I Need to Get Laid Tonight – Getting it on, Guaranteed!

So you’re a guy, and you say to yourself: “I need to get laid tonight! I want you to show me how to get laid guaranteed and fast!”

Well, first of all – holy crap! If you’re really that set on getting laid at all costs – go hire a prostitute!

Second of all – chill out, I’ve got you covered! Contrary to popular belief, getting laid is pretty easy, if you’re in the right place and at the right time. Sex is nothing special – it’s a natural, pleasant, and mutually beneficial physical act that two people who like each other often do. If you stop making such a big deal of it – you’ll have a much easier time getting laid in college, in high-school, at parties, clubs, after a date, and so on.

That’s because being successful with women is all about your inner game. So, the best way to get laid is to first get yourself in order by getting rid of your anxiety, hangups, shame, and other mental blocks which hold you back from getting laid as much as you want. Then by following some simple guidelines that I’m going to show you below, which will guarantee that you’ll be hooking up wherever you go.

I went through this whole thing when I was about 19 years old. I was a total pussy; timid, meek, full of shame, anxiety, and nervousness, and still a virgin – then I got my inner game in order and followed these guidelines – and I went from having nothing to multiple fuckbuddies for every day of the week.

Anyone can do it – but fixing your inner game ain’t easy or fast!


easiest way to get laid

I Need to Get Laid Tonight!

Well, good for you! If you need to get laid, then listen up.

Can you approach a girl – any girl – and talk to her like she’s a normal person?

This is the fundamental test which will tell me if you’re ready to go out and meet women, or if you have to work on yourself first.

If you can’t even walk up to a girl and say “Hello!”, and start a conversation with her without your voice breaking, without your arms shaking, without your eye contact being all over the place, and without your nerves getting the best of you – then you must first get all of those things in order. That’s because all of the guidelines I write below to show you the easiest and best way to get laid only work if you can already talk normally to women and have a decent grasp of inner game.

Oh! And if you think that you have to be supremely confident to get laid, then think again!

That shit never works because no one is 100% confident all of the time. Confidence is something that fluctuates throughout your day and varies hourly depending on what you have going on in your life and the things that you’re doing. I’m not a very confident guy, but I can get my confidence up to high levels when I’m going out – that’s the secret! For a more in-depth explanation on the confidence myth and the fact that to get laid tonight you don’t have to be super confident, go read this: The Importance of Developing Self Confidence and The Fundamental Confidence Scam!

Now, when you’ve finally stopped worrying or feeling sorry for yourself because you’re not a naturally confident person – let’s get on to showing you the best way to get laid.

The Best Way to Get Laid – Guaranteed!

1 – Go Where the Women Are

The first step is nothing new or special – go to a bar, a club, or a party where there are a lot of women who you find attractive, as these are the easiest places to get laid.

You may not think it, but there are many women in popular clubs each and every night who go there specifically to find an attractive guy to have sex with. Same as there are tons of guys who are looking for a girl to go home with. So, stop thinking that you have to “get” women to come home with you, and instead come with the mindset of finding a girl who’s already up for lots of fun with someone special, and showing her that you’re the special guy she’s going to have that fun with!

This change in mindset will help you if you really think you NEED to get laid tonight. Trust me, in any club where there are over 50 people, there will be several girls who are just looking for a quick and fun hookup because women want sex as much as you do, and they also feel the need to get laid when they want to!

So, with that mindset, start mingling, having fun, and approach the women you find attractive.

2 – Stop Putting Beautiful Women on a Pedestal


In other words – Don’t put gorgeous women on a pedestal!

This is the difference between never getting laid when you’re going out and meeting beautiful women, to having as many sexual encounters as you want.

It may sound too simple, but talking to a hotty like she’s a normal person, having fun with her without thinking she’s special, and not sucking up to her and not trying to look perfect is something that almost no guy she meets ever does. Most guys turn into a mess when they start talking to a smoking hot girl who they like, and the girl sees it right away. She understands that you have low self-esteem, aren’t a real man, and that you’re afraid of her and ashamed of your sexuality.

So, if you just talk to her like she’s one of your buddies – or better yet, your fuckbuddies – you’ll do much better than 90% of men already do.

Desperation and neediness are one of the biggest turnoffs, so get ahead of everyone else who wants to get laid by showing that you can actually talk to a girl like you’ve already had sex together before.

If you’re a virgin – fake it till you make it – but if you’re not, then remember the time when you got laid and how the whole interaction changed and became much more chill, relaxed, smooth, and pressure-free. Channel that and talk to her in that smooth, chill, relaxed, and pressure-free way, and you’ll get that much closer to getting laid with her tonight.

