10 Tips on How to Act at a Party

If you are invited and want to know how to act at a party so that you can socialize with ease and be able to quickly meet new people and have them like you, then read this through!

This is a guide for beginners, and people who tend to be socially awkward.

Parties are one of the absolute best places to meet women, and there are usually many girls there who are open to new experiences. It’s also a great place to simply socialize, have fun, and meet new people who can later become your friends and a part of your ever-expanding social circle.

I’ll give you 10 Great Tips which will help you if you want to socialize at a house party or any other social gathering where you can meet new people. These tips will make sure that you’re not left out of the fun – and you don’t even have to know anyone there to apply them!

how to be social at a party and socialize
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How to act at a party with strangers

Here are the 10 main tips on how to be social at a party where you either know no one or only very few people:

1. Introduce yourself immediately to the people there and be friendly.

That’s because the longer you wait to talk to people at a party, the more you start to get cold feet, and the lower your confidence levels become, causing you to feel awkward, and anxious, and then want to leave. So, make it a point to start early and be your host by going around and introducing yourself to EVERYONE there who you don’t already know. A simple “Hey, I’m <whatyourname>. Nice to meet you!” will do just fine. You can then ask if they know anyone here, or if they know the host, and go from there. If you go around and do this with everyone who you don’t know, others will eventually start to notice and see that you’re friendly and social, and they’ll like you even more! It’s a great way to eventually become known by everyone and it’s one of the main ways on how to be the life of the party!

2. Do not worry about feeling awkward because you don’t know anyone there.

The fact is, nobody cares because they’re busy thinking about how everyone else sees and perceives them at that party. More often than not, many of the people who you’re going to meet there feel awkward as well, and if you’re even remotely confident and friendly and they aren’t assholes and complete jerks, almost anyone will talk to you and accept you when you come to them and start a conversation. People to go parties to socialize and make friends, find lovers, or have fun – so meeting new people is always implied and expected and is the right thing to do – so don’t be afraid to start. If you’re super worried about not knowing anyone at a party, the absolute best policy is to simply be honest about it, saying stuff like “Hi, my name is <whatever>. I don’t really know anyone here. How about You?” This will start a conversation with you guys talking about other people at the party, or even each other.

3. Use proper and good social etiquette.

Socializing at a party means that you have to try to be friendly and make eye contact with everyone you talk to. Don’t forget to stand up straight, don’t slouch, and have friendly and open body language. Be present and give the people who you talk to your full attention. The key to being social at a party is to listen to the people who you meet there not just to answer their questions, but to get to know them. This way, you will seem very genuine and authentic, and people will want to talk to you more. Also, one of the most important things when socializing at a party, or any social event altogether, is to remember the names of the people who you’re talking to and, most importantly, use their names during your conversations. This will command massive respect and make them like you even more, and it’s one of the most important points when learning how to act at a party and socialize with others. 

4. After meeting everyone at the party, choose one to three people who you genuinely enjoyed talking to, and speak to them and get to know them.

You can’t expect to connect with everyone there, so just pick the people who you liked the most and who you thought loved you the most, and continue to get to know them better. However, don’t blow off others who are trying to talk to you, thinking you need to meet everyone first or maybe that there’s someone there better for you. In all likelihood, someone else there is looking to meet someone new, and if you blow them off or clam up, it sends vibes to everyone that you’re not friendly. So, treat people who approach you and want to talk to you the same way you would want to be treated when you approach someone new at a party and are trying to be social. Otherwise, everyone there will think that you’re rude and that you have some sort of agenda – and if girls sense that you have an agenda to get laid and not to be social and have fun, then you’ll never have a chance to score with any of them.

5. Take a break if you get overwhelmed.

If you’re socializing at a party a lot, then you’re learning many new names, having many new conversations, and meeting new people and getting to know them. Usually, it’s a huge information overload, which is stressful and difficult for everyone out there. If you think that you need a break, go to the bathroom at some point or get outside for some fresh air. Take a moment alone and recoup, feel the vibe of the party, smile and enjoy the moment by yourself because you’re taking the necessary action to improve your social skills and meet new people. After taking a moment for yourself, you’ll feel refreshed and can jump right back in and start socializing again. While it’s great that you want to learn how to act at a party, remember that you’re not a Robot and that it’s perfectly okay to take a break because meeting new people at parties and being very social takes a lot of energy, especially if you’re an introvert or tend to be introverted rather than extroverted.

