How to sleep with a girl – guide to attract women!

Pretty much every guy who’s passed puberty has wondered at one point or another about how to sleep with a girl and how attraction works on a woman in general.

Figuring out how to sleep with girls consistently is as simple as learning a couple of important social skills, getting rid of certain insecurities, establishing a couple of important core beliefs . . . And then enhancing yourself and your personality so you can rely on it to be naturally attractive and flirty with most girls you meet.

“Wait . . . that doesn’t sound simple!” you may object.

Well – the whole concept is simple – but getting there is by no means easy! If you want to learn how to sleep with a woman by seducing her successfully, you’ll have to put some time and effort into it!

But before we get on with it, don’t forget the most important point of all.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do – not everyone is going to like you!

It means that it’s completely impossible to “get any girl you want.” And anyone who tells you otherwise is peddling complete and utter bullshit.

At most, you can become incredibly successful and attract and seduce most women you meet. But you’ll never have any and all of them. So don’t become delusional and accept the reality of the situation!

Everything you need to know for how to sleep with a girl successfully

Here are the main things to understand, which I’ll go in further detail below.

1) You need to understand a couple of key concepts about attraction and seduction.

2) You need to get rid of your various psychological issues like insecurities, problems with self-esteem and confidence, and so on.

3) You have to develop a couple of very important core beliefs. Ones which will help you become better at talking to girls and women in general. And then let you attract and seduce them successfully.

4) You must learn a few critical social skills. Like being a great conversationalist who can tell engaging and interesting stories. How to pay attention to the person you’re talking to, how to pick up on various social cues, how to never run out of things to say, and so on and so forth.

5) You need to develop yourself as a person. Which is a continuous process and a lifestyle.

As you can see, the main things which make it easy to sleep with a girl are all internal ones.

This is not about learning “techniques” and “tricks” to manipulate women into sleeping with you. It’s all about becoming an awesome, sexworthy guy who women LOVE hanging out with.

Why developing yourself is important for sleeping with girls

The fifth part is arguably the most important of all if you want to really grasp how to sleep with a woman consistently.

Everything flows from your personality. And seducing girls and women is a piece of cake if you’ve got your shit together as a person.

That’s because when it comes to being successful with women, it’s all about your personality, your wit, your sense of humor and certain attractive character traits that you embody.

Everything else – including looks, money, fame, titles, skills, talents, social status, intellect, and so on and so forth – are just BONUSES.

How do I know that? Because there was a time when I had none of these things and got laid pretty much whenever I wanted to.

Incidentally, if you really want to learn how to sleep with a girl because she finds you irresistible, then read the following article about what women find attractive in men: The Main Attractive Character Traits That Make Men Irresistible To Women

If you embody some or most of the attractive character traits in the list from the article above. Then it won’t matter what else you have going on in your life because you’ll always be naturally attractive to most women.

So now you’ve seen the five most important things to be successful with women and to learn how to attract and seduce them.

Don’t these five things sound simple?

They do . . . but it may take an average person YEARS to get each and every single one of them handled if someone doesn’t show how to do it!

So how to develop yourself in the shortest time possible?

Well, that’s where I come in.

Here’s what you do to solve each and every one of them:

  1. This part is easy. I got it fully covered in my blog and my book. You can learn all of the important concepts you need to understand in order to become great with women and girls if you read most of my articles on this website. Crucial concepts like frames, vibe, why emotions are key, and so on are fully explained here. And in case I missed a few, I’ll eventually get them since I’m constantly adding new material.
  2. The second part is even easier. I have a full FREE Inner Game Course which you can get RIGHT NOW, with no catch whatsoever. It teaches you exactly how to get rid of various insecurities and self-esteem issues like fear, anxiety, nervousness, rejection, problems with boundaries, self-doubt, perceived disadvantages, and so on. So you’re able to fight the fear and talk to women on the same level. Which is one of the keys of how to sleep with a girl.
  3. My free course also contains real and practical lessons on how to remove negative and limiting beliefs and create new and powerful core beliefs that will help you with women. All you have to do is either sign up for it by filling in the form at the bottom of any blog post or the one which pops up.
  4. Learning social skills will be a little harder. That’s because it always takes time and practice. That’s where you’ll have to start taking ACTION. Because without action – you will get absolutely nowhere. Learning how to sleep with a woman and learning how to attract girls and seduce them is a SKILL. A social skill, to be exact. And like any other skill — it can only be learned by practicing and by gathering as much experience as you can to eventually become competent at it. This can take years, but with proper guidance, you can learn in as little as a month or a week. There’s no other way around this — no one can do this for you but yourself. But at least I got you covered even in this instance. Because I show you a completely streamlined and easy-to-learn guide on how to do all this in my book.
  5. Developing yourself and your personality is the most important thing and I’ll explain it to you right away, just below.

