How to Make a Married Woman Fall in Love with You Madly

Today I’ll show you exactly how to attract a married woman to love you and care for you deeply. As well as how to flirt with her successfully so she wants to be with you.

Some people won’t like this topic because they feel it’s dishonest to make a marriage fail to steal away a woman.

That said, there are many women right now who are in loveless and failed marriages. So I wouldn’t want to give sleeping with married woman advice very lightly.

That’s why this article on attracting married women is SOLELY and SPECIFICALLY to make women who are already in terrible marriages happier. By showing them it’s okay to leave their husbands who treat them terribly and to start a new, better and happier relationship with someone else. In this case, hopefully, you.

How to attract a married woman successfully and help her out

Hitting on married women to attract them should be done carefully, and never in a very blatant way. Because you never know who might be watching.

Even if she likes you, she won’t show it to you if her friends or acquaintances are near her. Because word might travel and her husband or children may find out. Which will cause a total disaster in her already tumultuous relationship.

That’s why if you want to attract married women, you should always do it discreetly and with a bit of tact. This means if you want to start hitting on married women, you should only do it when you’re both somewhere private, away from people who they may know. Never start hitting on them when they’re around others. Especially if it’s a work or a school setting.

Flirting with married women isn’t much different from flirting with just about any other woman.

The main difference is that you have to be more discreet in the beginning. So using your eye contact, body language and facial expressions correctly is significantly more important than flirting verbally.

how to flirt with married woman

That’s because you first want to screen her if she’s interested in other men. Or if she does not want to even entertain the idea of dating another man while she’s married.

That’s because, for the man, the repercussions will be minor if things progress further. And for her, her whole life may drastically change if she decides to divorce her husband and leave him for someone else. That’s why married women will put much more thought into flirting and involving themselves with other men than single ones. Since they have to be sure it’s worth it in the end.

How to flirt with Married Woman Successfully

Please keep the above in mind when learning how to flirt with a married woman because it’s important to your eventual success.

So, when you see a woman you like and you know she’s married, lock eyes with her and keep strong eye contact. Smile warmly or in a sly and cheeky manner, as if you know something she doesn’t, use your facial expressions to convey what you want and nod your head at her or otherwise acknowledge her.

Then wait for her reaction and see what she does. If she smiles, nods back at you, waves, beckons you over or does something similar that’s positive and inviting, then you’re free to walk up to her and chat her up. You should do so as well even if she just looks away in a shy manner but still smiles because that’s a clear sign of submission to your charm.

But if there’s any negative reaction like frowning, scowling or quickly looking away from you. Or even if there’s a completely neutral, lifeless reaction without any expression whatsoever, as if she doesn’t give a damn about you, then you shouldn’t approach her. This means she’s either completely not interested in you or doesn’t want to meet anyone right now. Or she’s actually in a great marriage and isn’t interested in other men at all, which you should always respect.

Now that you’ve gotten her attention and approached her, it’s time to figure out if you can proceed further and if she’s open to being with someone else. Because just flirting with her is a small part of how to attract a married woman. There’s something much more important to your success which I’ll talk about below.

Figuring out where you stand

To do that, you need to look around and become aware of any other people who are around you.

If there’s someone there, then you need to be straight with her and not play games for a little while. This is to give her an out and a possibility to reject you politely, so she may “save face” if she’s around someone who might tell her husband or gossip about her.

You can do so by saying “Hey, I think you’re very attractive and I’d like to get to know you. Is it okay if we talk?”

This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s the absolute best way to ensure she won’t get into any trouble.

See what she replies and then proceed accordingly. If it’s a positive reply, you can begin flirting with her as you would with any other woman. Because the fact she’s a married woman stops being significant anymore.

If, however, she’s alone and there’s no chance of anyone overhearing your conversation, you don’t need to ask her this and you can instead proceed to get right to chit-chat and then flirting.

Flirting with married women isn’t difficult

Once you get past the small talk, you should then proceed with flirting with her. Just like you’d flirt with any other woman.

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In fact, flirting with a married woman is often much easier, especially if she’s in a sexless or loveless marriage. Because she’ll often want what she doesn’t already have and will be more open to your advances.

This will involve becoming more playful and physical with her as well as using stuff like teasing, pushing and pulling, roleplaying, being open and direct about what you want. As well as eventually creating some sexual tension. Because this is how to make a married woman want you sexually.

hitting on married women successfully

Also, for your flirting to go much better than usual, involve a lot of physical touching and strong eye contact.

Eye contact in itself is massively important because it’s proven to create feelings of closeness and intimacy in people. That’s why you should always be expressive with your eyes when flirting with married women or any other woman for that matter.

Additionally, there’s almost nothing that builds as much attraction as quickly as physically touching women at appropriate moments. Because without physical touch, there can never be real and raw sexual attraction. And sensual physical touching is at the core of how to make a married woman want you sexually.