All of this will make you stand out from most guys who she has met, and if you combine that with you simply being there to have a fun, interesting, or exciting conversation with her, she’ll naturally find you attractive.

3 – Create Sexual Tension

getting laid using sexual tension

If you want to know how to get laid fast, you must understand that attractiveness is just the first step. It means that she likes you. But liking you is not enough to get laid!

Once you show her that you don’t care about how hot she is and she sees that you’re not desperate, needy, creepy, or weird – you have to create some sexual tension, or you won’t get anywhere with her that night!

Without sexual tension – no woman will want to sleep with you. It’s what separates you from being “just friends” and “lovers”. For a woman to have sex with you, especially a woman who you’ve just met tonight and want to get laid guaranteed with her, there has to be at least some sexual tension involved. This is what makes her WANT YOU sexually – the thing which makes women aroused and horny.

You can create sexual tension in many ways, but my favorite ones are these five: strong eye contact, physicality, teasing, masculine presence, and showing your sexual intent (without actually stating it, for bonus points). 

Strong eye contact, proper physicality and escalation, and teasing can be learne – they’re not that hard to do after you’ve practiced a little bit. But masculine presence and showing your sexual intent is where the hard part begins because they depend highly on your inner game and self-esteem, and your self-esteem is usually the culprit that prevents a lot of guys from getting laid on a regular basis.

For example, you can, during the course of your conversation and after you notice that she LIKES you a lot, just tell her that you want her. That would be stating your sexual intent directly, and this is something that works really well, but it definitely has its drawbacks. When you tell the girl directly that you want her, you have to have impeccable inner game; the statement has to be completely congruent with your actions, your attitude, and how you carry yourself – she has to see that this is who you are and how you do things and that it’s not a gimmick or “tactic”. That’s why this is definitely not the easiest way to get laid because the direct approach is risky for a beginner who doesn’t yet have his shit together.

So, what works much better, is showing your sexual intent without actually stating it. Through wordplay, nuance, double entendres, euphemisms, jabs, jokes, witty comments, offhand remarks, etc. This is a much more powerful way to show that you want her sexually, but not explicitly state it. It also creates an ambiguous situation where she sees that she enjoys time with you, notices that you want her sexually, but is not really sure that you’re “sold” on her yet. And that creates a lot of mystery, allure, and makes her wonder constantly whether you actually like her or not, prompting her to chase you even more. Incidentally, that’s why seduction is called “a game”.

Just don’t forget that it’s just one part of the whole thing, and that to get laid guaranteed, tonight, with that girl, you still have to be physical with her and maintain strong eye contact. Those two things are critical if you need to get laid tonight and do it consistently! That’s because she must be comfortable with your touch before she gets comfortable with being alone with you. And, strong eye contact is proven to increase feelings of trust, arousal, lust, and even love between any two people of the opposite sex, no matter how little or long they’ve known each other.

Trust me on this, I’ve slept with more women than I can count, and when I thought that I need to get laid the same night when I went out, I simply focused mostly on these two things with all the attractive women I’ve talked to that evening, and I’ve ended up pulling nearly every single night. Strong eye contact, and strong physicality with continuous but gradual escalation. Learn these two things if you want to learn how to get laid fast, google it if you have to – but these things are the most important thing you need to master to start getting laid consistently, night after night. These are the two external things.

Combine them with the two internal things, with showing masculine presence and your sexual intent – and you’ll be having as much sex as you can handle because that’s the easiest and best way to get laid.

Masculine Presence is something you develop throughout your life. It’s what separates boys from men. It’s charisma, dominance, authenticity, passion, self-reliance, self-respect, and other similar things, which I name here: The Main Attractive Character Traits That Make Men Irresistible to Women! This is all inner game stuff, and there’s never a quick way to fix this since it depends entirely on how much time and effort you put into self-improvement and developing yourself and your personality.

Finally, you can learn about teasing here: How to Tease a Girl and Why Teasing on Dates is Massively Important! It’s one of the most effective ways to build both massive attraction and sexual tension with any girl you meet. I rely on this each and every single time I’m out, and it never fails.

4 – Leading the Interaction

This is a very short step, but it has to be mentioned as it’s a crucial point to getting laid consistently every night you go out.

You have to lead the whole interaction. Always.

Leadership is a very attractive trait, but you don’t genuinely have to be a great leader, you just have to LEAD WHERE THE NIGHT IS GOING.

This means that after she likes you – she’s in your world now. You tell her the things you’re going to do – you don’t ask her for permission about ANYTHING.