Developing yourself and your personality is a journey

Want to sleep with girls often and also have many awesome women in your life? Wondering how some people are always naturally surrounded by women, and some aren’t? Maybe wondering what that cool guy has that you don’t and why he keeps getting all the girls and you’re all alone?

It’s all about personality and developing attractive character traits through life experience.

Let me explain: Women won’t be interested in you unless you show them something interesting about yourself.

Show the girl you’re talking to that you’ve lived life the best you could, got experiences, dealt with various problems and can stand up for yourself. Show her that you’ve done more than sit in your basement all day and did nothing good or productive with your time at all.

Show her you’ve got some fire and passion under your ass. That you’re ambitious, have goals and want to reach them.

You do this by talking to her in a certain manner. A manner that has both your and her best interests at heart. Which means no bragging, no trying to impress her and no putting her on a pedestal.

Here’s how to be at ease while talking to girls

To accomplish the above, talk to her like she’s one of your buddies or friends with benefits you’ve already slept with. To remove ALL THE PRESSURE from the interaction.

If you talk in that manner – not caring about random bullshit all around you, all the social conditioning, norms, and expectations, as well as stupid women and men stereotypes, and talk to her as a person to a person without any ulterior motives – she’ll inexplicably find you interesting and attractive.

And, if you can’t do that, then go and experience life and talk to as many girls as you can while doing so. Just to get a feel for it and to understand that WOMEN ARE PEOPLE who you can talk to without any problems and that’s that.

Travel, find friends or people who share your hobbies and interests. Get out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill. (which has the advantage of you being and socializing with other people.) Or take up some sport, preferably a team sport, where you can meet and make friends with other people, too.

The point is to go and constantly meet new people, handle a lot of different social situations, learn from them, get your shit together, and develop as a person and a human being. And after that, most girls will find you interesting and will want to sleep with you.

Not all, of course. You can’t please everyone and not everyone’s going to like you, no matter what you do. Once again, that’s a key point when it comes to seducing girls and being successful with women in general.

And that’s the ultimate secret of how to sleep with a girl – pretty much any single girl who’s looking for a man – and how to attract women successfully. Which not many people will teach you because it doesn’t sound “flashy” nor as something that’ll instantly “fix all your problems.”

To become successful with women, you gotta look within first. To get your shit together, become a more secure, fun, interesting and exciting individual. And only then learn various techniques, methods, and things to improve your success. Which are based on the fundamentals of strong inner game.

Final thoughts on how to sleep with as many girls as you want

I’m here to help you with that self-development process to become a sexworthy man who women love being around.

Because I went from someone who was a virgin till 20, to sleeping with hundreds upon hundreds of women around the world, dating famous models, having numerous threesomes and foursomes every month and achieving this without the help of money, looks, status, fame, or even a sense of style for that matter.

How did I achieve this? I simply learned how to deal with my insecurities, various shortcomings and disadvantages, then taught myself important core concepts, changed my belief system, practiced and got the hang of social skills. And developed many attractive character traits and my personality in the process.

ALL SO THAT I COULD RELY ON MYSELF FULLY. Which removed all pressure from my interactions with women and made me naturally seductive.

Where am I right now? I’m in a happy and awesome relationship, and we often invite other girls for threesomes together.

If you read and internalize my material, both here, in my free course, and in my book titled “How to consistently get laid on the first date” – it will help you achieve this, too. Just as it helped thousands of other people around the world.

And now it’s all up to you. You have to decide whether taking action and learning all this in a week or two is worth living in a world where you’re naturally attractive to most women. 

And guess what? Success and abundance with women is pretty fucking amazing and is definitely worth it.

Seducing women and girls that you like is a skill. And it’s time you learned it.


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Andrius Saulis has over 15 years of extensive hands-on experience and expertise in the field of Dating, Seduction, Relationships and Social Dynamics. He's helping men all around the world get rid of their insecurities, regain their high self-esteem and confidence, and become successful with women. He teaches men how to attract and seduce women not through manipulative tactics, but by being their genuine, authentic and charming selves, while exuding a flirty, confident and sexy vibe that women can't get enough of. Learn how to have a flawless first date with The Saulis Dating Guide to get as many serious or casual relationships as you want.

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