Should I Text Her Again If She Doesn’t Reply?

Lots of guys who are dating these days are wondering “Should I text her again if she doesn’t reply to my message?”

The answer is, unsurprisingly, IT DEPENDS.

In some instances, you should definitely text her again. While in others, it’s really important you don’t double-text her so she doesn’t think you’re desperate or needy.

So what should you do when a girl doesn’t text back?

Easy – you wait a few days or even weeks and then try again. And you’ll often get another chance with her.

Now, make sure to read everything below to understand how long you have to wait before sending her another message.

what to do when a girl doesn’t text back

So when’s the best time to send her a message then, if she’s gone silent?

Well, when I was dating around very actively, meeting literally hundreds of women every month during daygame and nightgame, I ran into many girls who didn’t reply to my texts.

I used to double-text all the time and it often pushed these girls away. Because it made me seem like I was really desperate to meet them, which is never attractive. Which is why you shouldn’t text girls every day, in most cases.

disappointed woman looking at phone reading a text from a man who sent her a message

So, my go-to tactic became the following: I would message her once and then wait for her reply.

If she didn’t text me back, I’d forget that number for a few days – and sometimes even weeks – and go about my normal business, not even thinking about her. And then I’d send her an SMS whenever I happen to remember her. Which could be anywhere between 3 to 20 days or so.

What’s more, since I was already going out and meeting many other women and having many successful first dates that ended up with me getting laid, it wasn’t that difficult to do. Since I had enough things on my plate to sit around on my hands, waiting for her to reply.

Then, whenever I happened to remember that particular girl, I’d text her something to see how she was doing. Even things like “Hey, just passed <something> that reminded me of you. What are you up to?” can do the trick.

Or I’d send some cheeky text, teasing her about something I remember about her. Or asking if she has an evil twin because I think I saw her in town. And possibly even using some callback humor if we happen to share a laugh when we first met.

Basically, anything that can make her remember you vividly and your sense of humor will be very effective at sparking her interest again. Which is exactly what to do when a girl doesn’t text back to gain back her focus.

However, if you aren’t meeting many girls then this may be difficult for you. Since you won’t keep yourself busy and will ruminate about the girl not texting you back. Which can often make you go crazy and start texting her many times, ruining all your chances with her. So don’t do that and WAIT!

Women sometimes get busy too and forget about things

Thing is, women can get just as busy as men can, and they can be as forgetful as us as well. Especially if they have a lot of work, school or other responsibilities.

So don’t just give up if a girl doesn’t text you back and try again after a while. Because people can simply get too busy with their lives to think about a guy they met and exchanged numbers with.

Unless, of course, you’ve already been texting a lot – and she stopped replying to you. Then it’s possible that you may have said something stupid or hurtful and she doesn’t want to speak to you again. But that’s a specific event of why women wouldn’t reply to your messages. I’m talking more about when you get a girl’s number and want to set up a date with her and ask her out for coffee over text, for instance.

So, here’s a good way to show you how it works so you can get good results:

  • If you text her too soon and too many times, then you’ll probably never get together with her, in 90% of cases. Because it’s unattractive and shows you’re thinking of her constantly and have nothing better to do with your life.
  • If you wait way too long, like months, then she’s going to forget about you completely or think that you’re not interested in here at all.
  • If you text her within a few days to several weeks – chances are decent that she’s going to re-engage with you again and you’ll get a date out of it.

How many days to wait before texting?

The absolute best thing to do would be to go about your day and text her when you remember her. Just like I did when I was actively dating around.

However, this requires you to actually be busy and have an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY with women. Which is not easy if you’re not having your sexual needs met and are desperate for love.

So, wait at least a couple of days at the least if you plan on texting her again as soon as possible.

You can even send a text like “Hey, got real busy for a few days but just remembered you and your awesome smile! Come meet me for drinks this Friday at 8pm at <location>!”

Chances are good that she’ll reply when you do it like that.

So, to recap, you have to find the middle ground. Instead of texting too much or not texting at all.

Some guys simply give up and never text again, which is also a horrible mistakes. That’s why you should send a message after a while to see how she’s doing and if she’d be interested in going out with you and you’ll often get a reply back. You have nothing to lose.

And if she doesn’t reply after your second message, then get on with your life, go meet other girls, and maybe text her once more in a month or so. Because sometimes I got dates even after doing that, though not very often.

Good luck!


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