How To Touch Women And Be Physical On Dates In a Non-Sleazy Way

Today I’m going to reveal one of my greatest techniques on how to touch women and be physical on dates in a non-sleazy way. So women don’t find you too thirsty, creepy, weird, timid, afraid and so on.

I use this technique pretty much on every single date with girls and I get exceptional results. And it works without fail virtually every single time to initiate touch and become physical with the girl. Which later paves the way for gradual escalation and intimacy.

I get a ton of emails from guys with various questions about dating and seduction. And I recently got an email from a guy who said he has problems with physicality, intimacy and escalation. As well as issues with touching women, because of lack of courage to initiate touch.

As I always say, being physical with women is one of the most important things in seduction. And I’ve learned to be VERY physical with women right from the start. Because if you’re not physical with the girl while you’re on a date with her, then her attraction towards you won’t grow as quickly as it can and should. And you’ll have a very difficult time getting more intimate with her and kissing her later. Which leads to very little physical, raw gut-level attraction.

So pay attention, because this technique of physical escalation and breaking the touch barrier is ridiculously effective. It’s one of my absolute favorites.

Initiate Touch And Become Physical With Women Through Storytelling

Yes, you’ve read this right – one of the best ways to initiate touch with women and show you’re a physical person is through STORYTELLING.

Basically, you touch her while you’re telling her some story.

I’m sure you, just like any other person on the planet, have some stories from your life. Stories you tell most of the women you meet – right?

Because if you’re not telling women you’re on a date with various interesting, exciting, fun, weird, silly and ridiculous stories from your life or the life of your friends – YOU’RE DOING DATING ALL WRONG!

Instead of being boring and peppering her with interview-style questions to get to know her – and instead of thinking she’ll eventually do the same to you to get to know you – you need to utilize storytelling. Which will, in turn, induce some stories from her about her life and herself as well.

It’s one of the keys to not be a boring man when on a date.

But I digress – let’s get back to the technique:

Storytelling is a wonderful pretext to start touching women in a non-sleazy way

So you have some interesting stories from your life and the life of your friends that you tell women on dates.

Now you have to think of some points in your stories where you can TOUCH the woman you’re with to emphasize some key point of the story.

For example, one of the stories I tell women is how an older gay guy was trying to seduce me when I worked as a bartender during my time when I was studying at a university.

It was a pretty slow night and I chatted for several hours with this man. We had a fun conversation and I didn’t know he was gay nor suspect it at all at the time. Afterwards, he invited me to a party where he said there will be lots of cool people, both women and men. And he said we can go there in his car.

Later, when he was driving to the party with me in the passenger’s seat, he suddenly put his hand on my thigh and started massaging it and then telling me he’s gay – in a very creepy way.

The effects of using kino properly are as you’d expect

I tell this story on most of my dates because it’s pretty funny, weird and silly. Of course I tell it in a much more interesting way than I’m doing it here. Since I’m only giving you the broad strokes right now, for brevity’s sake.

In any case, when I get to the point where he puts his hand on my thigh and starts rubbing it, I MAKE IT A POINT TO ALWAYS TOUCH THE WOMAN I’M WITH IN THE EXACT SAME WAY!

I put my hand on her thigh and start rubbing it in an exaggeratedly creepy yet playful way, while doing some weird “Ohohoho!” sound like I’m enjoying it very much, in a mocking kind of way. To demonstrate how weird the experience was for me – and to break the intimate touch barrier at the same time.

Most importantly, I’ve told this story HUNDREDS of times to HUNDREDS of different women. From the girl next door, to classy millionaire business owners, Instagram models, and so on and so forth. And as far as I can remember, NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN was uncomfortable with that type of touch. Even though most of them would be super uncomfortable if I did it WITHOUT the context of the story.

The Full Potential of Being Physical With Women While Storytelling

Are you starting to understand the full potential of this awesome technique yet? It’s really one of the best ways, apart from role-playing, that I found how to touch women on dates and initiate physicality. Or take it to the next level.


Find places in your story where you can demonstrate something through touch. Whatever you come up with will work very well. Just don’t make it seem like you’re making it up just to have an excuse to touch her.

You have to actually incorporate moments from YOUR REAL STORIES where you’re touching someone and TOUCH HER in that way while telling the story. It has to come in a relaxed and natural way.

Want to initiate touching the girl in a VERY low-risk way, even if you’re TERRIFIED of touching women?

