So here’s a great secret to fixing your posture: Stand with your back against a wall so your bum, shoulders and head touch it. Then, raise both your arms in a circular motion until they meet at the top. Hold that pose and step away from the wall. While holding that posture, lower your arms — and that’s it! You’ll now have your perfect posture ready to go.

powerful body language techniques

This simple yet really helpful technique is something I’ve learned from a professional dancer. Practice doing it whenever you notice you start slouching and eventually you’ll have great posture.

Relax and let loose

The next step to having confident and powerful body language is to make sure you’re always relaxed and not rigid. That’s because if you move like a robot, being all tense and strung-up, you’ll seem really weird and women will not give you attention.

Here’s how you can practice having relaxed and fluid body language: Take a really deep breath and exhale fully. Move your shoulders and arms around like you’re doing a warming-up exercise. Do a couple of small jumps, shake your hands and loosen up. The key to this exercise is movement. You can even turn on some music to help you get in the groove.

In fact, dancers always have amazing body language, so take that up if you have a chance. Or make it a point to turn on some amazing music you like every once in a while. And then, while you’re alone in your room, just close your eyes and move to its rhythm.

This may sound like really corny and silly advice, but trust me, it really works and will help you develop very attractive and relaxed body language. Plus, virtually all women love a man who can dance, so that’s a huge bonus as well which will definitely come in handy eventually. So being a decent dancer is one of the best ways of how to get attention from girls in general.

Take up as much space as you need

The next step in how to get girls to notice you because of your powerful body language is to take up more space.

You see, confident people are comfortable with themselves and with taking as much space as they need to feel that comfort. So don’t be afraid to take as much room as you need when you’re going about your business.

For example, when you’re sitting down, don’t slouch or sit in a huddled way. Because a lot of men don’t like to stand out and it almost looks like they shrink away, taking up as little space as possible.

Instead, take up as much space as you need to feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to lean back, spread your legs and put your arms wide.

getting girls to notice you

Imagine how you’d sit on your favorite sofa at home . . . You wouldn’t stay huddled in one corner, sinking into yourself. You’d make yourself comfortable since it’s the right thing to do.

Additionally, take up as much space as you need when doing pretty much anything else. When standing around, walking, talking and so on. Your comfort should be the most important thing on your mind and you shouldn’t sacrifice it for anyone . . . unless they ask really nicely! Girls really notice this in men and like it a lot. This is also a reason why girls like bad boys so much and find them attractive.

Confident men are comfortable with themselves and have no trouble owning the space around them.

So stand tall, plant yourself with your feet wide apart and embrace the space around you.

Just don’t become overly aggressive and wild with your movements and gestures. Don’t flail around wildly with your hands as that’s not really owning your space but being insecure and beliggerant.

Move slowly and purposefuly

The next step in getting girls to notice you using body language is to learn to move in certain ways.

You see, even though a confident man who has attractive body language is relaxed and loose, he still moves in a calm, collected and purposeful manner. With slow, steady and almost deliberate movements.

That’s because confident men don’t hesitate with their movements and don’t feel the need to hurry making a move. This is particularly and especially important when you’re eventually touching women and showing them your physicality.

So remember the following:


This point is particularly important when learning how to get a girl to notice you so she’ll give you attention.

That’s because if girls spot you and recognize you, they’ll notice how you move. And if they see that you often hesitate to do something or move in a twitchy way with jerky movements, they won’t find you attractive. That’s why relaxing, slowing down and moving calmly and deliberately is the way to go.

Be expressive with your gestures and face

Another hugely impactful and important thing you can do to get girls to notice you is to be expressive. With your gestures, the tone of your voice, face, movements, etc.

When you’re telling stories and jokes and are talking to people, use your hands and various facial expressions to make what you’re saying much more impactful.

Hand gestures and facial expressions (not to mention your tone of voice) are huge and integral parts of CHARISMA. Something that makes men irresistible to women and makes girls want to chase you.

You see, people who talk with their hands are often viewed as more warm, agreeable and energetic. While those who are stiff, meek and less animated are seen as logical, cold and analytical.

And you definitely want girls to view you as warm and agreeable, instead of cold, if you want them to notice you more.

This is perfect for understanding how to get attention from girls, especially those you like. Because when you become more expressive while talking to people, they’ll simply start liking and enjoying your company more. So don’t be surprised when girls start giving you hints that they like you.

