How to Get a Girl in Bed When She Wants to Come Over

Today I’ll tell you how to get a girl into bed when she wants to come over to your home or even her place!

During my 10+ years of actively going out, I’ve taken hundreds of girls home to sleep with them, and I’ll tell you how I’ve done it.

But first, you may be wondering, how to get a girl to come over in the first place.

That’s pretty easy to do and simply requires you to find a plausible, non-sexual reason to invite her in.

But why non-sexual, if you plan to have sex with her and get her under your sheets?

Well, let me explain this because it’s something that a lot of guys who want to get a girl into bed tend to miss.

getting her in bed with you

How to Get a Girl to Come Over

If you’re on a date with a woman you like, and everything’s going great because you’re both all over each other, you may as well just ask her “Your place, or mine?”.

That sounds like an over-played cliche, but it usually does the trick IF she’s already very aroused and horny.

That said, in most cases, the girls you go on a date with won’t be very sexually aroused when you’re just there sitting near each other at some venue. Unless, of course, you’re already a master at seduction and know perfectly well how to create and maintain a lot of strong sexual tension.

So, what you do to get a girl to come over to your place, is to simply give a suggestion that you should do something at your place.

And, what’s best, that “something that you can do at your place” can be literally ANYTHING!

I can’t count the times I’ve said to girls on a date, or at a club, or a bar, that we should simply go to my place to chill and I’ll show them some of my traveling videos. I’ve also used the tried and true “Hey, I make the BEST milkshakes in town! Let’s go have some!”.

But please don’t think of these as “lines” that you should use because you’re learning how to get a girl to come over to your place – because they’ll only work for me! Make your own little excuse as to why she should visit your place!

Maybe you have a cute kitty at home: “Hey, let’s get out of here and I’ll introduce you to the cutest damn kitty in town!”

Maybe you have a tea collection that you think is particularly nice: “Hey, I have a huge tea collection from all over the world. Let’s go try some! I haven’t even tried them all yet!”

Maybe you have a guitar: “Let’s get out of here, I’ll play you some music!”

It doesn’t matter what the excuse is, as long as it’s normal, non-threatening, and non-sexual. Because the girl or the woman you want to come over to your place wants to not look like a slut if she accepts your offer. Because women who you invite to your place want to feel safe, comfortable and have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY to come to your place.

When you say “Let’s go to my place to watch some hilarious videos that I have”, she’s given PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY because you’re not inviting her in explicitly for sex, but to “do something else”. And, if sex “just happens to happen” while you’re both there and enjoying each other’s company… well, then it was just “meant to be”.

Do you see how this logic works? If you tell a girl “Hey, let’s go have sex at my place”, most will get self-conscious, and won’t accept, because of society’s views of women that they are sluts if they accept. Those views are utterly terrible, and should change – but there’s nothing you can do about it now. That’s why you have to give a normal reason, which does not imply sex at all.

Only when you’re at your place do you ramp up the physicality, the escalation, and create strong sexual tension so that she wants to sleep with you.

This works time and time again, with any girl or woman that you meet and want to get in bed with, and invite them to come over to your home.

How to Have Sex with a Girl

The easiest part has been done – you’ve already invited her in and she is coming over with you to your place.

And, if you hadn’t done that because you don’t know how to get dates, numbers, and meet women, then make sure to read about how to approach women and get their numbers!

So, now you have a few options, and your success and which option to take depends entirely on how much the girl already likes you and how aroused or horny she is.

1 – If she’s already very horny and wants you sexually

This is the easiest part. Once you get to your place, you simply turn to her, go into a huge makeout, and then pick her up and carry her to your bedroom and place her onto your bed. If she’s already very horny and aroused, she’ll want you to be a man and simply take her straight in your bedroom and onto your bed, without any faffing about.

2 – If she’s at least a little bit aroused and horny

If she’s not already all over you, but you still see that she’s somewhat aroused and horny – then you need to quickly ramp up a huge amount of sexual tension, and then do the “lifting her and taking her into your bedroom” part after.

So, what I usually do, and what most successful guys do at this point if we sense that she’s nearly there, is this: We use our PHYSICALITY to either push the girl against the wall and go for a huge makeout session where you’re both grabbing each other and so on, or sit somewhere comfy and put the girl on top of us and go into a makeout as well.

That’s what does the trick most of the time.

3 – If she’s neutral, and you see that she’s neither horny nor even aroused

how to ask a woman to sleep with you

This is what’s usually going on when you invite a girl to come over to your place. She’ll be in a neutral state and not very aroused.

That said, she obviously likes you already or she would never even accept your offer to come to your home in the first place – so that’s a great start!

Now, if you’re wondering how to get her in bed with you at this point, all you have to do is to start creating gradual sexual tension while spending some quality time with her in your home.

So, just look at her. At how she treats you, and at how she behaves near you. Notice whether she’s already comfortable with you and your touch, or if she’s still not very happy when you’re being physical. See if she trusts you as a person at this point, or if you still need to spend some time connecting with her as a person, sharing some stuff about each other, and creating comfort and rapport.

At this point, I’ll assume that you’ve done that during your date, before asking her to come over – so I’ll skip this step, and focus on the thing that gets you laid and gets her in bed with you – sexual tension!

You create it by being more physical with her, gradually taking your physicality to more intimate levels. You also use strong eye contact and gaze into each other’s eyes. This may sound like mumbo-jumbo, but strong eye contact is proven time and time again to create deep attraction and arousal in people.

Then, you combine these two and take your conversation onto increasingly more and more sexual topics. Tease her with sexual undertones, use double entendres, sexual innuendos, innocent comments that she may misconstrue as sexual ones, etc. If she starts talking about sex and sexuality with you, she will not be able to help herself but to think about having sex with you. And that’s exactly how to get a girl in bed with you by using sexual tension – you simply show your sexual intent and not shy away from it.

Sexual tension is a huge topic in and of itself, and these are just a couple of quick tips to show you how to create it. Then, you have to maintain it and finally use it to your advantage to get a girl in bed with you in no time.

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Remember, it’s not about how to ask a woman to sleep with you, it’s about you creating enough attraction and her becoming aroused enough to want to sleep with you HERSELF!

You don’t ask a woman to sleep with you by saying it explicitly, you imply it, you make her horny, you arouse her desires, and then take her to your bedroom and place her in your bed. That’s how men do it.

Wrapping it up

Here’s the TL;DR version – If you want to know how to get a girl to come over and then get in bed with you, then make sure to master sexual tension and then find an innocent and plausible excuse as to why you should swing by your place.

That’s mostly it – it’s not rocket science and it’s very easy to pull off when you know how it works. However, learning and mastering sexual tension is the difficult part of the equation, and it takes some practice, time, and effort to learn it, you need some knowledge about how, when, and why you should do it at certain appropriate moments.

If you master sexual tension, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of attraction and seduction, and you’ll never have to ask how to get a girl in bed ever again, because it’ll be as easy as simply taking her to your bedroom when the time is right 😉



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