Never “What do you want to do?” “So where do you want to go?” “What would you like to listen to?” or any such bullshit. She’s there to experience you and see who you are, and what life you live. Always go with “Let’s go there, Let’s do that, Come, we’re going to…” and so on and so forth.

Lead the entire night – it’s the easiest way to get laid when you combine this incredibly attractive and masculine trait with everything else I talk about.

5 – Logistics and Pulling

After you’ve done all of the above and it went well, it’s time to take the girl you’re interested in to your place. This is where logistics come into play, and they can make or break your whole night out.

Quite obviously, the best way to get laid consistently would be to have your place be right next to a popular club. You’d just tell the girl something like “Hey, let’s go party here! It’s literally two steps away!”, and they’d be up for it because it wouldn’t disrupt the flow of their evening at all! Unfortunately, most of us don’t live right next to a great club, so we have to either drive, take a cab, bus, or another transport home, or walk. In truth, if your place is just 5-20 minutes away on foot, walking beats absolutely everything. Because you can walk hand in hand, keep up the sexual tension, joke around, flirt some more, tease, etc. to keep the fun flowing and going.

In truth, if your place is just 5-20 minutes away on foot, walking beats absolutely everything. Because you can walk hand in hand, keep up the sexual tension, joke around, flirt some more, tease, etc. to keep the fun flowing and going.

The next best thing is to take a cab. They’re quick and painless, but it may be awkward, depending on the driver and on you. And, unfortunately, if you live like 40+ minutes away from the club by car, then your chances of getting laid the same night, as much as you want and need it, are getting very close to zero – unless you’re brilliant at maintaining that all-important sexual tension. That’s because interest fades, the fun vibe fades, and if the ride takes too long, the girl will start to become less emotional and more logical, and much less prone for a hookup – so you getting laid with her will be less and less likely as more times passes during the boring cab ride.

So, to get laid tonight, plan your logistics accordingly! It’s better to just take a hotel or motel if you’re living 40+ minutes away. I’m not saying that you’ll never be getting laid if you live too far, but this is something that’s tested many many times, and your chances go way, way down, the farther you have to travel. Because to get laid guaranteed, tonight, with the hot girl – it all has to be “spontaneous”, emotional, and look as if it was just meant to be. And taking a 40+ minute drive is anything but that 🙂

Lastly, Let’s Talk About Pulling!

Pulling is not that hard to do at all. In fact, it’s the easiest thing in the world if the girl likes you already. Just find a good pretext to invite her to your place, and she’ll accept the vast majority of the time.

the best way to get laid fast

And as luck would have it, anything can be a pretext, if it sounds fun enough. “Hey, let’s get out of here, I make the best pancakes in New York!”, “Hey, let’s go by my place, i’ll introduce you to my wonderful roommate, his name’s Fluffy and he likes to lick noses!”, or “Hey, this is starting to wind down. Come with me, I’ll make you a milkshake like you’ve never had before and show you some of my travel videos I’m editing” or whatever it is.

Any excuse works – it just gives plausible deniability to her so that she won’t think “Ok, now we’re going to his place to fuck”. Instead, she accepts this “innocent” proposition – but make no mistake – nearly all girls understand what’s going on, and if they weren’t looking to sleep with you because they found you attractive and there was enough sexual tension, they wouldn’t go home with you no matter what. Unless they’re incredibly naive.


So let’s recap. When I need to get laid, I simply follow the five steps above: I go to where the girls are, I talk to them like they are normal people and stop putting them on a pedestal which creates attraction, I then create sexual tension and more attraction through strong eye contact, physicality and escalation, teasing, masculine presence, and sexual intent, and then I have some comfortable logistics in mind, and then just pull by giving a nice excuse as to why we should swing by my place.

And this is the best way to get laid tonight, guaranteed. I’ve done this literally hundreds of times on hundreds of girls, and I pull on a very consistent basis. Getting laid has never been easier once you learn and then practice, and master all of the above. There may be some nuances to it later, but the more you practice, the more you’ll iron things out and the easier it will become.

Also, if you’re fat and physically unattractive – this will most likely not work for you since you’ll probably have hangups about your looks and very low self-esteem. So, hit the gym, groom yourself, get your appearance in order, and then do all this because it will work wonders if you need to get laid tonight.

I guarantee you, it’s never been easier getting laid than through mastery of all of the above. It may take you a bit to get the hang of things – but I’ve taught this approach to many guys and they all have a great sex-life now.

But this is just the short version and explanation. There’s actually much more to it than that and more things to learn if you want to quickly get the hang of it.


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