Take care of your looks and wardrobe

Next, take care of your looks and your wardrobe. This isn’t a huge point of how to get women to notice you, to be honest. Because powerful and expressive body language will trump pretty much any expensive clothes you can wear.

This is why we all know the saying that “Clothes don’t make the man!”

how to get a woman to notice you

However, your clothes and appearance still play a role, so they do matter to some extent.

The best thing you can do to take care of these two things (your looks and your wardrobe) is to hit the gym to become fit and wear stylish, comfortable clothes.

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the subject. Because as long as you have a decent sense of style, you don’t need to wear expensive designer clothes to impress women.

And if you’re smart enough to exercise reguarly so you don’t become a fat and lazy slob, you’ll instantly become much more attractive to women.

That’s because your actual looks don’t matter. As long as you’re decently fit, have good hygiene and take care of your grooming. This will solve all the problems related to looks any man can have. And that’s all it takes to get girls to notice you when it comes to appearance.

Be sociable with everyone

Being sociable with people around you is incredibly important for figuring out how to get girls to notice you more. Especially if you’re at school, parties, clubs, bars and pretty much anywhere where there’s tons of people.

That’s because if you sit in the corner all the time and don’t talk to anyone, women will quickly notice this and think you’re a loser. They’ll think you have terrible social skills or anxiety and won’t find you attractive at all.

Incidentally, if you do have terrible social anxiety, then make sure to do the following:


When you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll reiceive an in-depth inner game course which will help you get rid of nervousness, shyness and anxiety around women. It’s really worth the read if you struggle with these insecurities.

How to get attention from girls around you

Anyway, when you’re around women and you want them to notice you, be social with everyone in the room. Girls will quickly take note of this and think you’re a fun, interesting and great guy. You’ll get their attention and they’ll want to hang out with you much more.

Also, look friendly and approachable if you want them to eventually come up and talk to you. Don’t close yourself off with defensive body language such as crossing your arms or frowning too much.

So make it a point to have fun with the people around you. It’s one of the surest ways of how to get girls to notice you and then even approach you because they like you.

Which brings me to my next point:

Hold strong eye contact with girls who notice you

Once girls actually start noticing you, they’ll want to know who you are. They’ll start looking in your general direction and then your eyes might lock.

When this happens and you lock eyes with a girl who’s noticed you, don’t break eye contact. Instead, hold it and let her be the one to look away.

That’s because if you break eye contact first or if you look away in a shy matter or down at your feet, it’ll show her you’re not confident at all. She’ll notice you’re meek and timid or shy and awkward and she won’t want to talk to you.

Instead, hold her gaze and don’t look away.

If she holds it as well and more than a few moments pass, you’ll want to do something to make it look like you’re not just awkwardly staring at her.

You can smile warmly at her or make a sly grin as if you know something she doesn’t or even nod at her to acknowledge her. This will intrigue her and make her notice you. Which will make her want to approach you and see who you are. Or at least start wondering something like “Who’s this fun guy?”

This is how to get a girl to notice you like her when she’s already interested in finding out who you are.

If she doesn’t approach you herself, you can approach her instead. Remember, walk in a relaxed, calm, and purposeful manner. Don’t hesitate and approach with confidence. Then introduce yourself, tell her you’ve noticed something about her and you wanted to find out who she was. If you do all this correctly, she’ll want to talk to you to see who you are as well.

There are many great ways to approach women and get their numbers. So you’re sure to get plenty of dates doing this.

Final thoughts on how to get girls to notice you

Once girls start noticing you because you show powerful and attractive body language, they’ll want to talk to you.

And once you talk to them, you’ll eventually start getting their numbers. After that, you should call them or text them to set up a date.

how to get girls to notice you

But do you actually know what to do on that date so she likes you and thinks your amazing and then wants to sleep with you?

You see, too many guys get numbers and go on dates . . . But because they don’t really know what to do, they screw things up and the girls don’t give them anymore chances.

So it’s very important you know how to attract women on your dates and later seduce them. By having tons of fun, connecting with them on a deeper level . . . Then flirting with them and teasing them to spark emotions and create tons of attraction. And then building chemistry and sexual tension so they become aroused and horny and want to sleep with you themselves.

To learn how to do all that so you don’t waste your time and money going on dates that don’t lead to anything, go see how to get laid on the first date every time.

Learning how to have an amazing first date that virtually always ends up with passionate sex is one of the most important life skills a man can learn.


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