So don’t hesitate to touch her when you have the chance so you understand how to flirt with a married woman. Just don’t make it very obvious like you’re doing so robotically just to touch her. Do it more discreetly, by tapping her on the shoulder when you make a point. By high-fiving her or giving a similar reaffirming physical gesture when she says something awesome, funny or to your liking.

Don’t be afraid to nudge her, push her away playfully and touch her in similar ways when she says something weird, dumb, silly or uncool.

The point is, to touch her as much as possible and have a perfect eye contact game.

Sleeping with Married Women

Finally, when learning how to attract a married woman so she falls in love with you and wants you sexually, you should make it a point to show you can offer her more than her current relationship can.

This is what all women who are in horrible and failed marriages want. They want what their current husbands can’t offer them. Wives report more dissatisfaction with their marriages than men do, so you figure out the cause.

It may be companionship, attention, time, sex, love, care, or even something as simple yet important as stimulating conversations. It’s important to figure these things out and use them to seal the deal.

So when you’re flirting with a married woman after you’ve taken her on a date, make sure to figure out what her current problems with her husband are. And then see if you can convey you can give her exactly what she craves from a man.

However, you should only do this when you’re deep in the date. After getting to know each other on a deeper level and building a more intimate connection.

Otherwise, it’ll seem like you’re trying too hard to pry into her personal life. Which will make you look like you have an ulterior motive.

Again, the core point of how to make a married woman love you and want you is to figure out what she’s currently lacking in her relationship, and then convince you can give that to her.

Otherwise, you should proceed as normal and focus on having a great time with her on your date. Laughing, teasing each other, seeing if you have good chemistry together and are compatible.

This is the key of how to attract married women successfully and it lies in being discreet and figuring out what they want.

How to attract a married woman at work without getting into trouble

Work environments are a bit different when it comes to attracting married women.

Because they may end your career if things go wrong and HR gets notified that you’re hitting on married women.

So, in all honesty, I would sincerely advise against trying to flirt with married women in your workplace.

But if there’s a woman who’s married and is working where you are and you KNOW for a fact she’s in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage, then of course you should try and fix that.

However, you’ll have to be even more discreet when trying to flirt with her and talk about the whole thing. Because it’s doubly dangerous since you don’t want anyone in your work finding out.

That’s why it’s always best to leave these things for after-hours. By nonchalantly and DISCREETLY suggesting a ride home or to grab drinks or coffee after work.

how to attract a married woman at work

If she accepts, don’t consider it a date but more of a chance to get to know her. While you’re with her, try to figure out if she’s happy in her marriage. If she’s not, see if she’s interested in getting out of it and dating other men. And only then, tell her you actually like her and would like to take her out, discreetly.

And if there’s a negative reaction, play it off as you just being friendly towards a coworker, without any ulterior motives. Because you were just bored and thought it would be cool to spend some time getting to know the people you work with. This usually works well to avoid potential horrible consequences. And any suits of sexual harassment in the workplace, which can end your career very quickly. That’s how you can attract a married woman at work without it causing problems.

Getting her to Leave Her Husband

Attracting married women to love you inevitably leads to this conclusion if you want to stay together.

So let’s say after figuring out how to flirt with a married woman, you’ve done it successfully. Had several great dates and now know you have amazing chemistry together. You also found out you’re both compatible and can make each other happy in the future.

Now you’ll need to broach the inevitable, all-important question of “When will you leave your husband for me?” Or even if she’s willing to at all.

You need to do this eventually because there’s no point in her dragging out the failed marriage and making things worse by staying put in a horrible place.

So when’s the best time to do it?

flirting with married women leads to divorce

After you’ve already established a sexual relationship and want to make plans together for the future. Which often means you’ve spent several months seeing each other.

This will ensure she will actually want to leave her husband for you because you’ve made it evident that you can have a great time and a great life together. In addition to being able to give her all the important things, her husband couldn’t, like your affection, time and attention.

Now, when you actually do ask her this important question, you have to be firm and serious. You’ll also need to set up a boundary and make it clear to her that you want to have a serious relationship with her. As opposed to just being a lover from time to time.

I’m against issuing ultimatums to people, but this is one instance where it’s extremely important to do so.

Tell her you love spending time with her, but you have to know it will lead somewhere. Because you don’t want to waste your time on just being a lover. You want her to leave her husband and be with you instead.

Final thoughts on attracting and flirting with married women

You now know exactly how to attract a married woman to love you, care for you and then leave her husband to be with you.

You should now also understand how to make a married woman want you sexually, but I’ll eventually write a whole separate thing about doing so in the best and fastest way.

It’s not just about turning her on and making her wet to have sex with her. But about truly figuring out what she’s lacking in her marriage and showing you can provide it.

I sincerely hope you don’t use this knowledge to try and break up any great marriages. Because that’s very manipulative and extremely unethical.

You should only use your knowledge of how to flirt with a married woman to get them away from marriages where they’re extremely unhappy. Otherwise, you’re going to be just as bad as their terrible husbands who they want to leave.

The important point to remember is always discretion. Good luck!

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