Guide to Fixing the Number One Dating Profile Photo Mistake Guys Make

I talked with Joe Buchoff a little while ago. He’s a professional dating profile photographer who specializes in making ridiculously great-looking pics for men who want to get the best results for their online dating profiles. Now he’ll tell you how to fix the number one dating profile photo mistake guys make when they create profiles on online dating apps and websites.

He knows a ton of great insights so listen to what he has to say below. If you want to turbocharge your dating profile and get more and better matches with women.

Personally I really like what he has to say. Since he’s all about letting men be their genuine and authentic selves. Instead of trying to pretend to be someone they’re not. Something that I teach as much as possible.

Hey there, girl-loving dudes!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Joe, the master of capturing dating profile magic. 

Andrius gave me the green light to share some priceless wisdom.

How to seduce women online before even sending a single text.

But before you roll your eyes and wonder, “Who’s this Joe guy and why should I care?” I’ll solve that curiosity for you.

I’m a professional dating profile photographer with a knack for making even the most awkward guys look like Casanovas. I’ve snapped shots for over 130 busy high-achieving dudes who were trying hard to find more matches and dates. My expertise spans across 25 cities around the world. I’ve got flight itineraries and dating success stories to prove it!

The biggest mistake men make with their online dating profile pictures

Now, let’s get down to business. You see, most fellas out there are committing a crime against their own dating success when it comes to their online dating profile photos.

It’s like they’re shooting themselves in the foot while trying to pose with a perfect model stance, gazing sensually into the sunset, or even sporting those super cool shades. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, you’ve probably been there or at least fantasized about taking epic photos that make you look like a total badass, just to impress the ladies and get those sweet right swipes.

But here’s the harsh truth — it doesn’t work as well as you’d hope. Sure, it’s a step up from a cringe-worthy car selfie, but it won’t take you to dating paradise.

There’s a fundamental flaw that’s holding you back from swimming in matches and going on fun-filled dates that’ll make dating feel like a walk in the park.

Most guys want to project a badass, in-charge persona. At least that’s what they think women want. But let me tell you, ladies can see through that façade.

Sure, those cool-guy photos are better than the dreaded selfie, but they won’t get you very far. They’ll impress your friends but women are looking for something different.

Women want to catch a glimpse of what it might be like to date you, even if you’re just up for some casual fun. They crave a sneak peek into how you’ll make them FEEL.

Women want to feel something from your dating profile pictures and see the real you

If you really are put together and badass in everyday life, then great. Put that in your photos. But if you look too perfect, too posed, instantly girls can tell that’s not who you really are, and they’ll feel the “fake” and swipe left.

So instead of plastering your profile with images that scream, “Hey, I’m cool here,” “Look at me being a total badass,” and “Check out my boss-like strut down the street,” why not try something different?

“But if I can’t look cooler than I am in photos, how can I get matches?” Many ways. Having worked with over 130 guys to get them more matches, I’ve found you don’t need to project something you’re not in order to attract women – you simply need to find your natural strengths.

Snap some pics of you strumming your guitar like a rockstar, strategizing a chess move like a grandmaster, sketching a masterpiece in your sketchbook, or conquering waves on a paddleboard.

Even if you don’t practice hobbies everyday, I’m sure there are some things you’re interested in that seem normal and boring to you. What you don’t realize is they will make girls FEEL something and propel you above all the other guys who try to look “cool.”

And then, at the end, drop in one ultimate badass shot of you strolling down the street in your slick suit, oozing charm like nobody’s business. The trick isn’t to totally avoid trying to look like a model, it’s to focus on making girls feel something first and foremost.

Here’s how to optimize your online dating profile photos

Now, let’s dive into more comedic strategies for capturing the elusive female gaze:

  1. Capture your passions on camera. Whether it’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen or building model trains, show the world what lights your fire.
biggest mistake men make in their online dating app and website profile photos is trying to look cool and be someone they're not
  1. Buddy up for the win. Grab some shots with your pals. Try copying this poses while giving the camera a mischievous glance over your friend’s shoulder. Trust me, it’s a winner!
show your passions and hobbies and let girls see the real you to make them feel something, by taking natural dating profile photos and not staged ones where you try to look too cool for school
  1. Flaunt your lifestyle. Are you a fitness enthusiast or a globe-trotting adventurer? Showcase those aspects of your life. Let your potential matches see the active, jet-setting superstar you truly are.
how to optimize your online dating profile pictures and photos

Remember, these kinds of photos will unleash the female gaze and make the ladies feel something deep inside. They’ll be swiping right like there’s no tomorrow, eagerly anticipating the chance to meet you in person.

Alright, my budding Casanovas, I hope these tips tickled your curiosity and will help you conquer the dating world with confidence. And you’ve learned about the number one dating profile photo mistake men make.

And hey, if you want my personal touch to perfect your profile or want to see what I offer, swing by my website at Stay charming, my friends!


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