6. If at any point you get nervous, shy, or anxious, make sure to fight the urge to leave early.

It sets a bad precedent and makes it harder to meet new people and socialize in the future. Just take it slow, don’t force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with if it’s your first time, but still remind yourself that you’re there to meet new people, get to know them, and simply have fun. With time, you’ll eventually get comfortable with this, and socializing will be second nature to you, especially if you just let yourself relax, be in the moment, and just start with one person at a time.

7. Don’t hang out near the walls and avoid other people.

Fact is, the only way to be social at a party and meet people is to put yourself out there. Try making eye contact, laughing with someone, introducing yourself, joining in activities; anything but standing by yourself while staring awkwardly. There’s nothing worse than doing nothing at all and not taking action. You’re there to be social and learn, and ultimately have fun – and you can’t do that if you’re staring at a wall and avoiding everyone.

8. A great tip for socializing for beginners is to go to a party early, especially if it’s a party where you will hardly know anyone.

This makes it easy to get to know the other early birds there, as well as the host because he’ll be much less busy and will have lots of time to talk to everyone there. Then, when the other people arrive at the party later, they will see you as someone who’s already part of the crowd and who knows the others there. This will give you a perceived advantage because people will think that you’re already in with the crowd, and when people start arriving, you can greet them and introduce yourself much more easily. Don’t forget to offer them a welcome drink, unless the host is already doing that.

9. Don’t get too drunk. 

This one should be pretty obvious but it still has to be said. When learning how to socialize at a party, if you go there and get drunk off your tits, become unpleasant, unbearable, start slurring your words and seem obviously drunk, no one there will ever want to invite you to another party. No one likes to deal with people who go to parties just to get drunk, so please don’t be that guy. A drink or two to loosen up and relax is great, but if people see you chugging alcohol like you’re preparing to hibernate for the winter, they won’t want to talk to you.

10. Finally, if you enjoy being with someone and genuinely like the person you’re talking to, don’t be afraid to ask if they ever want to hang out or do something again with you.

A simple “Hey, you’re awesome, let’s do something again sometime!” If they like you as well, just exchange numbers and then invite them to do something when you’re throwing a party yourself or are planning a fun activity. That is how you expand your social circle and make new friends at a party.

I hope these 10 tips help you if you’re new and want to learn how to act at a party, be social, and meet new people. Socializing at a house party or a general one is not that difficult at all because most people there are already worried about how others will perceive them and they’re not that focused on you and what you’re doing. Just remember to be friendly, smile, and introduce yourself to everyone you meet who you don’t already know. “Hey! I haven’t met you yet! I’m so and so, what’s your name?” always works.

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Getting Laid at Parties

The truth is that it’s never easy to go somewhere without knowing anybody there. For total beginners, it can take you a few parties to get comfortable with this and with being able to socialize at a party with ease. For me, it took at least 3 parties and social events alone before I got comfortable with approaching and meeting new people on my own. It’s also a start to learn how to be the life of the party.

No one’s born with excellent social skills and everyone has to learn them. Some are lucky enough to quickly pick things up naturally while they’re growing up and through their life experiences, while others have to take the necessary time and effort to practice and learn these things consciously.

When you’re eventually comfortable with this and understand how to act at a party and socialize with others so that you can effortlessly approach and meet you people and talk to them, your next step will be to start meeting girls and women who you’re interested in and then getting laid! For that, make sure to read: How to Get Laid at a Party and Why Most Guys Don’t

How to make your move at a party

Finally, when you’ve met a girl who you like at a party after being very social, you’re bound to eventually get a few good numbers and set up some dates.

Knowing how to act at a party is one thing, but it’s just the beginning of your journey to becoming successful with women. To know how to consistently get laid on your dates with the girls who you’ve met at these parties and then exchanged numbers with – CLICK HERE: How to consistently get laid on the first date.


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