Tell her some story where you’re high-fiving some friend. And DEMONSTRATE it to her, by saying – “We did it just like that!” and raise your hand in a high-five gesture. BOOM! She’ll high-five you back!

Want to put your arm around her? Then tell her some story, for example, where you’re sitting with some girl in a movie theater and you put your arm around her but then meet and grope someone else’s hand who’s sitting behind her – and how silly, stupid, weird or whatever that feels. And demonstrate it while telling the story!

Say something like “We went to this horror movie and were sitting just like you and me are now. And I put my arm around her just like this <and put your arm around her> and accidentally touched this guy’s greasy hair who was sitting to her right! EWWW it was sooo gross!” or something like that.

Want to take it further and touch her more intimately? Tell some story where you’re touching and massaging someone’s shoulders and DEMONSTRATE IT to her.

Want to really take it up a notch? Tell some story where you whisper something sexily into some woman’s ear to make some point about something – and demonstrate it! Whisper something in HER ear!

This will really get you close and intimate with the girl you’re on a date with. Which is exactly the point of learning how to use this technique to touch women.

The KEY to successfully being physical with women when telling stories

They key, of course, lies in being PLAYFUL and NONCHALANT when doing all this. Calibration is very important as well.

Nonchalant is when you’re feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.

You can both FEEL that way or APPEAR that way. Feeling that way is always preferable since it will then be aligned with your true self and with your authenticity. Which is a part of the true saying of “Just Be Yourself” means, incidentally. But appearing that way is the second best option. You may not feel at ease or calm on the inside, but at least you don’t display it. Which doesn’t send weird vibes to the people around you, otherwise ruining the mood.

Just don’t go for the heavy-hitting stuff like lifting her up and spinning her around or pinning her against the wall to tell a story, right from the start. Use common fucking sense, I can’t believe I have to keep repeating this.

Do it all gradually if you’re completely unsure if she even likes you.

Or what the hell, you can even do it right from the start if you see she’s at least somewhat into you. Because if she even likes you at least a little bit, this CAN work! But it WILL work when she likes you. It does for me and plenty of guys who try it.

Being bold and bashful like that is pretty attractive, in and of itself, if you can pull it off. As long as it all happens naturally and is part of the story you’re telling, you can demonstrate it and she won’t mind. AS LONG AS IT’S ENTERTAINING OR USEFUL.

Women don’t like fake and inauthentic men – duh!

When learning how to touch women on dates using this technique, DO NOT put too much emphasis on the touching itself. Otherwise you will make it really weird.

Touch her in a matter-of-fact and nonchalant way while telling the story. The story itself should be the MAIN POINT and not the touching!

You’re doing this to make the story better. The physicality is just a tool to make the story more engaging, interesting and fun.

That’s because if you do this with the ulterior motive of just being able to touch the girl and don’t actually make the storytelling the main point – most women will notice you’re being fake and disingenuous.

You won’t be your authentic self and you’ll make it weird if you do this technique just for the sake of touching women. So fair warning there because it can backfire and make her think you’re a creepy dude.

Final thoughts on how to touch girls in a non sleazy way on your date

Now you know how to touch girls on a date in a way that’s virtually fool proof.

If you do it correctly, the way I describe above and make this technique your own, the sky’s the limit.

That’s because you’ll be able to touch women in pretty much whichever ways you want. Which is the true beauty of this technique on how to be physical on dates.

In fact, this way of touching her on a date is akin to role-playing. And I truly believe role-playing with women on dates is one of the best things in any seducer’s arsenal. It’s certainly in the top 3 tools for me, along with teasing.

Eventually, you’ll get VERY GOOD at it and being a physical person will become second nature to you.

I’m being serious when I say that it’s the perfect excuse to initiate touching and get more intimate with women. While showing them you’re unafraid of touching them. Even if you’re actually terrified of being physical with women lol.

Use your imagination

How well you can use it and how effective the technique is depends entirely on your and your imagination.

Don’t shy away from being as physical as you can when doing it. The point of learning how to touch women is so you can eventually become a person who naturally incorporates kino and physicality into your personality.

I often nudge and prod and shake girls when playfully teasing them and telling various jokes. Then I hug and put my arms around them and cuddle and lift them up at every opportunity when it’s natural to do so. I tell many different stories to show I’m an interesting and fun person to be around. And demonstrate as many physical things from those stories as possible. And my results speak for themselves.

Finally, I urge you to read my post about role-playing because it’s very similar in concept. You can be anyone who you want to be while role-playing with women on dates. And you can touch them as much as you want while doing so.


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